Gay Marriage Shold be Illegal: Discussion


Gay relationship involves an expression of ultimate love between individuals of the same sex that leads to homosexuality and lesbianism. Such relationships are on the increase but unfortunately there is a lot of resistance from churches and politicians resisting such relationships to proceed to marriage where they can enjoy the full status and benefits of straight marriage. A straight marriage is considered to be one between individuals of opposite sex. Studies have shown that if gay marriage was to be legalized it would offer a package of benefits to the gay couples. Since a family is the basic unit of the society, gay marriage would improve both economic and social developments of the society at large because of reasons that will be discussed in this paper.


Gay marriage is a terminology used to refer to same sex marriage between two people that is either legally or socially accepted. Currently there is a lot of debate on gay marriage because it is an issue that directly touches on basic human rights. The traditional definition of marriage has been a religious or legal union between a male and a female committed to live the rest of their life together as a husband and wife. However, studies indicate that homosexuality has been on the increase and many people accept it but the government has not permitted marriage between gay couples. So far there is no study proving that the type of union or marriage is harmful and therefore it is important to respect the dignity as well as equality of gay couples. There are good reasons why gay marriage is beneficial and should therefore be legalized. (Nancy, 2008 pp 119-121).

Benefits of gay union and marriage

Research has shown that couples who are gay are more stable financially and they are also emotionally better off. Psychological studies as well as medical examinations on the couples also indicate that they are advantaged. A great misconception that has universally been adopted is that marriage always leads to an improvement on people’s life but studies have shown that it can actually be worse. This especially for women because of the many complication that comes with birth such as increase in the aging signs due to use of birth control methods as well as domestic violence where women are considered a weaker sex by their husbands. When all these progress in terms of finance and general improvement of life are combined, they benefit the couple and their families as well as the whole community at large. (Nancy, 2008 pp 122-123).

Gay marriage if legalized would establish a social relationship for the couple to be available for each other psychologically, economically as well as emotionally. If gay marriage is awarded its rights that any marriage should have, the couple would be more helpful to each other. Gay couples that are married would therefore be much better compared to unmarried couple and their relationship becomes stronger and even deeper. (George, 2005 pp 45-50).

Even though the right of Christian refuses gays to adopt and bring up children, the number of gays giving raise to children and adopting as well as rising up these children is increasing day-by-day. Denying them such a chance for gays to marry is only destabilizing the families to the disadvantage of their children. When the gays marry decision making for the wellbeing of their children becomes easy leading to better parenting. In the same way divorce affect children born in a straight marriage, an equal harm is observed when gays do not marry or proceed to divorce. (George, 2005 pp 51-56).

Married gay couples are able to help each other in times of difficulty like sickness because there would be written laws to help them. If gay couples do not marry, they cannot have access to these legal benefits like insurance relief and they cannot offer a direct help to each other. This would mean an extra burden to the society at large thus consequently draining their resources. If their relationship can be solidified the whole community would be stable. Gay marriage would have meaning more than just a legal approval because it affects a number of things in the community like tax filing, insurance benefits and medical decision. Their marriage would allow one member to visit the other in hospital in times of sickness without him/her being barred for not being recognized a spouse. Other privilege that a gay couple would enjoy if the marriage is legalized is an opportunity to make critical decision regarding medical operation of the other member of the couple on whether it should proceed or not. Currently it is unfair because gay couples do not enjoy the privileges. (Kathleen, 2006 pp 67-70).

Gay marriage can be a role model if the couple is in a committed relationship because already most heterosexual marriages are in troubles due to lack of seriousness. If the gay couples are denied to marry it would be a violation of religious freedom which is among the bills of right and denying such marriages would be discriminating the minority. All major religions regards gay marriage a sin but the first amendment in the constitution calls for individual’s position on either religion or lack of religion to be protected. Marriage by state on gay couples is secular and therefore the government should not start enacting new laws simply out of the pressure from the religion. (Kathleen, 2006 pp 71-79).

Even though many people are against the gay marriage, the truth is it does not hurt any particular person. Gay marriage is a private commitment which should not be dictated by other members of society as long as it does not harm anyone in the process. The church may have its role to disapprove gay marriage but it should not proceed to stop the marriage from taking place as long as there is love which is the only factor that matters in a relationship. The greatest reason for all the marriages whether it is a straight or gay marriage is for one to express his/her love for the other. The expression implies that, the love is so much that the two people want to spend the rest of their life time together. If this love happens to be between same sexes, such an ultimate expression cannot be made between any other two people regardless of how long it takes. If such a couple cannot be allowed to marry, then that would be a direct violation of human right for the freedom to marry. (William, 2006 pp 34-39).

Many children who have been born in straight marriages are orphans and require to be brought up by the society through adoption and in children’s home. Since gay couples do not procreate, the only option left for them to acquire children is through adoption and therefore gay couples help in solving this problem. Gay marriage like straight marriage offers an encouragement to the couples to develop strong values for their families. The desire for an individual to own a family with children does not necessarily have to lead to procreation and since them; gay couple cannot naturally bear kids the couple’s desire to adopt increases. They give up unprotected sex with several partners which is a high risk lifestyle regarding sex especially for incurable AIDS infection. Gay marriage would encourage the couple in settling down and abandoning the promiscuous lifestyle; a behavior everyone would like to encourage. (Robert, 2001 pp 51-56).


The great number of homosexuality is a good indicator of how gay relationship has received acceptance in the society. Although in some states civil union has been permitted, it is the high time all the gay union are given full status of marriage. If this is done they would access all the benefits that a married couple should have. Again there is no one being forced to be or not to be a gay. It is a matter of a simple choice followed by an agreememnt between two people on whom an individual want to express his/her intimacy for the rest of life. Those who resist gay union and marriage should just give it an approval so that it can attain all the legal status of a marriage.


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