Dubai Municipality: Total Quality Management

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Total quality management is a collection of principles and methods whose main concern is the continuous improvement of institutions. Its main aim is the sustainable output of a desirable quality.

Its implementation in an institution requires complete leadership commitment. The leadership of the Dubai Municipality is aware of this fact when they were implementing the total quality management in the municipality. From the presentation, it is evident that they implemented it they embarked on educating the inhabitants of Dubai first. It is the leaders who drive the total quality management (James 66). Therefore, implementation alone is not enough for the program to be a success.

The success of total quality management is tied to total employee involvement. Employee involvement is necessary since it is they who ensure that there is continuity of the program. It seems that this was done well in Dubai before the program was initiated. However, the researchers should find out and report on whether there is continuous involvement of the employees. This is important because total quality management is not a one-time event but a continuous process.

It is important to note that total quality management implantation should be in agreement with the vision of the Dubai police department. The police department should also be advised to test the system for success whenever there is a need.

All stakeholders should also be involved in the implementation process. Members of the public should be involved so that they take ownership of the process. This is crucial for the success of the process.

Quality Implementation in Dubai Municipality

For successful implementation of the program, the Dubai municipality should ensure that the following principles are at least met to some level if not fully.

The principles of total quality management include the following;

  • The focus should be on problem prevention and never on problem-solving. This is not evident in the presentation and the researchers ought to find out and report on it. Dubai municipality should put more emphasis on problem prevention. Problems should be detected early to prevent passing down the defective product/service to the customer.
  • Focus on continuous improvement of services. The Dubai municipality should aim at providing services of the highest quality to their clients. The services offered should exceed customer expectations the first time and all the time.
  • Emphasize customers’ needs. Both the municipality should model their service delivery in such a way that they are centered on the client. This is important because these two institutions deal with multitudes of people.
  • Take time to train employees. Employees must be trained on various aspects of total quality management. To deliver services that meet the clients’ expectations, employees of Dubai municipality should be trained.on methods to improve quality.
  • Teamwork should be evident. Problem-solving requires a team effort to achieve the goals of total quality management. For the Dubai municipality, this must be tested by the researchers and reported.

In general, the total quality management implementation should be in line with the vision of the organization. Ensure that the vision and future aspirations of the organization are not lost or obliterated by this process. The Dubai municipality should be able to achieve its goals both in the short term and long term. This fact should be brought out clearly in the case of the Dubai municipality. The municipality should involve all the players in the implementation of the program.

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