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  1. Communication of Respect in Interethnic Service Encounters Subject: Business Study Level: College Words: 889

    A lots of factors affect service encounters. Some of the central factors are personal features of the cashier and customer, location, and cultural backgrounds of the people involved.

  2. Fostering Dignity and Respect in Caring Subject: Health & Medicine Study Level: Bachelor Words: 3088

    The patient is not treated with the dignity she deserves. Due to security issues, the carer comes at 7 p.m. instead of 10 p.m. to help her get to bed.

  3. The Concept of Respect as the Foundation of the Social System Subject: Psychology Study Level: School Words: 574

    Respect is an essential element of personal and professional relationships because it builds mutual trust and affection.

  4. The Importance of Respect in the Military Subject: Military Leadership Study Level: College Words: 564

    Understanding the essence of customs and courtesies is essential in ascertaining the importance of respect in the military.

  5. Job Description: Analysis, Design, Mutual Respect Subject: Business Study Level: Master Words: 284

    The current paper discusses that there is a number of essential differences between a job description, job design, and job analysis.

  6. Nurses' Commitment to Respect Patient Dignity Subject: Health & Medicine Study Level: College Words: 651

    Nurses should build a relationship of trust with patients and provide high-quality care that respects their unique beliefs, dignity, and overall consideration for human rights.

  7. No Respect Given to Military Family Subject: Sociology Study Level: College Words: 397

    Studying the impact of the problem of insufficient respect for military families on society and individuals and to find solutions to this issue.

  8. Tolerance and Respect for Cultural Differences Subject: Culture Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1925

    In this essay, the author seeks to provide a solution for the conflicts in a bid to promote peaceful coexistence among people from different cultural and social backgrounds.

  9. Sweatshops and Respect for Persons Subject: Business Study Level: School Words: 1145

    Arnold and Bowie's article delves into how Multi-National Enterprises are guilty of facilitating inhumane working conditions and giving low salaries to the various workers.

  10. Respect for Elder's Wisdom Subject: Sociology Study Level: College Words: 1111

    Our society has slowly transformed from being excessively patriarchal, to one that is now considerate to both men and women.

  11. Importance of Respect. Foundation of Human Relationship Subject: Sociology Study Level: College Words: 558

    In a world that is full of different people and varying opinions, there needs to be a framework that helps to avoid or work through conflict.

  12. The Meaning of Respect Subject: Sociology Study Level: College Words: 636

    There are several variations of the concept of respect. Dictionaries define this term as recognition of the dignity of another person.

  13. Respect in Daily Lives Subject: Sociology Study Level: School Words: 565

    The show of respect is very important especially to the adults, as they act as role models to the young children.

  14. Understanding Diversity and Respect in American Culture Subject: Sociology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1016

    The video “What It’s Like to be a Muslim in America” addresses the issue of Islamophobia faced after the bombing of the Twin Towers on the 11th of September 2001.

  15. The Importance of Respect in the Military Subject: Politics & Government Study Level: Bachelor Words: 550

    The feeling of remorse that is bestowed upon a soldier during the playing of the Taps is derived from nothing other than respect for each other.

  16. Respect in the Army Importance Subject: Military Leadership Study Level: College Words: 1135

    This essay examines the role of respect in the U.S. Army and discusses its importance among soldiers of any position.

  17. How Companies Show Respect to Employees Subject: Business Study Level: School Words: 317

    One of the most important and obvious displays of respect and care for employees is allowing them to take days off and breaks from work when they feel sick.

  18. Respect, Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction Subject: Management Study Level: School Words: 1622

    Consumer satisfaction raises loyalty as well as shows respect to the customers. Thus if the company was rated highly, then this indicates that it is placed in a favorable position.

  19. Respect for Authority and Blind Obedience Subject: Political Theory Study Level: College Words: 567

    People may not see any difference in the definition of respect and obedience, and they have approximately the same meaning in daily use; however, the difference exists.

  20. Free Speech and Mutual Respect on Campus Subject: Education Study Level: College Words: 843

    There should be limits set to establish healthy habits of free speech on campus. Reciprocal respect among the students and teachers should be a firm foundation for free speech.

  21. Respect and Its Significance Subject: Sociology Study Level: College Words: 628

    The modern and customary societies saw respect as nobility and admiration. Respect plays a critical role in keeping us away from damaging what we should value.

  22. Political Conversations Through Empathy and Respect Subject: Political Communication Study Level: College Words: 320

    This paper discusses Dr. Willer's recommendations and conclusions in the How to have better political conversations TED talk.

  23. Saint Leo’s Core Value of Respect and Socio-Cultural Impacts on Tourism Subject: Culture Study Level: Bachelor Words: 861

    This essay focuses on the core value of respect in Saint Leo University which, with a focus on doing the will of Jesus Christ, every person is considered valuable.

  24. Feminism and Respect for Culture Subject: Sociology Study Level: College Words: 828

    Jennifer Mather Saul is one of the exemplary writers who exploited the issue of feminism and respect for culture in the societies through a philosophical approach.

  25. Animal Welfare: Why Animals Should Be Treated With Kindness and Respect Subject: Sociology Study Level: College Words: 1084

    Animal welfare refers to the physical and social well-being of animals or concern for animals. This essay is a short explanation on to why animals should be treated with kindness and respect.

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  1. Mutual Respect: Impact on the Police and the Communities They Serve Subject: Law Enforcement Study Level: College Words: 1107

    Mutual respect is an integral part of police-community relations. Law enforcement benefits greatly from prioritizing respect and compassion.

  2. Building Respect for Human Life: Psychological Perspectives Subject: Personality Study Level: College Words: 1412

    Disrespect for human life in American society can take many forms, and the answer to it depends on the psychological perspective employed.

  3. Partner Healthcare System INC Case: Competing Interests and Respect Subject: Business Study Level: Master Words: 1076

    The reason behind PHCS choosing to follow a holding company approach is that the leaders at PHCS were aware of the power of the physicians, and they made a careful analysis of the costs and benefits of their decision.

  4. Earning Respect From Employess and Superiors Subject: Business Study Level: School Words: 582

    The essay describes how the restaurant manager can obtain respect from the employees and superiors of the establishment.

  5. Respect in the Army: Values and Standards Subject: Sociology Study Level: School Words: 590

    The present paper will discuss the concept of respect and will aim to demonstrate why it is so important for those serving in the military.

  6. The Problem of Entitlement: The Question of Respect Subject: Literature Study Level: College Words: 868

    The appreciation of literary works is a complex endeavor, which requires the adoption of an unbiased approach to this task complemented by the focus on positive aspects.

  7. Social Factors in the US History: Respect for Human Rights, Racial Equality, and Religious Freedom Subject: History Study Level: College Words: 563

    The advances of the American nation in respect of human rights, racial equality and religious freedom mean much more for ordinary people in America than military or financial issues.

  8. Pharmacy: Advocacy, Integrity, and Respect Subject: Health & Medicine Study Level: School Words: 595

    Advocacy to help people understand that it is wrong to abuse prescription medication and to exploit any loopholes in the system to abuse drugs that can be bought over the counter.

  9. Why Comedy Gets No Respect Subject: Art Study Level: College Words: 2376

    The focus of this essay will be on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences from whom, in the words of comedian Rodney Dangerfield, comedy gets no respect.

  10. How the Courts Address or Respect Our Rights as Citizens Subject: Law Study Level: College Words: 617

    This paper analyzes the case “Virgil D. Hawkins, on behalf of himself and others” – a black student had applied to be admitted to the University of Florida’s College of Law.

  11. Donner Party Memorial and Respect to Its History Subject: History Study Level: College Words: 1216

    The Donner Party Memorial is a representation of an integral part of American history rather than a mere tourist attraction.

  12. Managing Cultural Diversity: Sustain and Respect Cultural Identities Subject: Business Study Level: Master Words: 2053

    The report concentrates on the discussion on benefits and challenges of cultural diversity, the opportunity cultural diversity offers and provides practical recommendations that can help the

  13. Importance of Respect in the Army: Code of Ethics Subject: Sociology Study Level: School Words: 1006

    Soldiers are required to follow established codes of ethics, core values, and philosophies that can make it easier for them to achieve their aims.

  14. Respect and Integrity of Company Employees Subject: Business Study Level: Bachelor Words: 528

    There are rules and regulations in every sector or organization, therefore one’s conduct should conform to what the organization stands for.

  15. Respect and Self-Respect: Impact on Interpersonal Relationships and Personal Identity Subject: Family, Life & Experiences Study Level: School Words: 1151

    Respect is a fundamental component that guarantees healthy interpersonal relationships and exceptional personal identity.