Analysis of Mixed-Method Research Design

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A mixed-method research design is a sequential approach that involves combining one qualitative and another quantitative research element. The qualitative step utilizes deductive and inductive techniques followed by data collection in the quantitative phase. A combination of the methods enhances the validity of the results, which is why researchers opt for it. However, the plausibility of findings gets criticism from explanation, methodological and definitive issues raised by researchers. Those involved in the study encounter challenges such as design, sampling, analysis, time, and financial issues. Business research is a broad aspect that requires incorporating mixed methods as the most accurate way of studying organizational behavior and strategic management. Analysis of processes and statistical features is an achievement, and qualitative research facilitates interpretation of how these variables are related. The method is useful in studying journals and trends that provide insights on business management and innovation techniques.

The mixed model is a research methodology that entails integrating qualitative and qualitative methods to obtain findings. They include interviews and questionnaires, performance tests, and observations, among others. There are issues associated with these methods as they take up twice the work and require expertise in several areas. The procedure involves a lot of time, money, training, analysis of samples, and financial constraints. The application of these methods in various research fields continues to receive acceptance as it gives more valid results than applying a single procedure. Business research has, with time, come to incorporate this method due to its effectiveness. It is useful in analyzing reports, studssying publications, and understanding the relationship between different variables in the market. The results are helpful in strategy formulation to control the micro and macroenvironmental aspects of a business.