Academic Essay Writing – Important Features

Academic essay writing is a crucial component of education and has some important features. Writing an academic essay according to university standards is essential so that you get the best possible grades. Academic essay writing necessitates skill and experience which students sometimes lack, as a result of which they lose marks and get lower grades. Some of the essential components of academic essay writing include:

  • Using Appropriate Citation style – APA, MLA, Harvard or any other
  • Using scholarly resources and references
  • Acknowledging authors and sources throughout the essay
  • Appropriate Paraphrasing
  • Using up-to-date recent resources

While these are the more general aspects in academic essay writing, students also need to remember that while writing an essay they should follow the correct format. The essay should not appear like a sheet of randomly written thoughts and sentences. The art of academic essay writing depends on effective presentation, skills and techniques which are used in making the essay appealing to your readers. The content of course will make the most crucial impact. However, the essay should begin with an attractive introduction with a thesis statement, main body paragraphs – three of five depending on the total word count of the essay and a conclusion. Quotations should be used in academic essay writing but should be restricted to 5% of the total word count.

Most importantly, academic essay writing should be free from grammatical and spelling errors will deter the reader from reading the essay, obviously having resulting in poor grades. As such, you need to be absolutely sure that the essay is written to perfection with regard to grammar, punctuation and spellings. If your academic essay writing is faulty and lacks in these crucial aspects, then you certainly need to get help from the experts. Academic essay writing help could be in the form of editing and proofreading or getting an expert writer to help you get resources to write your essay. Do not risk your grades due to mistakes which can be avoided – get help with academic essay writing and improve your grades!