Braden’s “The Divine Matrix”: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief

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The mysterious changes consuming the globe in the contemporary decades have been behind human imagination and no one is well positioned to explain what resulted in such alterations. The interpretations of nature, divinity, and the way religions and cultures undertake their spiritual and holy activities are quite different and that aspect brings us to wonder how we all emerged to be occupying almost similar aspects in the world. Numerous notions have existed on the way human beings view the world with respect to its uniqueness, the nature of humanity, and God’s divinity with completely different opinions arising from individuals with minimal ideas existing on the connection between human imaginations and realities. One of the outstanding authors who tried to explicate the existing disparity between reality and imagination is Gregg Braden. This essay explores the book ‘The Divine Matrix’ with respect to the above aspects.

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Braden examines the implications made by scientific researchers and their scientific researches, especially quantum physics science. Coming from a scientific background, Gregg Braden wrote the book, “The Divine Matrix” principally to explain how human beings bear an interconnection between their natural way of living and art from a matrix science that entails an energy field that connects everything to everyone (Braden, 2007). New discoveries in this book sought to explain how the world seems to be our mirror where imagination and reality are two distinct issues in human life. Motivated by his 20 years of research as well as his personal journey to expound the greatest secrets existing in our innermost ancient, spiritual, and treasured traditions, Gregg Braden sought to examine if we, as human beings, have any interconnection and most importantly, the power we bear to change the world (Braden, 2007). The book suits those who have undergone misery in the past and it create a restoration point where one must wobble from old scars.

It was beyond human explanation and imagination that the emergence of scientific researches of the 19th century brought about the unprecedented connection amongst human nature, feelings, and the existence of certain forces in the universe. Amid the years 1993 and 2000, a sequence of scientific pioneering experimentations divulged the exclusivity of interconnection between living and non-living things including spirits, which explained the survival of a network of energy that links everything under the universe. The interconnection was simply put into simpler terms by Gregg Braden’s masterpiece, ‘The Devine Matrix.’ Through his book, Gregg remains bewildered by how we create a romantic sphere where everything seems concerned about the welfare of the other and more importantly how human beings come up with the idea of healing frail bodies from sickness, how we focus on succeeding in certain careers, and why we become concerned with the peace within nations (Braden, 2007). Gregg then wonders why human beings struggle to achieve all these elements and end up forgetting about nature.

General analysis

Gregg in his book, The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief, has unequivocally explained the instances to which human beings seem intertwined in several dimensions of the world and life by demonstrating how we are the divine matrix owners where, as artists of our own, we express our innermost desires, passions, dreams, and even fear in mysterious quantum. Braden wonders why we live in constant fear about our lives, spending hundreds of millions of dollars annually focusing on how well we can defend ourselves from diseases, and how we can control nature as well. Pervasive to the words spoken by his fellow friend named the wisdom keeper, Gregg notices that human beings have changed behaviorally and in a dramatic manner whereby individuals are using much energy in protecting themselves from the world around them instead of making peace with their surroundings (Braden, 2007). From such notions, we culminate that human beings have detached themselves from their natural balance of the world in the modern civilization with values of nature diminished.

Human nature and human beings under the assumptions of Braden become more void and emptier when we concentrate on alienating ourselves from the earth, from God, or even from each other (Braden, 2007). We concentrate much on developing technologies that support almost every aspect of human life not knowing that all we are nurturing is nature and its implacable backdrop to its natural ways. At this point, Braden connects the modern civilization with the divine matrix where our most philosophical and empowering intuitions are eminently available in the inexplicable discoveries of the science of the quantum world (Braden, 2007). For the past century, physicists discovered that the human body compositions and components that form our universe do not normally follow the precedent laws of physics that bear the sacredness for about three consecutive centuries. On the tiniest particles that compose the universe and the human beings, there is great evidence of intertwining that demonstrates everything seems connected and immeasurable to each other. Firstly, let us understand the twenty keys of conscious creation.

Scientists have set their beliefs on the fact that approximately 90 percent of the universe is not existing; in other words, it is missing and appears to be void. That means roughly 10 percent of the cosmos remains occupied with things. From the Divine Matrix we need to find possible ways not of averting the occurrence of misfortunes, but of living as if there are no misfortunes like war, conflicts, or misunderstanding of any kind. He says, “When something is holographic, it exists wholly within every fragment of itself, no matter how many pieces it is divided into … each segment mirrors the whole universe, only on a smaller scale” (Braden, 2007, p.18). The space between human beings, natural instincts, and spiritual beings, religious cultures remain intertwined in the holographic universe or the non-localized zone where beings share most of the features in the universe. Gregg believes that the human nomenclature or other living things in the cosmos are not localized to the sense that our flesh and skin justify who we are.

Twenty Keys of the conscious creation

The discoveries in quantum science have had several developments that scientists believe actually exist. Divine matrix is all about our imaginations, as we are the artists and the art itself and there is no separation between art and the artist. The very ideas of manufacturing cartoons like those in Walt Disney are common in almost all the black and white television of all times. Unfortunately, we fail to understand that our brains come up with human imitations of such kinds. The cartoons never started to develop their own drawings, but human beings initiated the deal. Just like dreams, passions, and fears, our instincts contain our imaginary arts built within our brains and the reality finally comes from such imaginations. Gregg Braden provides 20 keys of conscious creation to interpret the reality that comes from our imagination that streams from dreams, fears, and passions.

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The first key is that the divine matrix is the container that supports the universe, the bridge that supports connection amongst us, and the mirror that reflects our imaginations. The second key holds that everything in the universe remains connected to one another and the third key insists that to spout the existing force in the universe; we must begin by considering ourselves as a unified thing with the cosmos. The fourth key claims that once things become bonded they remain connected and for the fifth key, spotlighting on the consciousness is part of genuine creation, while the sixth key claims that we have the power deserved to make effective changes on the earthly things. The seventh key maintains that the focus of our responsiveness is part of the reality that we desire, while the eighth key affirms that choosing new authenticity is never adequate and the ninth key believes that having a sense of communicating in the divine matrix is like having one’s goals accomplished.

The tenth key asserts that those who have a selfless feeling become part of divinity in the matrix and the eleventh key affirms that we must choose who we want to become in our life through our daily experiences with the world. The twelfth holds that we do not bound to physicist law, as we simply recognize them, while the thirteenth key rests upon the notion that something exists in the holographic space and that somewhat reflects the whole somewhat. The fourteenth key of the matrix believes that the hologram of consciousness promises that the faster we construct our superior prayers and wishes, the faster they remain received in their destination, and the sixteenth the square root of one percent of a population is the minimum number required in initiating a significant change. The seventieth key postulates that the divine matrix is the mirror in our romantic world that we develop in our beliefs and the eighteenth key believes that negative experiences are a result of three universal fears low self-esteem, abandonment mistrust. The ninetieth key asserts that our true beliefs rest upon intimate relationships and finally, the twentieth key claims that we must fulfill our lively ambitions.


The divine matrix itself has a self-explanation from the recent scientific researches known as quantum science. From these discoveries, physicists discerned the existence of something within human and natural beings that has no limitations to time, space, or even demise. This study suggested that human beings and natural nomenclature tend to live within a non-localized universe where each single living thing remains interconnected. According to the senior scientist for the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Mr. Dean Radin, “Nonlocality in its broadest sense means that there are ways in which living and non-living things appear to be separate are, in fact, not separate” (Braden, 2007, p.10). According to this scientist, ‘us’ in accordance to the divine matrix does not imply the bodily physical parts that define human beings or other creatures, but our nature extends beyond our nomenclature and spreads throughout time and space factors.

Gregg Braden in his words explains that he wrote the book principally to offer an intellect of anticipation, probability, and empowerment in the world that makes individuals look small unsuccessful, and powerless. Under scientific discovery, in this universe, there is a field of energy that connects all creations or creatures. The second scientific discovery postulates that this field of energy “plays the role of a container, a bridge, and at the same time a mirror that contains the beliefs that we concur within our beliefs” (Braden, 2007, p.21). The third discovery, this field of energy has a nonlocality nature or nonlocal and holographic nature that makes every part of it connected to each other. Finally, from the interconnection of creatures and feelings, the communication in this universe or this holograph region is mostly through the language of emotions. We are interconnected to each other and creatures and spirits live within this non-localized zone with the field of energy.

Discussion: Pros and Cons of the divine matrix

The most fascinating thing about the divine matrix is the connection of almost every life aspect from spirituality to reality. Gregg highlights a unique connection between human beings, the interracial forces, and the universe. Time, which has been one of the fundamental aspects that human beings struggle to keep up with its dexterous fast-moving pace that none of us, understands how it occurs that days and nights change without human intervention. In everything “from searching for romance and healing our loved ones to the fulfillment of our deepest aspirations, we are an integral part of all that we experience every single day” (Braden, 2007, p.15). Only our memories and our connections with modern changes make us turn back to the aspect of time, but time itself does not retreat. In support of the time aspect, Albert Einstein (1879-1955), affirmed that time has been the most unparalleled aspect that pushes human beings towards achieving certain goals without understanding its basics.

Despite its uniqueness from its development to its interpretation, there are cons to the divine matrix. One of the aspects reinforced in the argument of the divine matrix by Gregg Braden is the aspect of space between living and non-living things. Braden (2007) asserts, “There are aspects of us, as suggested by Radin that extend beyond the here-and-now and that allows us to spread throughout space and time” (p.13). In our modern lives according to Gregg, we have set too much focus on how to overcome ailments, cure diseases, and make people feel free from misery, but we have failed shoddily to improve our living standards by focusing on how we can live healthily. Spaces in the sense of this article referred to the surrounding environment that we uniquely share in the universe with the air assumed to be from the gods.

General Recommendations

Under the divine matrix, “miracles” are an integral aspect and must connect with spirituality. Miracles are supernatural happenings that occur in humans’ life depending on individuals’ beliefs and interest in the power of the sacred God or gods. An important aspect in the interconnection of everything in the universe as in the divine matrix is the availability of miracles in which believers have a connection with their genuine Gods. Gregg asserts that one of the principal aims of writing the book was to awaken the power of those with deepest aspirations and greatest passions wherein the divine matrix individuals are the starting point of the miracle, as well as the miracle itself. Just like in the religious beliefs and sacredness where miracles depend on individuals’ faith and believers’ belief that human beings are wonderfully made, the miracle in the divine matrix and physics in quantum science has some linking. Truly, we need scientists and we need God to support them, but miracles must be divine.

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Within the divine matrix, the aspect of belief has featured all through. A belief is a strong intuition or notion that exists in individuals about certain aspects of life including death, miracle, and existence of gods. Being a spiritual seeker and divinity man, Braden has been up and down seeking spiritual truth that forced him to travel continentally for the same. The divine matrix itself makes us think in a philosophical way and wonder about the existence of the universe, human nature, how we find ourselves psychologically tuned to believe in the scientific experiments, and new discoveries that emerge in the contemporary world (Braden, 2007). Quoting lessons from the Vedas, Gregg explains that, simply like the projections in the movie screen that reflect without the images of the owners of filmed individuals, the divine matrix avails an equitable surface where every individual’s inner experiences and beliefs become relatively clear in the world.

The findings of the divine matrix are typically scientific and there is very little Godly connection. We all believe that we seem equal before our creator and with the emotions and feelings naturally bestowed within us since our birthdays, and thus we must acknowledge the soreness that our close acquaintances undergo. We are a multitude of believers connected differently to our beliefs, attitudes, and intuitions, but culture has played a significant part in separating us. It is true that we have mistrust, a feeling of low self-esteem, and even sometimes abandonment; nonetheless, the contemporary world has manifold challenges that make the world appear divided into cliques of individual race, wealth status, and ethnic backgrounds. Probably, everyone longs for the world to remain interconnected, unified, and organized in a manner that we recognize the essence of each life aspect either living or spiritual, but the three universal fears keep bridging the gap between each thing in the world.


No one can truly ascertain the realities behind the findings established by Gregg in his findings over the interconnection interwoven between things in the universe. The discoveries of the quantum science of 2000 are in close proximity to the human imaginations in the current days though as the discoveries are latest, it is challenging to acquire the validity about their realism. I think the pros to the development of the ideas expressed by Gregg are just but fascinated by the twisting language that the author uses to manipulate human brains; however, the validity of the discoveries might remain questionable to the rest of the modern world. Having the great interconnection and a differing thinking capacity with the apes, gorillas, cows, and even other creatures do not bring sense in the nomenclature that exists across the continents. I think little reality to the findings of Gregg and his scientific embodiment does not sanely prove significant to the true believers of Christianity and religiousness as expected by followers.


Braden, G. (2007). The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief. New York, NY: Hay House, Inc.