Unit Converter – Temperature, Length, & More

Looking for a way to convert temperature, length, time, or other units? On this page, you’ll find almost all possible unit converters that you may need in your studies. Save your time and energy with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

A unit converter is an automated instrument that helps its users to convert one unit of measurement to another. For instance, it can change degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit, pounds to kilograms, inches to centimeters, etc. Unit converters exist in the form of online instruments, software, and even physical devices.

The most common temperature units include degrees Celsius (°C), degrees Fahrenheit (°F), and Kelvin (K). There are also some rarely used units of temperature, including Rankine, Newton, Delisle, Réaumur, and Rømer.

The most widespread length units are meters, yards, feet, miles, kilometers, and inches. Some of the less common units of length are ångström, parsec, light-year, AU, etc.

Some of the time units are milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, fortnight, months, and years.