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  1. Personal Values Overview and Analysis Subject: Sociology Study Level: PhD Words: 1304

    This essay is about personal values and the ethical, theoretical frameworks. How personal values are consistent with ethical egoism and utilitarianism.

  2. Relevance of Nursing Theory to Personal Professional Beliefs and Values Subject: Nursing Study Level: Bachelor Words: 937

    The paper elaborates on the nursing theory that appropriately matched author`s beliefs and values as a nurse, incorporating his/her practice with the patients in the medical setting.

  3. Personal Values and Ethical Dilemma in the Workplace Subject: Case Studies Study Level: Bachelor Words: 591

    This paper shows that the management team should support employees before they engage in unethical behaviors by communicating the company's values.

  4. Leadership Styles and Values: Personal Development Plan Subject: Leadership Styles Study Level: College Words: 656

    Leadership is both the specific skill and mindset that enables one to lead people to obtain goals. The mindset includes finding the leadership style that fits the most.

  5. Personality and Values in Human Services Practice Subject: Business Study Level: College Words: 587

    The core values of human service practitioners include respecting the dignity and welfare of all people, promoting self-determination, honoring cultural diversity, etc.

  6. Personal Values in the Workplace Subject: Business & Economics Study Level: College Words: 642

    The current essay explores the bearing personal values have on the well-being of organizations, especially considering that diversity is essential for any organization that seeks to thrive in this century.

  7. Examples of Conflict Between Personal and Professional Values Subject: Sociology Study Level: Master Words: 2216

    Interested in conflict between personal and professional values in social work? Read this essay! Learn about professional & personal values conflict examples in the workplace ✚society.

  8. Modern Teacher-Educator's Personal Values and Professional Qualities Subject: Pedagogical Competencies Study Level: College Words: 734

    The professional qualities of a modern teacher-educator are the necessary conditions for the successful acquisition of professional knowledge, skills, and abilities.

  9. Professional Practice Reflection: My Personal Values and Ethics Subject: Health Study Level: Bachelor Words: 842

    In nursing, personal values, behaviors, and codes of ethics are mandatory because they guide nurses to provide adequate and quality healthcare to their patients.

  10. Personal Values vs. Organizational Values Subject: Business Study Level: Master Words: 646

    At one time or another, employees have always found themselves in a dilemma when their personal values collide with organizational protocols.

  11. Nursing: Personal and Professional Ethical Values Subject: Health & Medicine Study Level: Master Words: 1178

    The purpose of this paper is to illustrate personal and professional ethical values that significantly influence the way a nurse works.

  12. Career Path Aligned with Personal Values Subject: Education Study Level: College Words: 3364

    This is a report on choosing the best fit company and career option that will be aligned with personal values and characteristics.

  13. Business Ethics: Job Requirements vs. Personal Values Subject: Business Study Level: Master Words: 1223

    In the present case, Martha McCaskey's job requirements contrast her individual beliefs and values, which is the main reason for the ethical dilemma.

  14. The Importance of Personal Value Development in Society Subject: Psychology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1413

    Personal development is always supported by a goal. Personal development is a broad process, “concerned with motivation, attitudes and personal qualities.

  15. Personal Values and Its Contributions to the Life Mission Subject: Sociology Study Level: College Words: 806

    A person’s values are simply the ideas or views that determine how they live. This paper is about personal values and how they contribute to one’s personal mission in life.

  16. Taking Into Account the Personal Values of a Patient Subject: Health & Medicine Study Level: College Words: 831

    Good clinical judgment integrates the nurse’s accumulated wealth of knowledge from patient care experiences as well as the nurse’s educational background.

  17. The Effects of Modern Popular Culture on Personal Beliefs and Values Subject: Culture Study Level: Bachelor Words: 618

    This paper aims at discussing the effects of modern popular culture on personal beliefs and values.

  18. Personal Values and Cardinal Values of the Social Work Subject: Business Study Level: Master Words: 1248

    The proponent of this paper will identify the personal values that are congruent and those that are in conflict with social work’s professional values.

  19. Personal Responsibility, Ethics, and Values Subject: Sociology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1230

    Personal responsibility is defined as being responsible for oneself and the safety and demands of others. Students ought to be focused on attaining the grades they wish.

  20. Socializing Agents and Personal Values Subject: Sociology Study Level: College Words: 626

    Social and personal values are critical to human development and ultimately influence behavior which, in turn, impacts society on a macro level.

  21. Personal Nursing Philosophy and Values Subject: Nursing Study Level: Master Words: 621

    Nursing is a complex profession that evolves constantly, and hence it is critical to be flexible and rely on different theories.

  22. Personal Nursing Philosophy, Values and Beliefs Subject: Health & Medicine Study Level: College Words: 840

    A personal philosophy can be defined as a set of beliefs, concepts, and convictions that guide an individual’s way of living and doing things, personally and professionally.

  23. Social & Personal Values in Death of a Salesman Subject: Literature Study Level: College Words: 618

    Stylistic devices and unique vision of economic development help Miller to unveil social changes and new traditions influenced by new culture.

  24. Personal Values and Counseling Sessions Subject: Psychology Study Level: Master Words: 544

    Personal values have a direct influence on professional work. Moreover, personal values are almost impossible to be separated from professional counseling.

  25. Personal Values and Beliefs in Ethical Issues Subject: Sociology Study Level: Master Words: 1400

    This paper focuses on how personal values and beliefs have shaped interpretation and analysis of ethical issues based on knowledge of utilitarian, deontological, and virtue-based ethical theories.

👍 Good Personal Values Essay Samples for College

  1. Purchase of Fast Fashion Clothing and Ethical & Personal Values Subject: Economics Study Level: Bachelor Words: 2770

    Over the decades, superiority and inferiority between males and females consequently fostered a major impact on global development.

  2. Ethical Lens Inventory: Personal Ethical Principles and Values Subject: Psychology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 922

    Religion probably instilled in me the tendency to overemphasize right and wrong and this may have made me too over-reliant on such an ethical system.

  3. Personal Values Development for Military Service Subject: Life & Experiences Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1752

    Through my close relationship with my father, I slowly developed what would become my core values which later on became the basis of my personal ground rules and ethics.

  4. Nursing Values: Professional and Personal Subject: Health & Medicine Study Level: Bachelor Words: 287

    Many professional nursing values are crucial for providing high-quality care and services. They are significant for both nursing staff and their mentors.

  5. Law Ethics: Personal Core Values Subject: Legal Ethics Study Level: Bachelor Words: 898

    It is important for any human being to have well-defined core values. The importance of core values to an individual cannot be underestimated.

  6. Personal Values and Ethical Standards Subject: Sociology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 2229

    This paper seeks to tackle several issues revolving around the broad topic of personal values and ethical standards, ground rules, and ethics, focusing on the developmental aspect.

  7. Personal Nursing Philosophy: Concepts and Values Subject: Health & Medicine Study Level: College Words: 679

    The key concepts of my nursing philosophy revolve around my core values, which include integrity, honesty, advocacy, compassion, respect, patient privacy, and knowledge.

  8. Business Protocols and Personal Values Conflict Subject: Business Study Level: Master Words: 588

    This paper sets out to address the conflict of company protocols with personal values by applying various ethical theories that provide viable solutions to this dilemma.

  9. Role of Personal and Organizational Values in Job Satisfaction Subject: Business Study Level: Bachelor Words: 3010

    Organizational Behaviour is an analysis that caters for various business applications to determine how personal and organizational values affect employees’ job satisfaction.

  10. Personal and Professional Social Work Values Subject: Sociology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 633

    In this discussion, attention will be paid to a case when a homosexual teacher is not able to find a well-paid job at local schools and address a social worker for help.

  11. Nursing Ethic: Personal, Cultural and Spiritual Values Subject: Health & Medicine Study Level: Bachelor Words: 646

    The worldview and philosophy of nursing are positively impacted by personal, cultural, and spiritual values. My values are integrity, autonomy, altruism, and human dignity.

  12. Personal Values and Sexuality in Christianity Subject: Religion Study Level: Master Words: 1164

    As a Christian, the author of the paper knows what should not be done regarding Sexuality, and he also knows that he is supposed to preach what he believes in, just as Christ did.

  13. Core Values in Personal Belief System Subject: Family, Life & Experiences Study Level: Master Words: 828

    There are five values that are very important. These are core values and include happiness, family, friends, pleasure, financial security and stability.

  14. Personal Values Importance in Child and Youth Care Subject: Psychology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 2939

    Values are especially significant in child care since this profession calls for a person who is self-aware and is able to inspire the young person through his/her own values.