Emily in Zombie Love by Earl T. Roske

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The play Zombie Love, written by Earl T. Roske, illustrates the love of two people from different worlds. Emily is a young girl who is in love with a zombie named Walter. The plot of the play is a perfect representation of the modern world and its unfairness. Due to the differences, the characters have to struggle to be with each other and constantly face challenges. In the play, Emily’s friend, Kathy, does not give any support to the young girl, seeing this relationship as doomed. Throughout the plot, Emily can be seen as a self-aware, tolerant, romantic, bold, and affectionate person.

Emily in Zombie Love by Roske

From the beginning, it can be seen that humans feel hatred toward zombies. People see these creatures as dangerous and even cursed, forcing them to avoid or kill them to survive. However, the protagonist, Emily, sees something beyond bestiality and cruelty in Walter. To her, this is a person who once loved and experienced sadness and excitement. Emily is self-aware of the consequences of their relationship, and still, she perseveres to be with Walter.

Moreover, Emily can be seen as a tolerant individual who does not desire to discriminate against anyone. In one part of the play, when Kathy points out that her friend is with “it,” referring to Walter, Emily corrects her by saying, “I’m with “him,” Kathy” (Pan Theater, 2012, 1:13). This indicates not only disgust by such treatment of zombies but the desire to show a different perspective of them. Ever since Emily became acquainted with Walter, she felt safe with him. Emily claims that if a person “just take[s] the time to know to get to known” creatures like Walter, they will have the same warm feelings as Emily (Pan Theater, 2012, 1:22). Thus, she not only supports the oppressed individuals but stands up for them, showing her tolerant and bold nature. However, its boldness of Emily can be seen not only through the support of zombies. Her intention to be with somebody she loves despite knowing that such a union will not be accepted by her community and she will most likely become a pariah makes her bold. She knows her actions’ consequences, yet she does not abandon her love and dreams.

Lastly, Emily can be seen as a romantic heroine of the play due to her appreciation of small gestures and adoration of nature. For example, during her date with Walter, Emily accentuates “the moon rising over the hills” (Pan Theater, 2012, 0:43). Another instance makes Emily a romantic young woman. During her conflict with Kathy, Walter brings Emily a dead rat. While by many people, it can be considered disgusting and inappropriate, the young girl sees this “present” as a gesture of caring (Pan Theater, 2012, 4:43). Therefore, the young girl values the attention and support of others.


Hence, it can be seen that Emily is self-aware, tolerant, romantic, bold, and affectionate, standing by her partner’s side despite her friend’s hostility toward Walter and the other zombies. Though Emily keeps her relationship a secret, it is not for the sake of her reputation but for her partner’s safety. Moreover, Emily stands up for Walter when Kathy disregards his feelings and treats him like an animal. Thus, the protagonist of the play can be considered a strong and caring young woman who does not let anyone oppress others due to differences.


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