Harvard Law School Overview

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Harvard Law School (HLS) is among the professional graduate schools of Harvard University and is America’s oldest law school which has been in continuous operation. HLS has gained prestige over time due to its constant exemplary performance hence being ranked among the top five in the world. This year, 2008 it has been ranked position two. It has enough resources and facilities necessary for the students; it owns the largest academic law library in the world which has enough books and other materials.

Admission in HLS is highly selective because of its competencies. It has a highly competitive environment; students are very ambitious and work hard to achieve the best. Hence it is not a surprise to know that numerous Congress members and great political leaders graduated from this HLS (for instance, U.S. Supreme Court justices and U.S. Senators) than any other law school. There is something unique in Harvard Law School that brings together such a talented group of people and makes them succeed so tremendously. A great number of students choose HLS over other law schools because it has such a unique atmosphere that the others do not have.

HLS has had a great dean, Elena Kagan since 2003 who has brought tremendous reforms. She loves the students and interacts with them at a direct level; giving her personal contacts and time, she has provided sports opportunities and managed to improve the involvement of the school in international and public interest law. Harvard currently offers summer funding for public interest internships and also low-income loan reduction for former students who have taken on careers in the public interest and academic world. A new curriculum for the first year level is being implemented which will cover problem-solving, administrative law, and international law. Also, more courses are to be added and more space to be created for the expanding clinical program hence a large complex is being constructed to increase classroom space. Many dormitories are also being renovated.