Elements of Project Management

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Project management is a broad study area within the academic and educational aspects of conducting practical projects. It contains components that are resourceful to frontrunners in the field of project management. Therefore, this assignment addresses the role of project management elements and incorporates the use of a case study in undertaking the assignment concerning the importance of project management elements to leaders while conducting projects.

In any case of project management, the availability of its elements provides leaders with the opportunity to learn and study the content needed to address the project at hand. Therefore, such constituents guarantee the required information for applying skills in project management (Mukherjee & Roy, 2017). Nuno needed information about Jeep’s type used by the USA army in Panama to enable him to provide quality servicing and repair of minor parts.

Thus, such situation outlines the need for the provision of resources to apply his mechanical skills. Moreover, according to the case study, Nuno, comprehends Leahy law’s requirements and plans the collection of data relating to persons seeking to attain military training. The scenario informs the leadership role of comprehending the importance of requirements (Levy, 2018). Additionally, planning allows to focus on the operational parameters to adhere to (Kerzner, 2019). Thus, the elements of project management address the objectives concerning the process of project implementation planning.

Time and scope are also vital tools for project management. Adherence to the set deadlines facilitates enhancing the reputation of the leader and improves trust between contractors and performers. Moreover, the results may frequently be seen after some time, as in the case with NCO in Panama, confirming that the key impact will only be seen after some period (Jones, 2016). Therefore, time is an essential constituent in defining the effectiveness of the project. Identifying a project’s scope allows managers to stay on track, adhering to initial planning and closely corresponding to the time element. Correctly identified scope facilitates the avoidance of the most challenging project management mistakes, ensuring the project’s success.

Thus, in project management, leaders need to be equipped with the elements mentioned above. Adherence to the components of project management highlights the importance of running the project within the required parameters and applying the right knowledge instituted by the projects’ requirements. Therefore, the discussed project management elements are crucial to any leader in executing the required skills concerning the project in quest for delivering quality content.


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