Compressed Conflicts and Challenges to Solve

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Challenge to Be Solved

With the increasing world population, the number of visitors who usually come to people’s homes has increased. They may be friends, relatives, or even strangers who seek direction. Although there are numerous technological advancements that have been made to ensure that the lives of modern people are comfortable, there are still issues that are not considered. For instance, electric bells were invented to help notify the insiders of the presence of visitors. Although they can significantly ease communication, the action still requires a person to walk to the entrance, which is often tiresome. For example, it takes time for an individual to go to the access point to open it when the caller knocks on the gate. The current electric doorbells never allow an individual to speak to an outsider. Hence, it is a challenge when there are many guests.

Recording Thoughts

“Impossible solution” is the first compressed conflict inherent used in helping a person answer the visitor who is knocking at the door. The task seems impossible and difficult to solve at the moment because there is a lack of previous knowledge. Second, “loud whisper” is a compressed conflict inherent that is suitable for inventing a talking doorbell that can be used to answer a person outside the house. “Loud whisper” can best describe an individual because he or she will be talking to the system to relay the information to the person at the entrance. Third, “recorded live” is a compressed conflict inherent that is essential in helping people inside communicate with a person in the street. “Recording live” illustrates that the information is passed in real-time. Finally, “single option” is a compressed conflict inherent that will apply in this scenario because it provides the developer with limited choices.

The Compressed Conflict that Does the Best Job

“Impossible solution” is the best-compressed conflict that captures the essence of communicating with an individual ringing the doorbell from the outside. “Impossible solution” gives the programmer the urge to find the ways that can be used to solve a problem that was initially thought to be complicated.

The Situations That Share The ‘Impossible Solution”

“Impossible solution” is shared by numerous challenges across the globe. Some of the areas that use it include developing a program that helps parents understand what small kids mean when asking questions. From thinking about these analogous situations, I realize that the challenge will be difficult and may require a complex process to achieve the expected solution.