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Culture, Cultural Identity and Related Phenomena

Processes That Originate, Maintain and Reinforced Cultural Identity Reflecting upon one’s culture is essential for creating a proper understanding of their environment and exploring the characteristics of their cultural identity. The surrounding cultural and ideological context has a significant impact on a growing individual’s vision of themselves, their traits, and...


Courts of Australia

Victorian Court Hierarchy High Court of Australia The High Court’s duties involve conducting the interpretation and the enforcement of the Australian law, resolving cases of specific federal impact, such as concerns about the statutory competence of laws, and hearing appeals through special leaves from Federal, Regional, and Territory courts. Supreme...


Chemicals as the Worst Pollutants on the Earth

Pollution is a problem that has affected the world for a long time. Although most people may fail to understand the long-term effects of pollution like global warming, its short-term effects are easy to discern. Such effects include diseases or death of both human beings and animals (Houghton, 2010, p.1)....


Wind Energy: Is It Viable or Not?

Although wind power does have some drawbacks, both minor and more serious ones, I firmly believe that this energy source is viable, and the majority of its disadvantages can be eliminated. Wind power is a green energy source, which probably goes first on the list of its advantages. This method...


Los Angeles Regional Collaborative for Climate Action

Executive Summary The subject of the study is the Los Angeles Regional Collaborative for Climate Action and Sustainability (LARC). As additional sources of information, scientific and peer-reviewed articles were used, as well as images and information from the official website of LARC. The purpose of this collaborative is to reduce...


Integrated Sustainable Water Resource Management Plan

Introduction The completed chapters have revealed that water is a natural resource that human beings and governments should use efficiently and sustainably. It is a critical driver of social and economic development in every part of the world. Water is also one of the resources that maintain the integrity of...


Environmental Risks: Opposing Views

Introduction Three articles provided points for discussion, focusing on environmental risks and the opposing views of the three authors. The identified risks are industries and manufacturing plants, agriculture activities and the use of fertilizers and insecticides, solid waste from households, hazardous waste in landfills, gas emission from transportation, migration, and...


Erickson’s Psychosocial Development and Its Stages

Introduction Erickson came up with a theory that modified the views of Freud to suit social definition. In theory, each developmental stage has a specific name, which is referred to as a task. Each developmental stage of human personality centers on emotional polarity, which he referred to as conflict. This...


Teaching Methods Usage in the Classroom

Introduction The introduction of the Façade Technology Checklist in the learning curriculums in the majority of academic institutions has significantly influenced the roles of students and teachers. It has been observed that teachers who incorporate technology façade checklists in their schemes of work record better result than those teachers who...


Educational Leadership Theories and Practices

Report Most of the class materials presented the best educational leadership practices. Every school leader should use the best ideas and practices in order to make his or her institution successful. Most of the readings explained why managers should create and empower teams. Educational leaders can use these skills in...


Intellectual Disability Teachers Burnout in Saudi Arabia

Research Topic There is no doubt that the effectiveness of specialists’ work remains the ultimate value in any sphere of human activity as an organization focuses on the practical outcomes of employees’ work. Nevertheless, there is a range of factors that can significantly reduce the number of satisfied clients and...


University Plan in Attracting International Students

Executive Summary The study demonstrates the potential of the University in attracting and retaining the best international students. According to findings, the University has not involved all its resources in attracting and retaining international students. Therefore, the University must incorporate study results to implement the needs of different international higher...


Uniform Introduction Policy at Public Schools

Abstract The present paper is aimed at creating a detailed outline for the research paper on the topic of necessity of school uniform policy implementation at public schools. The outline consists of a thesis statement on which future research will be based and three main points of the research confirming...


Second Life: Professional Development and Communication

In your view, what are the benefits of using Second Life as an instructional tool? Second life provides an opportunity for global audiences to study together in virtual classrooms and thus providing a platform to share different experiences. Due to its virtual nature, Second life provides students and teachers an...


The Legalization of Marijuana in the USA

Introduction The legalization of marijuana in the U. S. has become one of the most debated topics in the last few years. Even though numerous studies have proved cannabis to be much safer than alcohol and tobacco, most U.S. states have strict laws with regards to marijuana use, possession, and...


Hawaii’s Opportunity Probation with Enforcement

Introduction Drug use among parolees and probationers is still very likely to happen although hundreds of programs of drug control exist throughout the United States. Nevertheless, many probationers experience drug abuse even when they are aware of the consequences of it. The drug war in Montgomery, AL has continued for...


Gun Control for Decreasing Crime Rate

Abstract Gun control is among the most debated and divisive issues in the modern society. It refers to the activities that are aimed at controlling the number of guns owned by individuals. Some people have argued that increased gun control can effectively address the issue of increased violent crimes and...


Criminal Convictions and Public Attitudes

Criminal Justice Article Review The current paper dwells on the implications inherent in the existing criminal justice system and public opinion regarding numerous categories of convictions. Moreover, the paper aims to identify the core reasons for wrongful convictions and their effect on the community and criminal justice. The current wrongful...


Criminology: Biological Theory of Deviant Behavior

Criminological theories as a separate area of ​​this science differ in many criteria, and one of them is the hereditary nature of delinquency. In this regard, a biological concept has emerged, which, as Cullen, Agnew, and Wilcox (2017) note, represents the idea that deviant behavior and criminal tendency are innate...


Juvenile Crime, Childhood and Justice

Introduction The adultification of juveniles is something that has taken centre stage in the criminal justice system. Many countries and states have implemented new laws aimed at sentencing more children in adult courts (Norozi & Moen 2016). The essay will present four unique stages. The first stage gives an analysis...


Project Management for New Product Development

Construct a report to your senior management team summarizing the business benefits of project management Project management is crucial for the completion of different tasks within an organization, when projects are well managed, programs can be completed within the right time using as minimal resources as possible. A project utilizes...

Tech & Engineering

Staples Inc.’s Social Media Project Management

Introduction In the modern world, social media has increasingly manifested its benefits in various aspects of the economy. Therefore, the integration of social media in the business setting to fulfill customer needs, enhance marketing, and improve the sales of its products and services is essential (Kaplan & Haenlein 2010). In...

Tech & Engineering

New Service Development in Mobile Phones Industry

Abstract Today’s business life has all been structured on the use of innovative services as an alternative that companies use to differentiate themselves from the intense and competitive market (Edvardsson, et al., 2000; Kelly & Storey, 2000). Though it has been ascertained that some of the companies have prospered in...

Tech & Engineering

Security Technology Enhancement and Privacy

Introduction American citizens and immigrants as well as other residents expect that the government will protect them from attack by enemies and also safeguard their privacy and civil liberties. The intention of using improving technology by the government to protect civilians is to ensure that there is maximum security and...

Tech & Engineering