An Old Soldier’s Ballad

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The American Revolutionary War can be regarded as one of the most tragic periods in the history of the United States. However, it is also the time of great hopes and magnificent personalities who fought for their ideals and beliefs. Numerous artifacts remain primary sources of people’s memory and knowledge about those events. People’s diaries and personal correspondence provide valuable insights into the ways people felt in those days. The poem will be an autobiographic account of a veteran of the war who participated in many campaigns and important events that marked the epoch.

The historical question has hardly been answered as people have different views on the matter. Some believe that masses make revolutions and are the primary drivers of change. Whereas, others argue that individuals led the masses and showed the way. These people think that George Washington and other key figures made the revolutionary war successful. It is possible to try to address this question from the perspective of a soldier who also took an active part in the process of the country’s transformation. This person could contemplate on the role he played and what or who affected his beliefs and behaviors. Being a part of the masses, the soldier can try to describe the roles masses and the most famous figures played at that period.

The historical question to be addressed in the poem will be linked to the role masses and individuals played in the war. A story of a veteran who shares his views on the period of combats and political debates can help in recreating the atmosphere of that period and evaluating the contribution of masses in the conflict. The narrator assesses his personal contribution and concludes that he was one of the millions whose name was often unknown but whose input was vital. The role individuals played will also be assessed as such figures as the president, military chiefs, politicians, wealthy people were more visible during that time. They inspired masses and transformed some feelings and discontent into a set of specific demands masses expressed and particular actions they conducted. The narrator expresses his regrets that the country had to undergo such dramatic changes, but he also emphasizes that the transformations were worth the pain and misery.

When writing a poem, it is critical to choose a sound methodology to make the process more effective. Clearly, the beginning of any writing is linked to an idea or topic. The topic of the poem has been mentioned above, and it is the evaluation of the part masses played in the country’s transformations. In order to remain focused, it is possible to implement research and collect some information related to the issue.

In order to write such a poem, it is essential to be knowledgeable and have a clear picture of the events that took place and norms that were accepted at that time. It is possible to read certain books to raise one’s awareness of the matter. The narrative by Martin (2010) will be the central source as this memoir depicts a soldier’s experiences during the wartime. Taylor (2016) provides a detailed description of the development of the new nation in the eighteenth century. The most relevant aspects, events, and figures are described and analyzed, which can help in understanding the atmosphere and remain factual. The book by Shorto (2017) can shed light on the way people lived at that period, their daily routines, and the cultural norms and values they had. This information can be instrumental in creating the fictional character who will seem a realistic person. The biography of John Singleton Copley, written by Kamensky (2016), will also serve this purpose providing insights into the peculiarities of different people’s lives in the eighteenth century.

The reading of these sources will create the necessary background for the poem. Brainstorming will be the next stage of the poem creation process. It is important to note all the ideas that are related to the topic. The focus will be on some historical events of that period, norms and behaviors, personal reasonings related to the war and the role of people. The review of these ideas will result in the identification of some patterns, such as potential rhymes. It is possible to start writing a poem based on this analysis. The first draft will be reread and changed several times before the final poem is created.

On balance, the process of poem writing is quite complex and needs precision. The poem will address an important historical question that remains unanswered. The narrator will try to understand whether masses or an important figure played a central role in the process of the transformation of the United States in the second part of the eighteenth century. It is important to have a clear topic to concentrate on and particular questions to answer. It is also important to be quite precise and be aware of the major peculiarities of the epoch. The use of a sound methodology of writing will be instrumental in creating a good literary work.


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