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    🧷 Why Use the Thesis Title Maker?

    So you want to come up with a name for your capstone or dissertation, and you don’t know where to start? Not an issue! We have just the perfect tool for you – our thesis title maker.

    This tool has plenty of features that any student will find helpful:

    🆓 It’s free One of the best things about our thesis topic generator is that every student can access it without any payment. Enjoy the online tool anytime for free.
    ⌛ It saves time This instrument is extremely efficient – it requires mere seconds to develop research titles. Check it out for yourself: copy your text, paste it into the tool, wait for several seconds and get the result.
    👀 It’s versatile Once the tool gets your keywords, it searches for ideas all over the Internet. It can develop titles for any subject by browsing various databases, libraries, and articles. You might feel that there are too many topics. Yet, it is better to have more options than fewer.
    🤝 It’s handy If you are unsure how to start a paper on a given subject, our tool offers some help for you as well. Of course, it is totally up to you whether to use this opportunity or not.
    🦄 It boosts your imagination Sometimes you are exhausted and lack creativity. How great is it to have a tool that will provide you with options? Try it out!

    🧠 How to Generate a Research Title?

    Formulating the perfect title can be a difficult task, especially when working on your Master’s or PhD thesis. You probably already have plenty of thoughts that you’ll need to organize. Besides, you may lack proper words to describe your idea in full. In this section, we will help you do just that.

    You can use the following ideation techniques to develop a perfect thesis title.


    This method can give you a fresh perspective on any topic in six steps:

    1. Describe the idea you already have.
    2. Compare it to a random issue, listing all the similarities and differences.
    3. Search for associations related to everything you wrote.
    4. Analyze your ideas, considering how you can apply each of them (that’s the fifth part!).
    5. Elaborate on each concept’s relevance and provide its pros and cons.


    Though it's an effective way to generate a list of ideas, you will require a group to use it. Call your friends and start a brainstorming session: offer ideas and build on each other’s suggestions. Try to take every concept seriously! If you think the idea seems strange, write it down to evaluate later.


    Freewriting is much more intense, but it gives its results. It is all about the flow of random thoughts. Sit down with a sheet of paper and a pen and write down everything that comes to your mind. Do you have one idea and lots of complaints about it? Write your train of thought anyway. Additionally, try to set a time limit not to spend ages on one concept.


    Sometimes, you can’t express what you’re thinking about in mere words. Drawing diagrams, graphs, or sketches may lead you in the right direction. Illustrate your topic roughly to allow your brain to rest and produce fresh ideas in a new visual form.

    Mind mapping

    It is a graphical method that allows you to focus on your associations and the relationships between concepts. There are two ways to do it:

    • Take notes of words and phrases related to the topic. Make sure you do it on a large sheet of paper since you should fit as many relevant expressions as possible. After that, connect the ideas that support your topic and see how you can explore these links.
    • Develop ideas and make a web of thoughts simultaneously. This way, you will outline the topic based on the connections rather than separate concepts. You can start by placing a word in the middle and drawing several lines from it.

    Ideation may get confusing, especially when you’re already dealing with grand ideas and challenging tasks. That’s why our Master’s and PhD thesis title generator is of great use for hard-working students.

    Thanks for reading the article! Now you can benefit from both our thesis topic generator and our tips on developing a project name. Share the tool with other students, and check the FAQ for more information.

    💡 Dissertation Title Generator FAQ

    💡 How do you create a thesis title?

    Developing a thesis title requires time and careful thinking. To create a good one, focus on the main idea you can cover in your work. Decide on the keywords that determine your topic and research them to find the related concepts. They will help you find proper words to formulate your thesis title.

    💡 What are some good topics for the thesis?

    Topics for a Master’s or PhD thesis are only as good as your understanding of the subject you specialize in. Thus, each graduate student will have their personal excellent topic. You can check the existing academic paper titles for some incredible and successful ideas, especially the dissertation ones.

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