Importance of a Teacher in Child Development

The family has been undergoing the biggest transformation compared to all other institutions. Unlike in the past, the family is no longer a haven for children. Today, children spend most of their time in school. Most of these children join school when their brains have not fully formed up to a level where they can resist outside influence. Therefore, the learning institution plays an integral role in the life of a child. In most cases, children pick up most of what they learn in the school environment. However, the effect created by the school environment does not match the one created by a good or a bad teacher. Experts say that what a child learns from the cradle lasts to the grave. Therefore, a good or bad teacher will mostly affect the child positively or negatively for the rest of their life.

A good teacher should be able to motivate his students. A motivated child will always have a positive mentality toward various issues in life. This makes the child confidently go through life. Long after leaving school, the influence that the teacher had on the child lingers on. Wherever this child is faced with a bad situation where they feel like giving up, they will always think of the way their teacher would have handled the situation. This will make them be positive and overcome the challenges they are facing at that particular time.

On the contrary, a teacher who spends his time criticizing a child destroys the self-confidence of that child. As discussed earlier, most of these children come from dysfunctional families where there is no love. The child will often look at their teacher as their role model. The teacher should therefore show love and tolerance to the student. This makes the child feel loved and wanted, something that in turn boosts his self-esteem. Children with low self-esteem tend to go through life dejected and this affects their social life. This just but shows what a bad teacher can do to a child’s future.

The cutting competition in today’s world has necessitated the need to be the best in life. This is because one’s success in life is only guaranteed by how well one performed in school. In school, children tend to do well in those subjects taught by teachers whom they perceive to be good. This is because since they find the teacher to be interesting, they also create interest in his subject. This leads to their getting good grades and consequently doing well in the field requiring the application of that particular subject. The opposite is true for subjects taught by teachers whom the pupils view to be bad. In most cases, the pupils lose interest in the subject leading to low performance. As an effect, this leads them to lose important opportunities that need the application of that particular subject.

Teachers play an important role in the formative stage of a child. In a world where love is no longer a value in the home setting, students look up to their teachers for love. Most of the values imparted on a child by a teacher in most cases last for a lifetime. These students will in most cases approach issues in life the way their teacher would have approached the same. This shows the influence that a good or bad teacher can have on the life of a student. Parents should therefore get to know the character of the teachers dealing with their children since they usually leave a lasting effect on the child.