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Systems Thinking and Mental Models

Systems thinking for the enterprise: new and emerging perspectives Key Points The key points in this article include addressing the term enterprise. The author says that in the context of the paper, it refers to a unit comprising of interdependent resources. These include people, funding, technology, organizations, and processes. However,...


Inclusive Education: Ideals and Reality

The objectives of modern-day education are based on the concepts of equity and equality (Clarke, 2014). Education evolved from an elitist and segregated institution reserved only for the rich, able, and powerful, towards an inclusive and integrated model. Inclusion and the introduction of students with disabilities into public schools is...


Water Pollution and Associated Health Risks

The deterioration of the environmental situation all over the globe is inseparably linked with the pollution of the atmosphere, soil, and water with agricultural, industrial, and domestic human activities. Since the abstraction of water for drinking purposes is made from underground and open water sources, it becomes evident that all...


Sunflower Plant, Its Growth and Biomass in the UAE

Background Knowledge The Middle East region has arid and semi-arid climatic conditions that are characterised by water scarcity and high temperatures that result in high evaporation rates (Dubreuil et al., 2013; Voss et al., 2013; Beaumont, Blake & Wagstaff 2016). Additionally, the loose soils and desert winds contribute to air...


Global Health and Human Security

Introduction Human security has emerged as the opposite of national security. While national security is concerned with resolving issues related to the country’s borders, human security focuses on people’s well-being and is related to human rights (Saladino slide 31). Human security relies on two main concepts: freedom from fear, meaning...


Racial Profiling in the United States

Introduction Racial profiling is a form of profiling in which the study of the behavioral characteristics of a particular subject is determined on the basis of racial and national characteristics. From the point of view of analysis, the essence of the use of such profiling is insignificant, due to the...


Same-Sex Marriage Law: Liberty and Equal Protection

Over the past few decades, the institution of marriage in the United States has undergone considerable transformations. Undoubtedly, one of the most fundamental changes followed the U.S. Supreme Court decision to repeal all states’ bans on same-sex marriage and to legalize it on the whole territory of the United States....


The Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a federal law that was ratified by the United States Congress in 1966 (Pozen, 2005, p.634). Under this law, the federal government agencies (i.e., FBI, CIA, etc.) are legally compelled to provide information to the public on a need basis (Kreimer, 2007, p.1149)....


Governmental Contract: What Makes It Perfect

Contracts Contracts under seal were applied traditionally, and involved the agreement between different parties being signified by a binding seal on the contract document. This ensured that every party in the contract assumed legal responsibility and liability without having to offer any legal detriment. The importance of contracts under seal...


Professional Values in Community Service Work

Introduction Community service work focuses on helping the vulnerable populations and marginalised members of society. Since social workers directly interact with people, their professional values are of great importance to ensure proper practitioner-client relationship. The values underpinning community service work in Australia include social justice, commitment to social inclusion, respect...


Web and Social Media for Student Learning

Introduction The following is a brief analysis of blogs, wikis, and social networking tools. Through the internet, social networking has become one of the most influential and powerful modes of communication in the twenty-first century. With more than two billion people having access to internet and computers and the increase...

Tech & Engineering

Employment Relations in Australia

The decline of union density and membership in Australia indicates diminishing influence of trade unions. The decrease is one of the most remarkable industrial issues that the country is facing. According to Bailey, Price, Esders, and McDonald (2010), less than a half of Australian youth and adults have or are...


Family Involvement Impact on Student Achievement

Abstract Researches carried out in the last three decades has evidenced that parental/family involvement to a great extent contributes in numerous ways to improve students’ achievement about school and learning success. These studies have considerably remained unswerving even though families, as well as learning institutions, have changed over time. It...


English as a Second Language Program Implementation

Plan of Implementing a Program of ESL Learning English as a second language is getting more and more popular nowadays. I am excited to have received an opportunity to be responsible for organizing and implementing a program of ESL teaching in our district. While the immigrant population in our area...


Global Warming and Climate Change Legislation

Executive Summary Human activities have caused the near-surface air temperature of the earth to rise at a higher rate than expected. The human activities have led to this due to the increased release of greenhouse gases. The earth’s warming has been coined as global warming which has been defined as...


Diversity in Online and Face-To-Face Networks

Introduction Chapter 6, “Social Networking,” in Bucher’s (2015) Diversity Consciousness: Opening Our Minds to People, Cultures, and Opportunities presents the discussion of social networking while focusing on the idea of diversity in this context. The purpose of this paper is to provide a summary of Chapter 6, discuss associated challenges,...


International Advertisement Regulations

Advertising regulation is a corporate concept that is gaining momentum in the international realm. The diversified forms of marketing that inculcate various forms of advertisements have risen significantly. This aspect has made it a necessity to have a regulatory framework to guide the whole practice. Essentially, advertising means making a...

Entertainment & Media

Social Media Communications in Dubai Public Sector

Abstract Social media is increasingly becoming popular as a means of communication, not only among the young population but also among the middle-aged and the aging population. Many companies are currently using social media platforms as a means of advertising their products. However, corporate society is yet to accept social...

Entertainment & Media

Environmental Issues and Plastic Industries

Introduction There is rapid growth in environmental problems all over the world, which could be attributed to a rapid increase in population growth, putting a lot of strain on the environment as well as natural resources. Several domains contribute to environmental degradation, some of which include; industrial pollution, deforestation, land...


TV Soap Operas and Reasons for Their Popularity

The Reasons for the popularity of TV Soap Operas Television plays a major role in the lives of people in the modern world. Through television, people can obtain news as well as stay entertained. Entertainment is one of the most significant roles of television and various TV stations produce programs...

Entertainment & Media

Social Media: Ethical Issues and Theories

Introduction Social media is an integral medium of communication in contemporary society. With the heightening advent of computer technology and the internet, people can now interact easily through various social networking sites. This revolution has made communication more effective, thus making the use of social media more common in the...

Entertainment & Media

Project Risk Response Strategy

Risk: Cost Risk Response Strategy: Mitigate Mitigation is a risk response involving “lowering its probability or potential impact” (Kendrick, 2015, p. 196). Although mitigating actions cannot eliminate the risk, they can significantly reduce its negative influence. For example, it is possible to reduce the undesirable consequences of cost risks through...

Tech & Engineering

Feminists’ Liberal Rights in the 19th Century

Introduction The first wave feminists and activists of this period define feminism as women who fought for their deprived liberal rights in the society. They believed that everyone should be treated as being free and equal. These first wave feminists also formed the Early Women Movement. They advocated for their...


The Emancipation Proclamation Origin

The Origin of the Emancipation Proclamation and the start of the Civil War The origin of the Emancipation Proclamation was based on the progressive movement in the North (Eddlem 34). It began as a social movement within various local areas, which slowly progressed towards the national level. It attempted to...