History: Abraham Lincoln’s Address in Gettysburg

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Many years ago, our forefathers fought for the prosperity of our country, the U.S, dedicating the ideology that all people are equal and that everyone has even opportunities to achieve their life desires. The current civil war problem truly measures our resiliency and faith, whether we can persevere and endure the life challenges we face as a country. Forbears aimed to make our country as safe as possible, championing liberty and peace among civilians regardless of their class. Fighting among ourselves equals intimidating and disrespecting our independence and freedom heroes. Quarreling and fighting show that we are not together as a country, an indication that we are doomed and perishing soon. As leaders, we cannot simply watch our people innocently die. Remember, our heroes struggled and died so that our nation might live. Thus, we should work following our great parents’ objectives, living in peace while embracing harmony, tranquility, and love among ourselves.

We have the responsibility to ensure that we are dedicated, consecrated, and hallowed to our forefathers’ philosophies. The future of our country depends on our present actions. If we make reckless decisions, we are retrogressively affecting our future children and grandchildren instead of working today to make their lives better tomorrow. A divided country is destined to fail both socially and economically. We have the opportunity to amend our differences and ensure that we live as a single country, embracing the philosophy of respecting one another despite our racial and socioeconomic differences. Importantly, let us increase our devotion to serving God and working towards making the U.S a great nation.