Different Remote Access and VPN Protocols

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Types of Remote Access Control

This technology allows information and technology professionals (IT) to do administrative work and users to perform responsibilities on their computers. This work is done as a local task. It is most useful in troubleshooting a computer problem used by a customer. It prevents time wastage that could otherwise arise from speaking to the customer or user. Installation of a desktop program can help achieve remote access and usage of a web browser.

Popular remote access examples include:

  • LogMeIn Free and Pro
    This are basically for personal exploit. LogMeIn Free and Pro support desktop remote controls that function across the firewall. Remote control.
  • GoToMyPC
    This is remote access software that is web-based. It is very different from other remote controls in that it is only utilized by computers receiving access requests. Any other computer cannot use this software. These controls are initiated through a web browser after registering the computers. It uses web protocols hence appears to be firewall friendly compared to other products.
  • RealVNC
    This is also another type of remote control access program. It is a free software package. It can function on both java platforms and windows. It has now expanded to a mainstream product from a research project hence utilized worldwide.
  • Symantec PCAnywhere
    Involves initial wizard connections, auto-detection of bandwidth, and many more features. It utilizes a client-server model. This allows installation in any computer to act as a maker or recipient of remote connections. It was one of the first remote access software discovered.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network allows the creation of secure connections to and from a network. It is highly secured hence uses strong encryptions. This helps prevent access by other computer users from getting data in the same network. The network type could be public. Different people can always access this; hence requires security. VPNs are very speedy and reasonably priced. It acts as a group of computers connected to a personal network.