Hume’s Quote About Himself Explained

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Hume in a sentence has made an endeavour to combine all his natural characteristics which tells the reader about his natural abilities to act and react accordingly. If we take into account those entire intellectual endeavours that Hume experienced through logic, ethics and metaphysics we would summarize those efforts of Hume in the context of the way we perceive to believe, capable of contemplation and how this way of perception controls our actions. Such alteration of thoughts enabled Hume to identify his own nature in contrast to the nature in which he perceived religion, particularly ‘Theism’. This notion can be proved by his ability to define his qualities as an optimistic human being that scavenges for truth and welcomes facts. Therefore this way Hume considers some key features of his personality and relates them to theistic approach.

Since all the qualities that Hume possess reflect human nature and natural philosophy, therefore this proves that Hume’s above mentioned qualities deals with the ways and customs of modern civilized men. This also reveals that a contrasting opinion about human nature and qualities entails certainty of a man to differ from all other beings in some way in which other kinds of being do not differ from one another. In a broader spectrum, this implies that the study of man is coordinated not with the study of other species of animal or organisms but with the study of all other natural things we think God has created.