Abortion. Why I Have a Proponent View?


The problem of abortion is far discussed in the contemporary society. This issue considers men and women as well, because of the global character of the problem for the drive of population. In particular, the society is unofficially divided into opponents and proponents of this feature of life, pro-lifers and pro-choicers, to be precise. However, the statements of both groups of people face problematic evaluation of the abortion due to the values and harms which can be designated out of this procedure. I feel personal responsibility to think that abortion is needful for the society. The paper is dedicated toward the critical discussion of the proponent view of this phenomenon in the contemporary society. The life of a man is precious, and one should be accurate in making assumptions of whether to stop it or not.


First of all, it is necessary to provide a wide scope on the problem with particular attention on the reasons causing abortion. The development of the society does not exclude the provision of sexual relations. The thing is that the sexual life in most cases begins among youngsters in the teen age. Experiencing something new in the sphere of feelings they are not possibly aware of the means for safety in sexual affairs being naïve and indifferent to this. In turn it may result than in the early pregnancy. This event props up against particular case of abortion.

Among adults abortion is supposed to be the effect of incoherent sexual activity of men and women due to some negative factors as alcohol or strong desire to ignore contraceptive means. Thus, the result may lead to abortion. In this respect bilateral opinion may arise as of whose life and destiny to save: unborn baby’s or mother’s. At this point moral, ethical, social, economic, and political controversies confront in order to find out the best decision for the decrease of the problem.

Proponent View

The abortion in this respect is thought to be the matter of own choice. Women risk by their well-being, so that not to bear possible burden of their motherhood. This simple assumption is similar to the choice on mutual agreement. First of all, doctors still provide operations in abortion, and in most countries, unless saying that in all, this procedure is legal. The thing is that a doctor should ask about real intentions a woman has while committing such deed. Afterwards the abortion is possible to be done. All in all hot discussions about this theme are based on the categorical assertions implied in each party struggling over the issue. The proponents’ “pro-choice” position is evaluated to have more rationality on the current events in lives of people and women, in particular (Code 166). Also human inadvertency may serve as the reason for pregnancy and need for abortion, as a result.

As for me, the proponent view on the problem of abortion is not amoral and needs more discussion in the society. The facts say that most of women are left in cases when they become pregnant from a strange man. Another case is that women become pregnant from a man they dislike. So there should be no pressure on women’s choice, because it is the matter of their life and their health as well. Alien opinions of some figures in the society or the public opinion on the whole provide more dissatisfaction among women. Here appears sexual inequality between men and women. It is appropriate for people to make mistakes. However, men have more rights in this aspect of life peculiarities.

On the other hand, there are cases when women occasionally appeared pregnant. In this situation there is a human approach of having no children, because of possible defects in appearance or in the entire health of a baby. Cases of amoral behavior may serve as the ground for this, when women and men are intended to feel no responsibility for their actions and try to feel pleasure only. One more supposition comprises cases of violence which may cause pregnancy. In this respect it seems even more amoral to give birth to a baby from a criminal or psychopath with disordered mental activity. This in turn violates a woman’s right for abortion. Hence, there should a definite amendment in the particular law base in order to take into consideration above mentioned facts. All in all, anti-abortion manifests and law acts may also serve as a case of violence toward unwillingness of women to procreate children (Rapoport & Weinberg 337). In this way it is even more inhumane to stay against abortion for the purpose to bear a defected and concretely unwilling baby by a supposed mother. In this respect the world would appear to be full of defected people.


The opponent and proponent sides for cases of abortion still remain most discussable in the society. Thus, the main conflict touches upon the woman’s right to choose to seek abortion services against the right of the unborn to continue life (Tolleson-Rinehart and Josephson 124). As far as I am concerned, abortion should be legal in terms when it is not on the late stage. This would possibly make women in their choices and rights equal with men.

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