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History of Slavery in United States

One of the oldest traditions in humankind is the practice of slavery. It has been documented by anthropologists in practically every continent and civilization, going all the way back to the Neolithic era of human existence (“Abolitionism movement,” n.d.). The first substantial initiatives to outlaw forced labor and stop human...


The Role of Social Work in the Issue of Oppression of the Elderly

Older adults can face oppression and discrimination in almost every area of ​​life. The emotional gap between generations leads to the fact that older people do not feel part of an ever-changing society. This leads to cases of misunderstanding and even violence from the younger generation. Discrimination in the medical...


Legalization of Marijuana: Benefits and Drawbacks

The debate over whether or not drugs should be legalized has been going on for a long time. There have been many discussions that supports and those that are against the legalization of marijuana has led to a decrease in crime. The decriminalization of marijuana in several states has, contrary...


Research Questions vs. Interview Questions

Key Concepts Research Question A research question is a tool that allows formulating the objectives of the upcoming research work and determines the focus of the methodology, for instance, qualitative or quantitative. According to Fandino (2019), a good research question is the outcome of properly aligned objectives that, combined with...

Tech & Engineering

Aspects of Airport Operations

Introduction All of the procedures performed at an airport to make sure a journey runs smoothly are referred to as airport services. These amenities cover the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), gateways operators, and other services offered by airports. Efficient airport operations ensure that various people arrive at their destinations safely....


“Letter from Birmingham Jail” by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Dr. King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail sought the church’s help in dealing with racism that plagued the colored communities in America. He claimed that black people needed freedom just like other eople. Dr. King was disappointed and claimed the church should have supported them in this endeavor rather than stating...

Tech & Engineering

Competitive Advantage Using Social Media and Artificial Intelligence

Introduction Social computing is an area that businesses can leverage to stay ahead of competitors. It refers to the interactive and collaborative facet of online behavior. Social computing elements include wikis, instant messaging, blogs, microblogging, and social networking sites. Social computing is supported by Web 2.0 through a framework of...


“My Neighbor Totoro” Filmed by Hayao Miyazaki Review

My Neighbor Totoro, filmed in 1988 by famed animator Hayao Miyazaki, is one of the iconic animated tales produced by Studio Ghibli and one of my favorite movies. This cartoon embodies the main motives of Miyazaki’s work – childhood, the fidelity of friends, the dark side of the personality, and...


The Controversy of Ethics of Euthanasia

The debates concerning the topic of euthanasia have been going on in the world for decades. ‘Euthanasia’ is a word that comes from Greek and is translated as ‘good death’ (Rachels, 2017). What it refers to is the cessation of an individual’s life to end their pain, usually when they...

Tech & Engineering

The Internet Impact on Society

Introduction The Internet can be called one of the most significant inventions in the history of humankind, without which it is impossible to imagine modern society. Like all global discoveries, the Internet has positive and negative impacts. The positive effects of the Internet on society include expanding career and learning...

Tech & Engineering

The Impact of Smartphones on People’s Lives

Smartphones became a considerable part of many lives after the 2007 first iPhone release. The first action most people do after waking up is opening their phone. In a similar way, smartphones are the last things people see before falling asleep. The breakthrough piece of technology slowly replaced watches, calendars,...


Jomini’s and Clausewitz’s Military Strategies

Introduction Strategy plays an essential role on the battlefield and is frequently the only factor that sets victories and defeats aside. Nevertheless, military tactics might take many forms, and various generals have had unique perspectives on the art of war throughout history. Antoine-Henri Jomini and Claus von Clausewitz demonstrated remarkable...


The Articles of Confederation vs. the US Constitution

Introduction Establishing a federal government and the United States as a sovereign country were the main goals of the Articles of Confederation. The Articles established a system of administration in which the territories held the majority of the authority. The result was a weak national authority that lacked absolute authority...


The American Dream in “The Great Gatsby”

The American Dream is a vision that observes that America is a land that should provide a fuller, more productive, and a better life for its citizens. Besides, social order should equalize every woman and man to embrace the fullest capable stature and be seen for what they are irrespective...


Human Trafficking: Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Human trafficking (HT) has affected numerous people, ruining lives and leading to trauma development in victims. Unfortunately, the U.S. is not secure from HT; on the contrary, reports establish that the extent of HT has been rising in the U.S. (Franchino-Olsen, 2021). Specifically, according to the World Population Review, a...


Modernism Presented in Art Museums

Introduction The museum format went through significant transformations in the 20th century. For a long time, museums collected the art of previous generations. The demonstration of contemporary art required new approaches and fresh ideas. Modernization attempts appeared most often in the design of the outer parts of buildings; museums received...

Tech & Engineering

Project Management Leadership and Skills: Planning and Control

The Yang Sing Hotel was a possibly effective venture in Manchester, with the possibility to become one of the nation’s top lavish inns. In any case, as per the contextual investigation, it was constrained to close its entryways after just eight months of activity. The undertaking’s disappointment was a significant...


Human Trafficking in Australia

Introduction Human traffickings, like practices resembling slavery or slavery itself, revolves around human rights issues that deal with complicated crimes, forced marriages and labor, and servitude. Throughout the world, human trafficking takes place as children, women, and even men are exploited for several reasons, among them organ harvesting, forced marriages,...