Commercial Aviation Aspects and Contributions

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One of the major roles of commercial aviation is to link different people and help them reach different areas. This aspect also affects the US as well as global economy (Wensveen, 2011). As far as the US economy is concerned, people can cover significant distances within hours, which facilitates their business activities.

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Clearly, technology provides various tools to communicate but, in many cases, personal contact is crucial and many business people have to meet in person to make agreements. Thus, doing business with foreign partners has become quite easy for American business people. More so, products can be transported within short periods, which also favorably affects the development of companies and the entire economy. Apart from business activity, easy transportation solutions also favorably affect distribution of workforce.

Thus, companies can hire talents from other states and these employees can be sure that they will be able to work and visit different places (including their homes) easily. At the same time, exchange of employees within companies is also easily implemented with the help of commercial aviation. Companies can have any employee in any part of the USA within hours. This may be important for many organizations.

As for the global economy, this aspect of commercial aviation also contributes greatly to its development. It is noteworthy that the way it affects the global economy is similar to the impact it has on the US market. First of all, companies can easily operate in the global market as they can deliver goods across the globe within quite short periods.

Importantly, commercial aviation is becoming affordable and developing countries are now able to enter the global market as providers of products rather than providers of natural resources. Obviously, appearance of new agents in the global market makes it more competitive and facilitates its development.

Apart from, production and distribution of goods, commercial aviation provides many opportunities for a more complex distribution of the workforce. On the one hand, western expatriates can come to developing countries and train the staff or complete certain tasks to improve the place of the organization in the market.

On the other hand, high-profile and talented employees from developing countries can also enter labor markets of developed countries. They may start work within hours after the first meeting with a representative of a company. Again, this increases diversity and competitiveness of the global labor market.

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Of course, commercial aviation contributes greatly to the globalization of the world. People from different areas intermingle. This leads to development of new ties and can potentially eliminate misunderstanding and even conflicts among people pertaining to different ethnic, religious, social and other groups. Thus, the role commercial aviation performs has a significant cultural value as well. It is noteworthy that development of cultural ties positively affects development of business links as well.

In conclusion, it is possible to note that one of the most important aspects of commercial aviation is its ability to help people reach different destinations. People develop business and cultural ties. Products can be delivered to the most distant areas and developing countries can also obtain various opportunities to enter the global market.

Employees find new job opportunities and the global labor market becomes more diverse. Notably, availability of commercial aviation services has contributed to development of the global economy as well as economies of different countries.

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