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E-Learning Theory and Practice

department. My family business activities are Real estate, Gas stations & Supermarkets and it is located back home in Saudi Arabia. Each day, when faced with new issues and challenges at my workplace, I made use of my eLearning techniques knowledge. For example, I often utilized eLearning research methods to...


Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate Services Implemented

One of the CLAS (culturally and linguistically appropriate services) standards states that the organization has to advance and uphold organizational control and management that supports fairness through policy formulation, better practices, and distribution capital. For this to happen, the organization has to employ, encourage, and sustain ethnically and linguistically diverse...


Socrates About Building a City

Plato’s Republic revolves around a simple question whether its better to be just than unjust. Socrates, in responding to this question, sketches the account of a good city on the grounds that a good city would be just and that defining justice as a virtue of a city would help...


The Valley Metro, Arizona State Transit Agency

Executive Summary The Arizona department of Transportation (ADOT) is an agency that serves the transportation sector within Arizona. There other agencies that operates at the local level. Both the state and the local agencies work in much the same way as the US Department of Transport at the Federal level....


Trends in Fatalities From Distracted Driving in the US in 1999-2008

Abstract It has been estimated that one in every six fatal vehicle collisions in the year 2008, was caused by driver interruption while driving (Wilson & Stimpson, 2010, p. 2213). Though the causes of the distraction varies, the use cell phones and text messaging has been ranked as the major...

Tech & Engineering

The Future of Airport Construction in the United States

Introduction In the contemporary world, demand for the air travel has significantly increased. Air travel is one of the fastest means of transport. Therefore, air travel is important both for passengers and cargo. Air travel has significantly promoted trade and hence contributed to economic growth. In the modern world, technology...


The Corporation Movie Review

The Corporation which is a movie directed by Mark Achbar critically analyzes what is referred to as ‘the dominant institution of our era.’ (Joseph 1) In a very satirical manner, it exposes the recent upsurge of corporate crimes and loathes the portrayal by the media of the crisis as being...

Tech & Engineering

Technology Advancements Research Order

Rapid advancement in technology in general has proved to be key driving force not only for the technology field, but for almost all related fields. The Information Technology in particular has proved to be the prime mover for rapid advancements taking place in almost all spheres of human life. For...


Critique of Qualitative Research Article

Introduction Qualitative research is normally performed for various purposes. To begin with they are normally conducted when there is minimal knowledge concerning a phenomenon or concept due to inadequate previous research, because it is a recently established area of concern, or if it is an area that change and the...


The Mountaineers Club’s Profitability and Success

This report is about Washington State Mountaineers, a baseball sporting event. The report seeks to evaluate prospective productivity and achievements of the venture to both the competitors and the spectators. Normally, for any sporting event to be considered a success, it calls for a sound organization devoid of anomalies in...

Entertainment & Media

Global Film Industry – India

The development of the movie industry in India is mostly conditional upon the actions of present-day companies. Therefore, the latter is concerned about increasing its influence by entering into a new partnership with western film production companies (Menon, 2018). This practice has proved to be beneficial in terms of ensuring...


American Ancient People and Skull Wars

Since the discovery of the territory of the modern United States of America and for a long time, Euro-Americans have sought to understand the origin of the locals living here. Moreover, they tried in every possible way to prove that another more developed race lived here before the Indian tribes...

Entertainment & Media

Media Inflicting Fear on Citizens

Media has always been a powerful tool capable of causing intense emotions among its audience. Such power was perfectly demonstrated by the 1938 radio broadcast, frightening millions of listeners about aliens’ imaginary invasion (Freedom Forum, 2011). Although technological advancements have increased the overall awareness of the public, the stories distributed...

Entertainment & Media

Media Representations of Ageing and Older People

Introduction More than ever, the media is significantly affecting how society perceives the world. Projected through social media, TV, movies, magazines, and commercials, the ideas generated by individuals can now be distributed to wide audiences and to influence perceptions. The inaccurate and negative portrayal of ageing and older people is...

Politics & Government

How State Capacity Can Enhance the Quality of Democracy

Without any doubt, state capacity can either enhance or undermine the quality of democracy. The United States and Russia are among the most powerful nations whose governments have an enormous ability to influence domestic and foreign policies. On the one hand, the government and people in power in Russia have...

Family, Life & Experiences

Three Individual Major Sources of Stress

Time Management People have different stress triggers depending on their environment, challenges, and personality. One of my major sources of stress is time management, and this has been a constant issue in my life since childhood. Studying and working part-time require good time management because both tasks are excessively demanding....


Colonialism from the Industrial Revolution to Decolonization

Colonialism has a long history, the prerequisites for which arose already in the Great Geographical Discoveries era. The first attempts to colonize new territories include the French Crusades in North Africa. The subsequent exploration and appropriation of territories proceeded exceptionally quickly. The rapid rise of colonial empires continued during the...


The Black Cat Café and Sol Stoumen in San Francisco

The Black Cat café which was at first a place for vaudevilles, over time became the iconic representation of the LGBT community. It basically put on the map the gay public of San Francisco. The Black Cat café broke the barriers and embraced the fight for the civil rights of...