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Creation in the Ignatian Theological Context

The Ignatian vision is one of the perspectives from which it is possible to study the creation of humanity, people’s relationship with God, and the ethical principles of life. Creation is the central theme of Ignatius’s “The First Principle and Foundation,” which, by definition, provides the basic understanding of how...


The Fourth Great Awakening in Modern America

Introduction Religion has always been a cultural component that influenced the social life of United States citizens. Moreover, it is the core element of the American culture that defines it and maintains it in one direction of development. As some destructive events occurred, such as financial hysteria, Americans managed to...


Gender Difference and Sexuality

Summary In the past centuries, many societies have adopted the notion that an individual is either a man or woman in regard to their physical attributes. This idea has conflated gender and sex, which are two different terms. Gender refers to a set of norms and expectations based on how...


A College Education: The Importance of Obtaining

Every spring, students and their parents are concerned about receiving a letter of college admission. While some high school students know where they are going to study, the rest would give up college and find a job. Currently, it can be observed that those who have a higher education earn...


Digital Self-Harm, Causes and Interventions: Annotated Bibliography

Research question: How social media contributes to digital self-harm/self-harm among adolescents, and which measures can be taken to address the rising issue? Patchin, J. W., & Hinduja, S. (2017). Digital self-harm among adolescents. Journal of Adolescent Health, 61(6), 761-766. In their article, Patchin and Hinduja (2017) explore digital aggression directed...

Entertainment & Media

Media & Technology in Society: “Free” and “Hate” Speech

Introduction Nowadays, technology and the media are inextricably linked, and neither can be isolated from current culture. This aspect of modern life contains several socially acute issues, and one of them is the topic of free speech and hate speech. While “free speech” has always been considered from a positive...

Entertainment & Media

The Urinary System and Cardiovascular System in the Human Body

The most common and important organ system present in the human body is the respiratory, circulatory, endocrine, digestive, reproductive, integumentary and nervous systems (Tortora and Derrickson, 2018). All these systems have specific functions, but they cannot independently function as they rely on one another to work properly. Each system is...


Human Anatomy and Physiology

Human body Organs The human body functions through a network of connections of the organ systems. Each organ system is structured to serve a specific purpose that enables the body to maintain homeostasis (Tortora and Derrickson, 2017, p. 19). The body system functions like a computer connection, whereby if there...


Teenage Suicide Factors and Psychological Aspect

Introduction Teens and young adults these days are exposed to many risks that affect society. These risks include tobacco smoking, suicide, domestic violence, and mental health problems. These problems affect adolescents’ and young adults’ physical health and emotional state, causing depression and frustration. The fight against such ailments is not...


Learning Styles and Strategies

Personal Learning Styles VARK test identified my learning preferences as mild kinesthetic, which means that I tend to rely on practical exercises, experiences, and examples. The test also provided the score for my visual, aural, reading, and writing learning preferences, giving 9 points each. I received the highest score for...


Education and Recidivism in the U.S. and Scandinavian Nations

Abstract The United States criminal justice system undergoes sharp criticism for being overly rigid and ineffective in terms of rehabilitation and recidivism. It is reported that the majority of prisoners’ lives are destroyed due to its brutality and extreme sentences, which further force them to return to crime after release...


How Does Child Neglect Affect a Child’s Self-Esteem in Adulthood?

Introduction Child neglect and maltreatment are unfortunately common social problems in the global world of today. The repercussions of the ill-treatment in childhood can take many forms, from drug use (Oshri, Carlson, Kwon, Zeichner & Wickrama, 2017) to mental health issues such as depression (Xiang, Wang & Guan, 2018). As...


The Theme of Birth and Creation in the “Frankenstein” by Shelley

In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, various themes begin to develop and they show the experiences in her life. She wrote the novel while she was on a summer holiday in Switzerland with her lover Percy Bysshe Shelley whose wife was expecting a child. Later on Percy’s wife committed...


The Causes and Impacts of Homelessness

Introduction Homeless individuals and families live without adequate shelters and basic needs. This is a category of people who face severe forms of economic and social conditions. There are hardly any homeless conditions that do not compromise human health or complicate their ability to access basic needs including, food, health,...


The Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) Test

The analysis of variance (ANOVA) test is an important statistical test for identifying change which is statistically significant in data groups. It is also helpful in identifying similarity in data groups whose significance is not statistically significant. Two-way ANOVA is important in comparing the means between data groups as they...


Effects of Music in Advertising

Pleasant music can be used as a background feature in commercials. Both the background features and product information must be included in a commercial for it to be appealing. Apart from music, there are other background features such as humor and attractive colors which play a major role in affecting...

Entertainment & Media

The US Foreign Policy: Obama and Trump Administrations Comparison

Introduction The Obama and the Trump administrations dealt with various issues of foreign policy in strikingly different ways such that the two administrations form good examples for comparison of presidential foreign policy legacy. This analysis will demonstrate that although both presidents pursued the interests of the US, their approaches to...

Politics & Government

Social Enterprises in The Corporation Documentary

Social enterprises are business structures aimed not just to maximize profit but also to reach specific socio-environmental goals. The Corporation (2003), the award-winning Canadian documentary, examines the modern corporation and criticizes it for disregarding human well-being and concerning only with money. The documentary illustrates how the modern-day corporation functions and...

Entertainment & Media

Radical Republicans and African Americans During Reconstruction

Reconstruction is a crucial period in the history of the US South, dating from 1865-to 1877. It is associated with significant changes in the Southern states after the defeat of the slaveholders in the US Civil War in 1861-1865, as well as the abolition of slavery. President Lincoln pursued a...


The Violation of Human Rights in the United States

The protection of human rights has recently received much attention, highlighting values such as freedom, dignity, and individuality. However, the present reality shows that wars and expansions, not only military but often economic or ideological, lead to human rights violations. The organizations established after World War II and their declarations...


Researching of Big Data and Privacy

Introduction Information has become such a significant commodity that owning and managing it is now analogous to power. In the digital age, information remains the point that connects people from all over the world in such a way as to ensure virtually seamless interaction in real-time. At the same time,...

Tech & Engineering

The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin: Analysis

“The Story of an Hour” is a short story written by Kate Chopin in 1894. The title correlates with the moment when the main character, Louise Mallard, learns that her husband Brantley died in a train accident, and then she knows that he is still alive. This essay aims to...


Instability in Leadership in “Red Azalea”

The book “Red Azalea” narrates Anchee Min’s life in the era of Mao China prior to escaping this harsh regime and moving to the United States. Min’s story provides her readers with an overview of her early childhood memories and a description of the period she worked for the Communist...


Role of Black Feminism in the Black Lives Matter Movement

Introduction The role of Black feminism in the development of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement cannot be underestimated because most of the reports show how both men and women of African-American descent are struggling with racial profiling, police brutality, and other issues related exclusively to their race. In the...