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Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

In December 1941, Japan attacked and destroyed the American naval base at Pearl Harbor in the Pacific, prompting the United States to enter World War II. USA became part of the anti-Hitler coalition, joining the USSR and England. However, the Americans could take revenge for Pearl Harbor only at the...


US Involvement in the World War II

Factors Influencing the US to Enter the War The US maintained a neutral state for close to two years as World War II (WWII) continued. However, Congress was engaged in arguments over the neutrality several months before an attack by Japan on Pearl Harbour on December 7, 1941.1 The war...


There Are Only Two Tenses – Past and Present

It seems to be a well-known fact that the English language has three different tenses divided into 4 aspects in the grammar system: Present, Past, Future, Present Perfect, Past Perfect, and Future Perfect. An extensive body of linguistic and psycholinguistic research is done concerning the concept of time and its...


Identity Texts in Multilingual Classrooms

The world has changed — we have been living in a globalized society for quite a long time. Under that “we,” I mean the population of the economically developed Global North: Canada, the USA, and Western Europe. “We” are facing a trend of increased migration from the so-called Global South...

Tech & Engineering

Accident Prevention and Safety Recommendations Units in Aviation

Introduction The aviation industry is one of the fastest-growing, and the increase in technological advances is the main reason for that. Safety is the main concern in general aviation and comprises of many numerous aspects and elements. Boyd (2017) defines general aviation as all the operations and aspects of civil...


Mozart’s Third Violin Concert Performance Skills

Mozart’s third violin concerto is widely considered to be one of the greatest violin pieces in classical music. It is one of the five concerti that Mozart wrote for the violin in 1775. The concerto consists of three movements: Allegro, Adagio, and Rondeau Allegro, with short pauses in between them....


Benefits of Learning Languages

Introduction Many people nowadays find themselves interested in learning foreign languages. The popularity of this activity can be partly explained by modern tendencies of globalization and the increasing demand for communication in business and everyday life. Although there are individuals who find learning foreign languages unnecessary and excessive, it is...


Bilingual Education: Speaking in Tongues

Introduction Bilingual education is comprehensively addressed in the documentary “Speaking in Tongues” with different tutors handling toddlers at different levels. In essence, this notion exposes children to a world of different aspects about people from different parts of the world. On the one hand, those who promote bilingual education argue...


The Third Man Film Genre Analysis

The Third Man is a 1949 film directed by British director Carol Reed. The film was well-received by critics and became one of the classics of the film-noir genre. According to the British Film Institute survey of the best British film of the twentieth century, The Third Man was voted...


Endangered Linguistic Minorities in Italy

Social scientific background The issue of linguistic minorities and the collateral factors is overlapping in the field of linguistics and social sciences. Precisely, the field of linguistic anthropology concerns the different peoples and their languages. The field of linguistic anthropology is a social science that deals with different cultures, relations...

Entertainment & Media

Participation of Media in Our Lives

Media can be confidently called an inalienable part of human life, influencing their perception of surroundings, shaping their opinions, and setting interests, wishes, and goals. Indeed, we rarely pay attention to how slowly but steadily media integrates and controls our routine. Being constantly in the background of all humans’ histories,...

Entertainment & Media

The Animals Film on Drug Addiction

Collin Schiffli’s film Animals (2014) is a story about two addicts – Jude and Bobbie. The film is titled Animals because it reveals the true animalistic nature of drug addicts and compares them with caged animals. The images and sounds of animals appear throughout the film, emphasizing some crucial moments...


Underrepresentation in Senior Executive Services

Introduction The year 2021 has been historic for Black women in US government, from Kamala Harris becoming vice president to the record numbers of African American women in mayor’s offices and Congress. While it is important to celebrate the increasing representation, there are significant barriers that Black women face when...


Invent and Wander: The Collected Works of Jeff Bezos

Introduction In the introduction to Jeff Bezos’s book Invent and Wander: The Collected Works of Jeff Bezos, Walter Isaacson provides some remarkable observations of the attributes that have made this person innovative and forward-thinking. Walter Isaacson wrote a large number of books in his life about famous figures of the...


Literary Analysis of “Yellow Wallpaper” by Gilman

“Yellow Wallpaper” is a short story written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman in 1892. The story is about a woman with postnatal depression who moves to a “colonial mansion” with her husband, John, for the summer (Gilman 87). The main themes of the story are female repression, male domination, confinement, and...

Family, Life & Experiences

Same-Sex Marriage: The Legality of the Concept

In this world, there is a vast number of controversial issues and topics that have worried human minds for centuries, but society still fails to come to a consensus. For example, these topics include racial equality, the rights of women, abortions, and, of course, same-sex marriage and sexual orientations in...

Family, Life & Experiences

Parents’ Accountability for Children’s Actions

Parenting in our modern era is a complex process, and every parent in the period of children’s upbringing, regardless of his awareness and training, goes through trials and mistakes. However, due to their age, children cannot be responsible for themselves. They are part of the family, so these are parents...

Family, Life & Experiences

Single-Parent Families’ Problems and Challenges

In recent years, the nuclear family setup is increasingly getting replaced by single-parenting. Commonly, single-family households consist of ones headed by a father and the others headed by a mother. However, single-parenting has been on the rise facilitating grandparents to raise their grandchildren in recent years. Despite the single-parent families...