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  1. Essential Elements of Ethnography Subject: Sociology Study Level: PhD Words: 1389

    In general, ethnography has a number of advantages due to which researchers prefer this type of research to other available studies.

  2. Ethnographic Descriptive Analysis of Mechanism Curanderismo Subject: Healthcare Research Study Level: School Words: 3228

    This ethnographic study seeks to identify processes involved in delivering curanderismo healing in order to determine if curanderismo healing process could be integrated into healthcare systems.

  3. Ethnographic Interview Project Subject: Sociology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1777

    Unfortunately, many people are so busy with the daily activities that they forget about the value, experiences, and wisdom of older generations

  4. Reality in Drug Addiction Research: Ethnography Subject: Sciences Study Level: College Words: 253

    Ethnography as a research method is the most suitable for the study of drug use. The method has already has established itself as effective in studies of closed groups.

  5. Ethnographic Design: Types Subject: Sciences Study Level: PhD Words: 1080

    There are three ethnographic designs. Realistic ethnographies fall in the first category. Case studies are the second type. Critical ethnographies fall in the third category.

  6. A Review of an Ethnography Investigation Subject: History Study Level: Master Words: 1699

    The article by Wang (2013) contains an analysis of a case of ethnographic research, which focuses on the relationships between the researcher and those researched.

  7. Mayan Culture in Ethnographic Interpretation Subject: Sciences Study Level: Bachelor Words: 665

    The Mayan elders were responsible for safeguarding the traditions of the people and overseeing all the cultural practices which varied from childbirth to marriage.

  8. An Ethnography of an Iraqi Village by Elizabeth Fernea Subject: Sociology Study Level: College Words: 862

    This is a response to the book Guests of the Sheik: An Ethnography of an Iraqi Village by Elizabeth Fernea and answers about gender, kinship, ideal and real behaviour in Iraq.

  9. Ethnography: Indian Living Room Analysis Subject: Sciences Study Level: Bachelor Words: 858

    This essay, with the help of quotes and pictures, describes an Indian person's living room to analyze an individual’s surroundings from a cultural perspective.

  10. Gastronomic Identity Ethnography: Casa Mono Subject: Diet & Nutrition Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1144

    The food in Casa Mono reflects the Spanish strive to keep authentic nutrition, closely based on Mediterranean staples resulting from an abundance of sun and sea access.

  11. Ethnography: Employee Behavior at Cafeteria Subject: Sciences Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1374

    Ethnography is a systemic analysis of people and their cultures. This research compares the employees' values when the manager is present at The Point Cafeteria and when he is not.

  12. Mesoamerican Ethnographic Interpretation Subject: Culture Study Level: Master Words: 2908

    The ethnographic interpretation of Mesoamerica provides great insight into the deficiencies that lie in the forms of interpretation of history especially where foreigners are involved.

  13. Ethnography: Media, Technology, Social Movements Subject: Culture Study Level: Master Words: 671

    The paper goes further to discuss the influence of mobile phones on ethnographic blending and the impact of social movement on social transformation.

  14. Ethnography: La Purificacion Tepetitla Society Subject: Sciences Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1116

    A Precious Liquid” by Michael Ennis-McMillan offers ethnographic scrutiny of a community situated in the semiarid and heavily occupied area of La Purificacion Tepetitla.

  15. Ethnography. Interview With a Chinese Restaurant's Owner Subject: Culture Study Level: School Words: 1491

    Kapur has been able to run a Chinese restaurant in the US and it is becoming favorite joint for most people in the area.

  16. “Royalty” Gospel Concert by T. C. Leonard: Ethnographic Analysis Subject: Art Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1376

    The gospel concert “Royalty: Live at the Ryman” by Tasha Cobbs Leonard can be used as a good example to develop an ethnographic analysis of African American gospel concerts.

  17. Ethnographic State in India Subject: History Study Level: Bachelor Words: 567

    Indians rebelled against British in 1857. The then Indian country relied on British East India company capabilities to govern.

  18. Ethnography and Ethnographic Approach Subject: Sciences Study Level: College Words: 569

    Ethnography is a formal process of intuitive understanding something people are keen on. The ethnographers observe, record, and describe social relations in written.

  19. Ethnographic and Phenomenological Approaches to Research Subject: Health & Medicine Study Level: College Words: 326

    In terms of the present paper, phenomenological and ethnographic qualitative studies will be reviewed and compared.

  20. Ethnography and Participant Observation: Video Analysis Subject: Sciences Study Level: College Words: 575

    The video represents the participant observation, as the educator is actively involved in building rapport with the participants.

  21. Ethnographic Study Recruiting Probability Participants Sample Subject: Sociology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 321

    Since ethnographic research aims at targeting the whole population, there is a need to acquire a sample from all the existing groups within the population under study.

  22. Ethnography of Homosexuals Analysis Subject: Sociology Study Level: School Words: 621

    More and more homosexual women are opting to identify with the term lesbian rather than gay or queer. This somewhat separatist attitude, which is prevalent in the gay community.

  23. Ethnography Reflection Subject: Sciences Study Level: College Words: 1710

    The various ways of data collection in ethnography are interviews, observation and questionnaires. Ethnography mainly aims at describing, in written form, those things being studied.

  24. Ethnographic Research: Coming of Age in Samoa Subject: Sciences Study Level: College Words: 1082

    Ethnographic research is aimed at understanding the main cultural peculiarities of the specific society with the purpose

  25. The Kurds Culture: An Ethnographic Study Subject: Culture Study Level: College Words: 1695

    This paper seeks to carry out a study on the Kurds culture. The Kurds consist of communities that inhabit parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey in a region known as Kurdistan.

👍 Good Ethnography Essay Samples for College

  1. Ethnography on Aging Among Senior Age Groups Subject: Sociology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 2431

    This paper analyzes the life course and physical aging, issues and elements of physical aging, the nature of the aging experience, and what old age means in society now.

  2. Classical Greek Ethnography and the Slave Trade Subject: Literature Study Level: College Words: 1189

    Classical Greek Ethnography and the Slave Trade argues about the significance of the institution of slavery in forming stereotypes about foreign people in the Greek world.

  3. The Significance of Ethnographic Observation Subject: Sciences Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1061

    Ethnography proved to be an important source for various data for archeological research. Its observations may shed light on numerous “gaps” in the study of Prehistoric times.

  4. Ethnographic Study: Observation and Interviewing Subject: Sociology Study Level: College Words: 650

    Cultural anthropologists rely on ethnographic research methods, such as participant observation and semi-structured interviews, to understand human behaviors and cultures.

  5. Ethnography Through Life History: The Changes From Culture to Technologies Subject: Sciences Study Level: College Words: 845

    George Williams, who was born in Compton, says that a lot has changed in the city from culture to technological advancements. This paper critically analyzes these changes from his point of view.

  6. Auto-Ethnography: US and Saudi Arabia Differences Subject: Culture Study Level: Master Words: 917

    This work presents a research proposal to assess differences in cultures and values between Saudi Arabia and the United States using auto-ethnography.

  7. Ethnographic Interview of the Costa Rican People Subject: Sociology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 2168

    The interviewed person is a Costa Rican female, a mental health worker in New York City, who does not speak Spanish, her job is close to social work considering her salary.

  8. Ethnography During COVID-19 Pandemic Subject: Sociology Study Level: Master Words: 838

    Ethnography involves studying the behavior of people by either observing or interviewing but at the COVID-19 pandemic time, it is challenging to conduct it due to restrictions.

  9. Twin Oaks Intentional Community Ethnographic Analysis Subject: Sciences Study Level: School Words: 868

    Twin Oaks was able to come up with some stringent policies that helped its community to live and work together. This is an important lesson one can learn by studying this community.

  10. Mesoamerican Ethnography: Experience and Theory Subject: Culture Study Level: Bachelor Words: 675

    Pre-historically, the communities that occupied the Mesoamerican were village agriculturalists with large ceremonial-politico-religious capitals.

  11. Reflective Consciousness and Ethnography Subject: Sciences Study Level: Bachelor Words: 562

    Reflective consciousness can be defined as the capacity of human beings to objectively reflect, rework and transcend concepts and classes in the context of experiential stream.

  12. Qualitative Research – Ethnographic Methodology Subject: Sciences, Tech & Engineering Study Level: Bachelor Words: 2507

    Ethnographic methodologies are a significant part of any research. They are especially applied in the study of anthropology.

  13. Ethnography: An In-Depth Analysis Subject: Sciences Study Level: Bachelor Words: 2709

    This in-depth study of human beings, their interactions, reactions to different environments, and their reasoning is known as anthropology.

  14. Hong Kong Street Food in Ethnographic Studies Subject: Sciences Study Level: Master Words: 687

    Street food in Hong Kong represents a crucial part of the culture. Its high quality is afforded by the quick preparation time and fresh ingredients of Thai cooking.

  15. Ethnography in a Business Research Subject: Management Study Level: Master Words: 2017

    The paper discusses the use of the ethnography technique in conducting business research. The tool focuses on the behavior of a particular group of people in society.

  16. The Workplace Ethnography Importance Subject: Business Study Level: College Words: 952

    This paper analyzes the workplace ethnography and provides insights into the ways company leadership can enhance its work environment.

  17. Ethnographic Reflection Subject: Sciences Study Level: College Words: 1356

    Maps and Dreams by Hugh Brody is an ethnographical account of the research which was conducted at a Beaver Indian reserve in British Columbia.

  18. Clement Restaurant: Ethnographic Description Subject: Business Study Level: Bachelor Words: 830

    Ethnographic description of the region is helpful for assessing the actual business background. Clement Restaurant is selected as the best Dim Sum restaurant in the neighborhood.

  19. Ethnography: Current Issues and Possible Solutions Subject: Culture Study Level: School Words: 1705

    The objections quickly arise concerning the qualitative nature of the ethnography and the impossibility to reduce culture, imagination, and behavior to numeral values.

  20. Qualitative Research in Ethnography and Policymaking Subject: Sciences Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1700

    Qualitative research is a popular alternative to quantitative methods; it is widely used in social research, as well as in psychology and anthropology.

  21. Ethnography as an Approach to Studying Culture Subject: Culture Study Level: College Words: 575

    The paper discusses why ethnography is the workable approach to studying culture and is suitable for exploring people’s interactions remotely.

  22. Ethnographic Research Methods Subject: Sciences Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1891

    This study aims at identifying and explaining in details the concept of ethnography and the research methods that are applied in this area of study.

  23. Ethnographic Sketch of Brazilians Subject: History Study Level: College Words: 274

    Want to learn more about the Brazilians from ethnographic point of view? ✓ Take a look at this article to find out the essentials of this cultural group. 🌶️