Global Warming: From Theory to Fact

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The theory of global warming is becoming more and more popular – it is discussed in the media, many people research on all of the possibilities that may be related to or caused by the warming. There are many articles on the World Wide Web that describe a possible impact of global warming on life in the United States of America. I found three articles, which describe a harm that may be caused by global warming to the world’s population and ecology. These issues are to be discussed below.

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  • The first article that I would like to summarize is about droughts and floods that may be caused by global warming. It is evident that Arctic glaciers will melt into water if the average temperature of our planet increases (Roudier et al. 345). Therefore, different peninsulas, seaport cities, and other maritime provinces are likely to be flooded all over the world. It is estimated that other regions, which are not adjusted to any waters are likely to face an absolute drought. Scientists think that global warming will affect Europe more than any other continents on Earth.

If I had a chance to summarize an article about the global warming floods and droughts to a person who is not aware of this topic, I would tell him or her that Europe is the most dangerous place that can be damaged by the global warming floods and droughts. Besides, such scholarly disciplines as topography, geography, and physics refer to this topic.

Yukiko Hirabayashi is the most notable researcher in the sphere of global warming floods. His works and conclusions were published by The Nature website, so other people who surf this web-source may be interested in his statements. In my opinion, articles of Yukiko Hirabayashi could also be published by the New York Times, The Guardian, and other well-known newspapers.

  • The second article for this paper informs about waters and atmosphere temperatures that have been registered recently. Scientists constantly observe and enumerate temperatures of waters in different parts of our planet (Perlwitz et al. 2156). Their calculations show that the temperature of all the oceans and air in the atmosphere increased since 1980, which means that global warming is not a myth.

In order to briefly summarize this article to another person, I would say that the temperature on Earth is growing every year, which proves that global warming is imminent. Such scholarly disciplines as meteorology, geography, and statistics refer to this topic. Besides, Doyle Rice remains one of the most notable researchers in this field. His article was published by USA Today, which also might be interesting to read for regular readers of this source. In my opinion, such websites as National Geographic, BBC, and The Washington Post, should publish Rice’s articles as well.

  • The third article for discussion says that some people in the USA consider global warming a myth. They make such conclusions due to the snowfalls and freezing weather that appears in northern states once in a while (Wallace et al. 730). Nevertheless, the author says that global warming comes slowly, so winters are not likely to disappear for the next twenty or even thirty years.

To summarize this article briefly, it would be proper to state that global warming is a long process. Therefore, many people think that it may be a hoax due to the cold weather. Such scholarly disciplines as meteorology, psychology, and topography refer to this article.

Pascal Diethelm is one of the most notable scholars that research on the topic of global warming conspiracy theory. His article was published by The European Journal of Public Health. It also may be interesting to read for the journal’s regular consumers. His article should be published by The Nature, The Science, and The New York Times as well.

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