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  1. Systems Theory in the Light of Three Scientists Subject: Education Study Level: PhD Words: 3592

    The paper analyzes systems theory: nature, society and science as it relates to education and career choices of impact Hispanic Women in Florida County.

  2. Should There Be a Limit to What Scientists Can Discover and Create When It Relates to the Wealfare of Humanity? Subject: Sciences Study Level: College Words: 669

    Advances in science and technology have been detrimental to human existence because weapons of mass destruction have been made.

  3. Scientists Views: Should Organic Food Be Promoted? Subject: Diet & Nutrition Study Level: Master Words: 1172

    The discussions created the basis for the emergence of the phenomenon of organic food free from the impact of science and as a result more useful for people and environmentally friendly.

  4. Arab Scientists’ Contribution to World Civilization Subject: Sciences Study Level: College Words: 2036

    The development of arts and sciences, as well as old science in Islamic the empire, is explained by the inquisitive and speculative nature of the Arab people from long ago.

  5. Computers: Science and Scientists Review Subject: Tech & Engineering Study Level: College Words: 514

    This essay addresses several important issues concerning career possibilities for computer engineers. It describes the levels of programming skills needed for different job concentration.

  6. The Significance of Scientists in Western Civilization Subject: Sciences Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1845

    This work is a comprehensive analysis of the activities of the most significant Western thinkers: Freud, Darwin, and Marx.

  7. Scientist-Practitioner Model in Psychology Subject: Psychology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1435

    Since its formulation, the scientific practitioner model has been a major influence in the professional training of psychology in English-speaking countries.

  8. Scientist's Role in Frankenstein by Mary Shelly Subject: Literature Study Level: School Words: 646

    Victor Frankenstein, the Swiss chemist who creates the monster, is the protagonist of the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelly.

  9. Science and Scientists in Media Representation Subject: Entertainment & Media Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1714

    The pop culture’s portrayal of science and scientists shapes the average person’s view of what science is and how research is conducted.

  10. Development of Second Law of Thermodynamics: The Contributions of the Carnot, Clausius, Kelvin, Planck and Other Scientists. Subject: Sciences Study Level: School Words: 1280

    The discovery of the two laws of thermodynamics is being regarded as one of the major revolution in physics in the 19th century.

  11. Human Behavior: Economists and Political Scientists Subject: Psychology Study Level: College Words: 396

    Economists reasoning that people analyze what they see and subsequently make personal decisions. Political scientists opine that human behavior is dictated by politics and power.

  12. Mathematical Development and Theories of Scientists Subject: Sciences Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1739

    This paper tries to examine the developments in mathematics in the view of the cognitive concepts as well as the historical developments in the discipline.

  13. Analysing the Way Forensic Scientists Conduct Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Physical Evidence Subject: Sciences Study Level: Bachelor Words: 906

    The main task of analytical chemistry is to determine the qualitative and quantitative composition of the substance and to identify whether a matter is organic or inorganic.

  14. Cognitive Psychology: Scientists Contributions Subject: Psychology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1161

    This paper discusses Gustav Fechner, Edward Titchener, Wilhelm Wundt, Hermann Ebbinghaus, William James, Wolfgang Kohler and other psychologists contributions to cognitive psychology.

  15. Scientists’ Moral Responsibility and Ethics Subject: Sociology Study Level: College Words: 489

    The scientists must ensure their work is consistent with science’s obligation of doing no harm to other people and the environment.

  16. What Inspires Scientists to Pursue Their Research? Subject: Sciences Study Level: College Words: 405

    The biggest role in conducting various scientific experiments is played by passion, a sense of impact, and questions that need to be answered.

  17. Scientists' Guilt in L'Aquila Earthquake Deaths Subject: Sciences Study Level: Bachelor Words: 595

    In 2009, L'Aquila city was crumbled down and 309 people were killed by an earthquake. The judge was about to sentence seismologists and geologists for manslaughter.

  18. Sustainability for Engineers, Scientists and Professionals Subject: Design Study Level: Bachelor Words: 602

    Upgrading building energy and water use efficiency can minimize carbon dioxide emissions while reducing environmental damage and attaining sustainable development.

  19. Communication Solutions for Atmospheric Scientist Subject: Sociology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 2076

    The paper aims at discussing the findings of the above-mentioned report, therefore, drawing important lessons regarding the recent changes in atmospheric scientist communication.

  20. Rice Scientists Create a Super Antioxidant Subject: Sciences Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1182

    The article that has been selected for this essay is, ‘Rice scientists create a super antioxidant – Common catalyst cerium oxide opens door to nanochemistry for medicine’.

  21. The Motivation of Scientists Subject: Sciences Study Level: College Words: 350

    Many sciences interconnect and create a more extensive system of knowledge. For example, psychology, the science about human behavior, is highly influenced by biology.

  22. Sense of Smell: Recent Study by Swedish Scientists Subject: Cognitive Psychology Study Level: College Words: 337

    According to the news story, researchers have proven that the reaction to foul odors is unconscious and not a conscious cognitive response, as previously thought.

  23. Female Scientists in the Past and Present Subject: History Study Level: Master Words: 1225

    The role of women in many professional areas has been restricted in the past due to sexism and the imposition of gender roles in most societies.

  24. Leonardo da Vinci – Artist, Scientist, Inventor Subject: Art Study Level: College Words: 553

    Many historians believe strongly that Leonardo da Vinci revolutionized the world of art. This paper offers a critique of Leonardo da Vinci.

  25. Aristotle as the First Political Scientist Subject: Philosophy Study Level: Master Words: 2217

    Aristotelian approaches to determining the principles of the political science are associated with the modern scientific methods to work with the political theory and practice.

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  1. Ethical Responsibilities of Scientists Subject: Armed Hostilities Study Level: School Words: 563

    Undoubtedly, scientists are responsible for their inventions, and they should understand that their achievements may be both beneficial and harmful to humanity.

  2. Scientists and the Public: Two Perspectives on the Same Issue Subject: Sociology Study Level: College Words: 574

    According to Badash prior to the war, scientists were a neglected lot because the government seemed to show no interest in their research activities.

  3. Scientists Convincing Science and Society Subject: Sciences Study Level: Undergraduate Words: 929

    Several scientists have been involved in studies with the objective of convincing society as well as science that the molecule of heredity is DNA.

  4. Isaac Newton, Mathematician and Scientist Subject: History Study Level: College Words: 1161

    Although in his later life his level of wit his wit reduced, as Hatch argues, “Newton continued to exercise strong influence on the advancement of science.

  5. Scientist Charles Darwin & Evolution Subject: Sciences Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1361

    Possibly nobody has controlled our knowledge regarding life in this world as much as Charles Darwin, the English biologist.

  6. Biochemical Scientists and Ethically Appropriate Manner of Behaviour Subject: Sociology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1461

    The purpose of this article is to consider the ethical aspect of the use of humans and animals in biomedical research.

  7. African American Scientist: Alice Augusta Ball Subject: Alternative Medicine Study Level: College Words: 580

    Alice Ball's new treatment options motivated several other health researchers to invest their limited resources to seek alternative medication to safeguard leprosy patients.

  8. Mirage: Napoleon’s Scientists and Unveiling of Egypt Subject: History Study Level: College Words: 1368

    Egypt is one of the ancient seats of civilization, and the Pyramids, Mummies, and artifacts of Egypt, which is still an enigma, have fascinated every historian and traveler for many centuries

  9. The Climate Change Scientist Vignette Subject: Environment Study Level: Bachelor Words: 158

    The paper states that a person's primary intention in the world is to make sure that they exercise social justice and freedom every time.

  10. US Social Scientists and Civil Rights Movement Subject: Sociology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1113

    One of the most important event of 1960s US was the Civil Rights Movement. The movement gave equal rights to African-Americans in the US which included right to vote.

  11. Division of Labor for Social Scientists Subject: Sociology Study Level: Bachelor Words: 116

    The division of labor has produced such diverse fields of social sciences as anthropology, economics, political science psychology, and sociology.

  12. Freedom From Domination: German Scientists' View Subject: History Study Level: College Words: 2393

    The German notion of freedom involves the Complex of individual live aims and principles of everybody in the country.

  13. Canadian Scientist MacPherson and the Economist Friedman Subject: Sciences Study Level: College Words: 676

    The confrontation between the famous Canadian scientist Macpherson and the American economist Friedman is a vivid example of the collision of two opposite value systems.

  14. Broadcasting: Scientists and Businessmen Competition Subject: Sciences Study Level: College Words: 771

    When assessing a technology-driven industry, the main outlined components can be seen through two main directions, the idea itself, the technology on which the industry is based.

  15. Scientists Finally Finish Decoding… by Ungar Subject: Sciences Study Level: College Words: 830

    The article “Scientists finally finish decoding entire human genome” by Laura Ungar discusses the achievements in the genetics field.

  16. Possibility of Objectivity by an Individual Scientist Subject: Sciences Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1465

    When an individual scientist conducts a research he/she becomes limited to fewer samples compared to the many samples that are obtained by a group of scientists.

  17. Earth Formation from the Scope of the Scientists Subject: Sciences Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1411

    The main aim of this study was to highlight the evolution of the earth from the scope of scientists. The paper does not highlight other theories of the earth was formed.

  18. Forensic Scientists in Law Enforcement Subject: Law Study Level: Master Words: 941

    In order to meet changes and social needs, law enforcement should employ a large number of forensic scientists from different fields of research and investigation.

  19. How Scientists are Bringing AI Assistants to Life: Critical Analysis Essay Subject: Tech & Engineering Study Level: College Words: 311

    The purpose of this essay is to critically analyze an article by James Vlahos. The author claims artificial intelligence assistants are being brought to life by scientists.

  20. Scientist’s Role in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Subject: Literature Study Level: College Words: 575

    Using Mary Shelley's Frankenstein as an example, the author proves the point of view that science cannot and should not try to replace nature in terms of creation.

  21. Christian Scientists in the USA Subject: Religion Study Level: Bachelor Words: 1113

    During the 19th-20th centuries, many religions and religious teachings were founded in the USA along with mainstream religions in order to proclaim the definite sacred principles.

  22. The April 2009 L’Aquila Quake Disaster: Prosecution of Earthquake Scientists Subject: Environment Study Level: College Words: 392

    Nature is one phenomenon that has proved to be uncontrollable by humankind. The April 2009 L’Aquila quake disaster indicates how emotions can lead to poor judgment.

  23. Herbert Spencer – Scientists of Biology Subject: Sciences Study Level: College Words: 556

    Herbert Spencer is one of the outstanding scientists belonging to the sphere of biology, sociology, and anthropology.

  24. Stephen Hawking: A Prominent Scientist Subject: History Study Level: School Words: 435

    Stephen Hawking was one of the most famous scientists of the modern era. Hawking mostly advanced theories associated with the universe and its development.