Black Power Movement and Civil Rights Struggle

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The struggle for equality in the United States of America has existed since the country gained its independence. Although it is continuing, several establishments made countless contributions to the current state. The Power Movement used violent ways to air their grievances while the Civil Rights relied on non-radical means to promote fairness and end racial segregation. Although both groups were formed to achieve equality, the Black Power Movement contributed to The Civil Rights struggle by creating public awareness, using violence, and encouraging the Civil Groups to intensify their campaigns.

The Black Power Movement popularized the Civil Rights Struggle by constantly criticizing their activities. Within ten years of coming into the limelight, the Black Power Movement became a famous force in The United States fighting for equality. Although Civil Rights Organizations had existed for a period, they were not known by most people since they were using diplomacy to advocate for parity. The Black Power Movement was not satisfied with the way the Civil Rights were fighting for African Americans. Therefore, they opposed their practices, which made the public know the movement’s activities, thus attracting people from all races across the globe.

The Black Power was meant to handle white supremacy, which had killed many African Americans. It promoted racial pride, self-reliance, and self-defense, which did not suit many people across the US. In other words, it wanted to encourage racial discrimination and wars (Cha-Jua 40). Therefore, it promoted the Civil Rights Struggle activities, which reassured the public by accommodating everybody regardless of race, age, or area of origin. Instead of only providing services to the African community, the movement saw a need to uplift everyone in society. It adhered to nonviolent ways of fighting for equal rights. The violent methods disintegrated society more as the blacks were fighting their white counterparts.

The activities of the Black Power Movement encouraged the Civil Rights Movement to intensify their campaigns against African discrimination. The Black Power believed in radical activities to force the government to enhance equality. According to the Movement, Civil Rights had failed in their campaigns, and they did not care about the welfare of the black population (Cha-Jua 42). Therefore, the Movement reminded the Civil Groups of their course, which made them organize crusades that could highlight their plights.

For instance, the shooting of James Meredith, the first African American student to join the University of Mississippi, made many civil rights activists march in the state’s streets. However, they experienced harassment from the onlookers, and this encouraged the Black Power Movement ideologies by inspiring the demonstrators, and the chants shifted from “Freedom” to “Black Power.” Therefore, it continuously made the Civil Rights Groups shift their struggles from freedom to promoting a better life for everybody.

In conclusion, the Black Power Movement was crucial in promoting the Civil Rights Struggle by using various ways which deemed suitable. The movement made the public aware of the Civil Rights movement by constantly criticizing their diplomacy method, which they were using to fight the injustices in the country where racism had destroyed so many African American lives. The use of violent ways also contributed to the Civil Rights struggle by resorting to nonviolent methods. Moreover, it inspired the Civil Rights to continue with their fight since there was a need to liberate all citizens regardless of race.

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