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  1. Center for Organizational Excellence: Logic Model Subject: Strategic Management Study Level: PhD Words: 2579

    The company we are speaking off, AHR, during the Fiscal Year of 2008, created the Center for Organizational Excellence (CORE).

  2. Logic and Design: Flowcharts and Pseudocode Subject: Tech & Engineering Study Level: Undergraduate Words: 590

    The understanding of logic and design is that processes should be presented to demonstrate certain algorithms, i.e. the description of a process should be precise.

  3. Language and Logic: The Similarities and Differences Subject: Linguistics Study Level: College Words: 586

    Logic and language are different although in many cases they have some relation to each other. Logic is learning about ways of reasoning and argumentation.

  4. HypothetiCo: Scale Challenge Logic Problem Subject: Business Study Level: Bachelor Words: 560

    HypothetiCo should work with the outweighed beams group, remove the rest. If the scales show equality, then the defective beam is in the third pile, which was previously postponed.

  5. Logic Model of Medical Service Adaptation Subject: Health Study Level: Bachelor Words: 403

    The paper describes one of the main challenges of the health care system is the high cost of treatment of many diseases.

  6. “Crimes Against Logic” by Jamie Whyte Subject: Literature Study Level: College Words: 956

    Crimes against Logic touches the aspect of fallacies through the description of human values and behavior following major actions performed.

  7. Logic Dialectic and Rhetoric: Compare and Contrast Subject: Philosophy Study Level: Bachelor Words: 620

    Aristotle told that rhetoric could be regarded as the branch of politics and dialectic because both rhetoric and dialectic try to find proves for persuasion.

  8. Logic and Logic Redux Analysis Subject: Environment Study Level: College Words: 618

    The logic that there is wetness because it rained is founded on sound reasoning and, therefore, it is true and stands validated.

  9. The Use of Logic in the Declaration of Independence: Following Jefferson’s Argument Subject: History Study Level: Master Words: 229

    Jefferson successfully appeals to logic and makes a convincing presentation of the crucial social and legal principles to his opposition.

  10. Rene Descartes: Education and Rules of Logic Subject: Philosophy Study Level: College Words: 546

    In the present paper, Descartes's evaluation of education and four rules of logic will be reviewed and discussed.

  11. Tesla Firm's Service Dominant Logic Conversion Subject: Business Study Level: Undergraduate Words: 1994

    Tesla is recognized as a manufacturer and retailer of the only all-electric vehicles in the global market that can offer a range of cars to compete with gasoline-powered cars.

  12. NGO Logic Model: Review Subject: Sociology Study Level: Master Words: 1166

    The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) of 1996 remains a landmark law that will support the outlined operations.

  13. The Logic: Model and Evaluation Subject: Business Study Level: Master Words: 1179

    This paper outlines the various disparities that are eminent between process, short term outcome, as well as long term impact evaluation.

  14. Logic Models in Human and Social Services Programs Subject: Sciences Study Level: Master Words: 668

    The paper discusses how logic models can help with assessing human and social services programs and which approach to creating logic models is better for these programs.

  15. Logic Models in Developing Public Health Programs Subject: Health & Medicine Study Level: Master Words: 561

    Logic models can be used to develop community health projects and social programs and determine resources, actions, tasks, and strategies for completing the project.

  16. Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement: Logic Model Subject: Business Study Level: Master Words: 580

    The logic model has emerged as a desired tool in developing performance measures in both governmental and private sectors.

  17. Relational Logic in I-It and I-You Relations Subject: Sociology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 547

    According to Martin Buber, I cannot be regarded as a separate, self-sufficient notion. Rather, it can exist either as a part of “I-It” and “I-Thou”.

  18. Logic in Islam and Number of Islamic Theologians Subject: Religion Study Level: College Words: 1376

    Islamic logic is a philosophical concept in Islamic theology and philosophical beliefs that guided great philosophers in achieving wisdom for them to understand philosophical and theological problems.

  19. Say Stop to Childhood Obesity: Logic Model Subject: Health & Medicine Study Level: Master Words: 1940

    The organization Say Stop to Childhood Obesity is related to the priority population since it aims at reducing the rates of childhood obesity among Hispanic children.

  20. Categorical Logic and Its Base Propositions Subject: Sciences Study Level: College Words: 359

    Categorical logic is a part of critical thinking in everyday life and in philosophy. Why is it important to understand categorical logic? Read this sample to find out!

  21. Postmodernism, or, the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism Subject: Design Study Level: Bachelor Words: 550

    In the “Postmodernism” article, Jameson argues that architecture, which dominates the western culture, is an aesthetical form of cultural logic used to express postmodernism.

  22. Programming Logic and Design – Program Change Subject: Tech & Engineering Study Level: Master Words: 605

    Data processing is the process by which information is obtained from data. This paper concludes that the methods used to process data in a program do not change and data increases.

  23. Logic of Addiction, Market and Total Subsumption Subject: Sociology Study Level: Master Words: 1147

    On the road to the transition to adulthood, adolescents are structured depending on the stability and coherence of the given culture.

  24. Flat Earth Society: The Importance of Logic and Critical Thinking in Perceiving Information Subject: Sociology Study Level: College Words: 301

    The consideration of such organizations as the Flat Earth Society demonstrates the need to apply critical thinking to the newly received information to avoid misconceptions.

  25. Building of Team Logic Model: Program Management Subject: Management Study Level: College Words: 1935

    This paper discusses the building of the team logic model: making good management decisions, managing quality of change projects, commercial and social marketing.

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  1. Yield Management and Service Dominant Logic Subject: Business Study Level: Master Words: 1249

    Capacity-constrained organizations must use yield management pricing principles in order to counter the impact of demand fluctuations.

  2. Feelings and Logic in the Literature Works Subject: Literature Study Level: College Words: 944

    Before starting to write the composition, each writer thinks about the context. This article provides an analysis of the use of feelings and logic in works of art.

  3. Use of Logic in Susan Glaspell’s “Trifles” Subject: Literature Study Level: College Words: 555

    Trifles, a work by Susan Glaspell, follows the structure of a common murder mystery but includes elements of social commentary and issues of great value.

  4. Programming Logic – File Processing for Game Design Subject: Tech & Engineering Study Level: Master Words: 667

    Programmable logic devices offer a wide range of features, speed and characters. There are a number of PLDs that have been discovered, and mostly used by the designers.

  5. Radix Sort Algorithm, Its Logic and Applications Subject: Tech & Engineering Study Level: College Words: 823

    Studies show that the radix sort algorithm was first used in 1887 by Herman Hollerith to perform computations on tabulating machines.

  6. Work and Family: Institutional Logic Subject: Sociology Study Level: College Words: 2840

    In order to address the issues of work and family from the institutional logic perspective, it is necessary to discuss the institutional logic of families and public policy.

  7. Program Logic Model: The New Beginnings Program Subject: Sociology Study Level: Master Words: 1170

    This paper is devoted to the logic model created for the New Beginnings Program, its key elements, the process of development, and the ways to evaluate outcomes.

  8. A Modus Ponens Deductive Logic in Defense of JTA Argument 36 Subject: Philosophy Study Level: College Words: 2481

    Descartes’ skeptically epistemological argument challenges the unquestioned presumption that people can know the world, including their physical attributes.

  9. Logic and Philosophy Questions Subject: Philosophy Study Level: College Words: 564

    This work discusses what is syllogisms, formal fallacy, reviews the difference between conjunction and disjunction, and describes how Truth Table work.

  10. Dangers of Logic and Artificial Intelligence Subject: Tech & Engineering Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1239

    Logic and artificial intelligence have extensively accentuated the dazzling advancements in the technology of the 21st century.

  11. Mathematical Platonism: Philosophy's Loss of Logic Subject: Philosophy Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1374

    Mathematical Platonism involves the ideas of existence, abstractness, and independence as adjectives for mathematics routine practices.

  12. Aristotle’s View on the Concept of Logic Subject: Philosophy Study Level: College Words: 319

    Aristotle showed that logic is not just a specific doctrine of specific things or terms but the science of the laws of syllogisms, such as modus ponens or modus tollens.

  13. Mathematics and Logic. A Troublesome Inheritance Subject: Sciences Study Level: College Words: 1101

    The purpose of this paper is to show how A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History inspired and can change quantitative thinking about mathematics and logic.

  14. Application of Logic in the Works of Benjamin Franklin Subject: Goverment Study Level: College Words: 552

    Benjamin Franklin was a famous politician, scientist, and writer, and he is known as one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

  15. Logic and Philosophy Relations Subject: Philosophy Study Level: School Words: 574

    Philosophy generally deals with the interpretation, meaning, evaluation as well as logical consistency. There are at least two hundred areas of study in philosophy.

  16. My Experience With the Logic Course Subject: Family, Life & Experiences Study Level: College Words: 895

    I will review my experience with the logic course. I will try to evaluate how it affected me. I will also try to give examples of the positive effect it had on my everyday life.