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  1. Tensile Stress-Strain Diagrams Interpretation Subject: Sciences Study Level: College Words: 1108

    When we refer to the mechanical properties of materials, whatever crosses the mind is the stress-strain curve as it helps in material characterization.

  2. Mark’s Gospel: Author, Audience, and Interpretation Subject: Religion Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1239

    The Gospel of Mark is the earliest of the four Gospels and was most likely written in Rome around AD 70. It is known from the Epistles that Mark wrote it for Gentile Christians.

  3. The Teaching of Islam and Its Interpretation in Different Parts of the World Subject: Religion Study Level: College Words: 585

    More than one and a half billion people around the world are zealous followers of Islam. Muslims believe they are superior to all others and want special treatment.

  4. Mahan Garden: Interpretation of Ecological Design Principles Subject: Design Study Level: Bachelor Words: 2466

    Due to the hostile environment in the Persian Plateau, the gardening design was improvised so as to cope with the negative factors brought about by this.

  5. The UNIDROIT Interpretation in the Light of Sharia Subject: Law Study Level: Undergraduate Words: 4322

    This paper will start by explaining the concepts of Sharia law. In addition, this paper will explain how Islamic law interprets the UNIDROIT principle.

  6. Textualism and Contextualism as Paradigms in Contractual Interpretation Subject: Law Study Level: Bachelor Words: 2810

    In present-day realities, textualism and contextualism are viewed as two opposing principles of legal procedure.

  7. Comparison Between UK Cathedral and China Confucius Temple in Term of the Religious Heritage New Interpretation and Management Subject: Religion Study Level: Master Words: 11278

    The York Minster, officially known as Cathedral and Metro-political Church of Saint Peter, is one of the oldest and largest cathedrals of its kind in Europe.

  8. An Interpretation of Revelation John 14: 1-5 Subject: Religion Study Level: Bachelor Words: 289

    This work offers an interpretation of Revelation John 14: 1-5, where the author analyzes the image of the Lamb and the meaning of the phrase had not been defiled with women.

  9. On Religion by John D. Caputo: Summary and Interpretation Subject: Religion Study Level: College Words: 1102

    Caputo starts On Religion by establishing a dichotomy between a loveless person and a person of passion, the category for whom religion is the right choice.

  10. Interpretation, Formulation, and Issuing of Test Results Subject: Health & Medicine Study Level: PhD Words: 905

    Laboratory specialists need to be particularly attentive when interpreting the results since any errors in this process may cause harmful outcomes for patients.

  11. Class in America by Gregory Mantsios: Source Text Interpretation Subject: Sociology Study Level: College Words: 679

    In his article Class in America, Gregory Mantsios attempts to demonstrate to the readers how class affiliation of U.S. citizens directly affects their lives.

  12. The Christological Interpretation of the Psalms Subject: Religion Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1321

    The Book of Psalms reflects universal values and moral principles of religion, attitude towards life, and other people. God is a Being unto whom the psalmist speaks.

  13. Sensory Perception and Brain Interpretation Subject: Psychology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 579

    Common sense organs are used to understand what is happening around through smell, touch, taste, vision and hearing. Data from sensory organs are used to respond accordingly.

  14. The Interpretation of Dreams' Book by S. Freud Subject: Psychology Ethics Study Level: College Words: 593

    “The Interpretation of Dreams” is the first fundamental work bringing the creator fame and containing many concepts that later became pivotal in Freud’s psychoanalysis theory.

  15. Environmental Interpretation in Ecosystem Subject: Tourism Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1451

    The principles of ecotourism that should be followed by all those who participate and implement the activities of ecotourism are as follows.

  16. Constitutional Interpretation and Judicial Review Subject: Law Study Level: College Words: 563

    Judicial Review is a power conferred to a court to review a section of regulation, statute, or constitution in a bid to check if it is constitutionality.

  17. Cuban Missile Crisis: Historical Interpretation Subject: History Study Level: Bachelor Words: 2205

    This paper attempts to build on the historical interpretation of the Cuban missile crisis. It is debatably the most extreme conflict throughout that period.

  18. Freudian Interpretation of Dreams Subject: Personality Study Level: Bachelor Words: 664

    The psychologist has presented the idea that the sleeping mind hides the specific symbolic meaning in dreams: it disguises dreams because sometimes they reflect feelings.

  19. Critical Interpretation of Contemporary American History: Empire and Militarism Subject: History Study Level: College Words: 1092

    The research of contemporary American situation provides with a clear understanding of militarism meaning for the government and for the society.

  20. The Interpretation of the Second Amendment Subject: Law Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1164

    The interpretation of the Second Amendment guaranteeing the right to keep and bear arms outside of one’s home is one of the most controversial provisions of the American Constitution.

  21. Concept of Interpretation in Art on Basis of Culture Subject: Art Study Level: College Words: 551

    Although the beauty of any person is perceived individually, the character's look cannot be defined as trendy.

  22. The Hansard as an Aid to Statutory Interpretation Subject: Law Study Level: Master Words: 2001

    Statutory interpretation is a mechanism for establishing the meaning of the legislation. Courts in the UK rely on various aids to statutory interpretation, including the Hansard.

  23. Analysis and Interpretation of Text and Image Subject: Tech & Engineering Study Level: Master Words: 3352

    This essay will focus on providing an analysis of multimodal text and image documents through discourse analysis.

  24. Beard’s Interpretation of the Constitution Subject: Law Study Level: Bachelor Words: 881

    Beard’s thesis confirms that there has always been a class division in the US and the power elite has always implemented the policies they wanted.

  25. Functionalist Interpretation of Marx’s Historical Materialism Subject: Political Ideology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1701

    Over the past centuries, the world has experienced an evolving pattern of patriarchal practices. There is constant change in human societies and the way they operate.

  26. Coakley's Description of the Trinity & Interpretation of God Subject: Religion Study Level: School Words: 702

    Coakley’s meditations on the nature of the Trinity as the embodiment of God have contributed to a more nuanced interpretation of the being of God.

  27. Material Object's Visual Analysis and Theoretical Interpretation Subject: Art Study Level: College Words: 577

    The product in question is an object made by using the technique of wood carving. It is made in the form of a human figure in which the proportions are different from real ones.

  28. Conservative Psychoanalytic: General Definition of Interpretation Subject: Sciences Study Level: Master Words: 4368

    Conservative psychoanalytic writing describes interpretation as a way of giving perception, the aim of which is ‘to allow the patient to look what she (or he) actually feels’.

  29. The United Kingdom Constitution and Its Interpretation Subject: Law Study Level: Undergraduate Words: 1047

    Since a constitution is a law, and the supreme law within its domain, the principles of constitutional interpretation are the same as the principles of judicial interpretation.

  30. The Interpretation of China's Strategic Culture Subject: History Study Level: Master Words: 1225

    Notwithstanding the extraordinarily growing rate of its military and economic power, China claims that other Asian nations should not be afraid of their powerful neighbor.

👍 Good Interpretation Essay Samples for College

  1. Louis Armstrong’s Interpretation of Black and Blue Subject: Art & Culture Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1103

    In order to start the discussion of Armstrong’s unique interpretation of “Black and Blue”, it is necessary to focus on the musician’s approach to reflecting the characteristic features of jazz.

  2. Feminism, Equality and Contemporary Interpretation Subject: History Study Level: College Words: 574

    While the Declaration of Sentiments itself as a legal document was an incredible achievement in the battle for equality, there are a few things that make it truly significant.

  3. The Interpretation of Titian’s Annunciation Subject: Religion Study Level: School Words: 1176

    The present paper is devoted to the works of art that interpret the Annunciation since art is the purest reflection of human feelings.

  4. New Organon or True Directions Concerning the Interpretation of Nature: Interpretation of His “Instances of the Fingerpost” Subject: Philosophy Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1473

    The work of Bacon has many instances of such Fingerposts and it is apparent that Bacon attempted to change the old system of logic and reasoning that was practiced by Aristotle.

  5. Social Psychology Concepts in a Discourse Interpretation Subject: Psychology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 660

    In social psychology, the concepts of interpretative repertoire, subject position and ideological dilemma are used concurrently in sense making of a particular discourse.

  6. Biblical Interpretation of the Story Subject: Religion Study Level: College Words: 1124

    In this biblical interpretation paper, the author decided to analyze the story that tells about an ambitious mother and her request to Jesus.

  7. Guilty Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: Interpretation and Practical Use Subject: Law Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1805

    Everyone is assumed innocent until proven guilty hence if at a later time some evidence arises that may potentially prove a man’s innocence it should be careful consideration taken.

  8. Present Interpretation of the Term Lying Subject: Sociology Study Level: College Words: 966

    The underlying motives and consequences of telling a lie need to be taken into account for reconsidering the classical definition of the concept.

  9. Interpretation of Ratio Analysis of ITV Subject: Financial Management Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1817

    Financial ratio analysis involves the calculation and comparison of ratios derived from historical financial figures of a business undertaking.

  10. Incorrect Interpretation: Everyone Is Gay on Tiktok Subject: Entertainment & Media Study Level: College Words: 344

    The article's main idea is that becoming pseudo gay — when close bodily contact, kisses, and hugs are shown only on video — is hugely beneficial to increase own popularity.

  11. Several Theological Perspectives in the Understanding of the Bible, Its Interpretation and Issues Subject: Religion Study Level: Bachelor Words: 2567

    This paper is a critical reflection on several theological perspectives in the understanding of the Bible, its interpretation, and issues arising from such interpretation.

  12. Christianity and Its Interpretation of World Formation Subject: Religion Study Level: Bachelor Words: 547

    This paper is dedicated to compare one of the world's most spread religions, Christianity, and its interpretation of the world formation with the beliefs of Native Americans

  13. Interpretation of Friendship among Confucian and Neo-Confucian writers Subject: Health & Medicine Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1311

    This paper explores some of the perspectives presented by various scholars on the interpretation of friendship as presented by some of the Confucian and Neo Confucian writers.

  14. DNA Profiling and Analysis Interpretation Subject: Law Study Level: College Words: 1129

    This paper includes a brief description of some aspects of DNA profiling based on the case of a robbery and murder of two people.

  15. Sensation and Perception Influence on Interpretation of Life Subject: Cognitive Psychology Study Level: College Words: 1033

    Sensation and perception are two concepts that are useful for understanding human cognition. It is not uncommon for perception to be a source of prejudice and discrimination.

  16. The Epistle of Paul to Philemon: Interpretation Subject: Religion Study Level: Master Words: 2864

    The Epistle of Paul to Philemon is a book included in the Christian New Testament. The most common interpretation of the book was that Paul wrote a letter to Philemon on behalf of Onesimus.

  17. ”Doctor Strange”: Description and Interpretation Subject: Art Study Level: College Words: 651

    The story of the movie is constrained by the need to fit within an established cinematic universe and appeal to the common viewer.

  18. Interpretation of the Koran Subject: Philosophy Study Level: College Words: 1842

    Before the revelation of the Koran, Arabia was lost in ignorance, and women were traded like goats and mistreated severely.

  19. The Politics of Historical Interpretation by Hayden White Subject: Philosophy Study Level: Undergraduate Words: 314

    In the article “The Politics of Historical Interpretation,” Hayden White establishes a certain point of view about historical interpretation as a discipline.

  20. Biblical Interpretation. Hermeneutics by Virkler Subject: Religion Study Level: PhD Words: 1928

    The book Hermeneutics: Principles and Processes of Biblical Interpretation by Virkler is an example of a theoretical model for explaining the texts of the Holy Bible.

  21. Statutory Interpretation Methods Used by the Courts Subject: Law Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1462

    There are four major methods of statutory interpretation used in the most developed democratic countries of the world.

  22. Comparison of Interpretation Biblical Texts on Example of the Gospel of Mark Subject: Religion Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1181

    The paper shows how various authors interpret biblical texts and how they approach this issue, focuses on the Gospel of Mark, which is the most controversial of the Christian volumes.

  23. “Nothing Matters” Concept Interpretation Subject: Philosophy Study Level: School Words: 577

    Sometimes words have hidden sense discovering which requires thorough analysis and interpretation of the word from different perspectives.

  24. Interpretation of Hebrews 12:6-14 Subject: Religion Study Level: Bachelor Words: 2050

    The preceding passages that have a bearing on Hebrews 12:6-14 is not only about the illustration of a marathon but it can even be argued that the introduction has three parts.

  25. Analysis of Interpretation of Bias in Adults & Teens Subject: Sociology Study Level: Undergraduate Words: 1114

    This research study applauds subtypes of anxiety using the social analytic approach, which aims at analyzing the interpretation of bias in adults and teenagers.

  26. Government Power Evolution and Interpretation Subject: Politics & Government Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1168

    Political voting in America has declined today, for the reason that the level of articulate elite and mass political behavior has changed.

  27. Viewing the Society through the Lens of Freudian Theories. Meghnagi’s Interpretation Subject: Psychology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1606

    In the given paper Meghnagi tries to prove that Freud did have the problems of the Jewish community in mind when developing his theories.

  28. The Interpretation of Research in Health Care: Articles Analysis Subject: Healthcare Research Study Level: College Words: 591

    Analysis of articles about how physicians influence hospital costs, examination of patient satisfaction with primary hospital care, health care professionals’ social media behavior.

  29. Mishnah and Gemara Interpretation: The True Meaning of the Hand Subject: Religion Study Level: College Words: 555

    Interpreting religious texts always represents a substantial degree of complexity. The intention defines the perception of the hand as such in the Talmud writing.

  30. Responsibility’s Interpretation and Personal Vision of Responsibility Subject: Family, Life & Experiences Study Level: College Words: 560

    Responsibility is a complex and ambiguous concept the interpretation of which has been the object of numerous debates throughout the centuries.

  31. Approaches to Hermeneutic: History and Modern Interpretation Subject: Religion Study Level: Bachelor Words: 2305

    The paper seeks to understand the methods of interpreting the scripture nowadays, as well as the significance of the Scripture and its postulates for the contemporary audience.

  32. On Different Approaches to the Interpretation of Dreams Subject: Personality Study Level: School Words: 843

    The article is devoted to the interpretation of dreams and how the attitude towards this phenomenon has changed over time in different cultures.

  33. Interpretation of a Renaissance Man Analysis Subject: History Study Level: Master Words: 865

    The Renaissance man can be described as a philosopher who tries to understand the world around him through ideals of beauty, philosophical concepts and religion

  34. Sensitive Line in Interpretation and Personal Experiences Subject: Psychology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 545

    The idea that the sensitive line exists implies the chance to engage in introspect and develop a better understanding of one’s emotional needs.