Freedom of Speech: The Constitution of the United States

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Human rights in the United States are enshrined in the US Constitution, its amendments, federal and state laws. The first ten amendments to the Constitution, which constitute the Bill of Rights, were added to the Constitution in 1791. The amendments proclaimed freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press (Wallace, 2018). Additionally, section 4 of the Florida State Constitution states “Every person may speak, write and publish sentiments on all subjects” (The Florida Senate, 2021). Therefore, human freedom is officially supported by legislation in the United States.

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The right to freedom is the right of a person to freely act and express thoughts on various issues of a public, state, or other nature through oral or printed word, at meetings, rallies. Everyone can exercise their right to receive and disseminate information through the media, which is the main means for realizing this right, but not the only one. The receipt and dissemination of information is also possible in interpersonal communication, as well as at meetings, rallies, exhibitions, festivals, clubs, etc. A necessary condition for this is that all these actions must be carried out in a legal way.

One of the most significant and influential sources of informing the society and the individual is the media. In this regard, the freedom of information produced by them is important. Without freedom of thought and speech, the normal life of society is impossible, because it underlies other important freedoms, such as freedom of the press, freedom of creativity, freedom to choose and be elected, and many others. Additionally, restrictions of limitations based on religion, sexual preferences or gender are in force in order to achieve equal opportunities and development for all members of society.


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