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Eduord Manet’s Olympia

At the time it was first made public, Eduord Manet’s painting Olympia was greeted with a widespread public scandal. The art world of France in 1865 could not appreciate the aesthetic leap that Manet had taken in his early start on Modernism for a simple reason that they were shocked...


Osmosis Egg Lab Report

Objective of the Experiment The experiment is aimed at giving a better understanding of osmosis process and the different experiment conditions under which osmosis occurs. Introduction Osmosis is a process whereby water or any fluid moves from the area of less concentration of dissolved particles to a region of high...


Effects of Media on Children

Historical studies have indicated that until 18th century there were no efforts or endeavours to develop media that specifically targeted young children. During this period most of the material in the media was specifically targeted at the adult audience and therefore young children were forced to look for alternative entertainment...

Entertainment & Media

Social Impact of Interactive Advertising

Introduction This paper explores the social impacts of an interactive advertisement on society. The interactive advertisement refers to the process of creating a product or service awareness for the consumers through online applications on internet sites. Interactive ads are made of multi-media web banners that can allow one to navigate...

Entertainment & Media

The Direct Marketing Future

Introduction Direct marketing is a method of sales where the marketers approach the targeted customers directly with their goods and services. It is a form of direct communication between the producers and the customers. Direct marketing can be through telephone calls, emails, or the use of catalogs. Information concerning certain...

Entertainment & Media

“Six Principles of Influence” by Robert Cialdini

In the video, Robert Cialdini talks about the experience he had while writing his book – Influence. During his research, Cialdini concluded that there are only six universal principles that help influence other people. More precisely, these principles are a generalization of all activities that the so-called influence professions specialists...


The Benefit of Studying Abroad Compared to Studying in the Home Country

As the process of globalization continues to impact the modern world, the problem of choosing the appropriate institution for higher education continues to occupy student’s minds. Studying abroad may become an exciting experience beneficial for one’s future career while studying in the home country has its advantages as well. The...


Social Imagination and Same-Sex Marriage

As the Australian public has decided in favor of same-sex marriage in a nationwide survey, the deep divide in society as to the question persists. The subject, thus, is seen both as one of the “public issues of social structure,” and presenting key troubles for certain individuals, as their well-being...


Proposition 8 and Same-Sex Marriages

Introduction Some years back, judges in the federal courts of California declared Proposition 8 to be a null and void proposal. For decades now, there has been a raging debate on the matter due to different stances exhibited by different factions. Nevertheless, what is proposition 8 in reality? Primarily, proposition...


UN and International Legal Systems

Introduction The international legal system is the mechanism that regulates the nature and the form of international relations among the stakeholders in the international arena. Due to increased number of participants in the international relations, the rules governing these relations are varied and come from different sources. Therefore, there is...


Elements of a Negligent Tort

A tort refers to a civil wrong while negligence is a state of having a “don’t care” attitude. Negligent tort refers to an act that is committed as a result of failure by an individual to act in a reasonable manner to another person to whom such an individual is...


Comparison Between Civil Law and Criminal Law

Introduction Criminal law and civil law are fields of law that have been of interest to many because they affect individuals in their daily lives. They both consist of a set of rules that control the conduct of individuals at any given place. Each type of law has got the...


Extrasolar Planets Search and Current Achievements

Introduction Astronomers have always strived to penetrate the sky and look at the invisible. It is very difficult to observe extrasolar planets directly. The radial velocity method and the transit methods are used to find them. The purpose of this research paper is to explore the current achievements in the...


Vienna Convention and Diplomatic Relations

Introduction The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations is a vital act in the system of international relations. It governs the conduct and status of diplomatic entities throughout the world. It builds the legal foundation for diplomatic interactions between independent states. For any diplomat, this document possesses extreme importance, since it...

Politics & Government

Fire Safety and Prevention in Buildings and Structures

Introduction This is a brief paper on fire safety in buildings and structures, with some aspects on fire engineering, and prevention. Fire safety in buildings and structures initially involves careful engineering that requires scientific study for engineering application. There are laws, or codes, that should be followed on designs and...


Victim Advocacy: Date Rape Crimes

Date or Acquaintance Rape Despite the increasing awareness of the issue of sexual assault, the justice system and society still show some reluctance in recognizing acquaintance rape as unacceptable or even criminal behavior. This primarily arises from the complex issues of sexual consent. This paper uses American’s national crime measure...


Homeland Security of the United States

Homeland security is a defensive security measure towards protecting the United States in opposition to the action of terrorist (Carafano & Sauter, 2005, p.xiv). The word homeland security came into existence in 2003 as a result of the extensive structural alteration of various United States governing authority and administrative unit...


Mac Versus Personal Computer: Comparison and Contrast

Modern technologies set new challenges and opportunities for customers. The choice of a computer becomes more difficult than ever as each of them presents a wide range of options and characteristics. In this regard, it is necessary to compare and contrast Macintosh (Mac) and Personal Computer (PC), focusing on their...

Tech & Engineering

The First Saudi Kingdom: History and Facts

Introduction The roots of the state system of Saudi Arabia lie in the religious reform movement of the mid-18th century, which was called Wahhabism and was the key code of rules for the first Saudi kingdom. The formation of Saudi Arabia as an independent and sovereign kingdom was a complex...


Gender Social Construction Theory Explanation

Introduction From the perspective of social construction theory, gender is a social construct that some people confuse for biological realities. According to the theory, there is no one-to-one correspondence between the biological sex and the actual gender defined by society. The idea of gender being socially constructed means that gender...


Employee Safety, Health, and Welfare Laws

Introduction The U.S Labor force follows varied laws, both from state and the federal government. The latter only applies to those working in the federal government, while the former applies to the rest. Those who do not apply the federal laws include domestic workers, employees of the local government, and...


History of Criminal Justice System

Introduction The history of criminal justice system began in prehistoric times with simple and jugged law enforcement agencies as well as the judicial systems. As time went by, new forms of judiciary, laws and punishment evolved. Many reforms had taken place especially on the rights of the offenders, criminals and...


Sales Contract: Elements

Contract plays a vital role in aspects of agreement between parties for exchange of goods and services. Contracts in actual practice allow the parties of the agreement to become satisfied for their conduct of sales or exchange. The relationship between two parties for the terms and conditions of sales and...


Statistics: Principles and Methods

Introduction The absence of an independent variable in research should be viewed as a cause of concern. The point is, any quasi-experimental study has to involve the manipulation of one or more independent variables that already exist (such as race, gender, age). These variables may be either categorical or continuous....