American Education System’s Progress over 100 Years

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Over the last century, the American education system has witnessed significant progress, which has influenced the operations of its sectors and society. According to Chetty, Friedman, and Rockoff, notable areas of progress in the United States’ education system include the enhancement of preschool quality, higher standards of education, effective teaching practices, and college affordability. Such improvements in the country’s education framework make it possible to draw conclusions regarding the impacts of the progress on various social and economic aspects in the U.S.

Improved education standards experienced in America over the past 100 years play a significant role in bolstering social development. The education system in this country instills values, norms, and attitudes, which the population needs to uphold, thus bringing about desirable changes in this society. As a result, Chetty et al. insist that Americans now embrace higher levels of cultural diversity. Educated Americans have become better citizens because they now understand the role that they need to play in society for them to prosper in their respective lines of business.

The progress reported in the American education system over the past century is accountable for this country’s economic development. Today, more citizens in the U.S. have educational qualifications that help them to secure jobs easily compared to the situation several decades ago. As such, educational progress has played a considerable part in addressing the unemployment issue in the U.S., which stood at a reasonable rate of 4.4% in 2017. The skilled workforce characterized by creative minds deployed in various industries continually identifies solutions to issues undermining the progress of the society, thereby contributing significantly to this country’s economic development. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that the progress recorded in the United States’ education sector is accountable for the social and economic development witnessed in the country.