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Humanity has been known to possess psychic abilities since the dawn of time. It has many names – clairvoyance, premonition, remote viewing, the sixth sense… However, only after the real science has been applied, we have been able to strip the phenomenon of all the unnecessary vibe of mysticism and supernatural and determine its scientific basis (Sellers, n.d.). Yes, the psychic powers are now a proven fact, as is confirmed by various scientific sources (Thomson, 2010).

However, unlike the majority of the psychics, who do not pay much attention to their talent and do not develop it, or, even worse, waste it on entertaining the public, we at InvestigationCentral are fully aware of the responsibility that comes with power and is willing to help. Our company offers the services of psychic-assisted private investigations. All of our agents are skilled investigators with profound knowledge of legal aspects and criminology.

Besides, they are constantly practicing their psychometry, telepathy, post cognition, and other skills that are crucial to solving even the most complicated cases, as the previous research has shown that any paranormal ability can be developed and should be practiced constantly to maintain and enhance the level of perception clarity and strength (Iozzio, 2014). Our agency has been assisting police investigations several times, and each time this collaboration has proven to be a turning point in solving the case.

InvestigationCentral is a team of professionals. We admit that our usage of scientifically confirmed paranormal skills gives us the upper hand in solving the case of any difficulty, but we do not stop there. Our agents are training regularly to achieve the maximum potential so that no case I left unsolved.

Post cognition

Post cognition

It is a well-known fact that time is relative, and is not necessarily a non-reversible process. The current understanding, supported by the quantum theory, confirms that the nature of the fabric of reality allows a skilled medium to view the events in retrospect. Thus, our specialists can tap into a higher plane to see the events that happened in the past but can be of use in the current investigation. Thus, we do not rely on the secondary evidence, like the witness reports and testimonies, or the material evidence left on the scene – instead, we can get access to the actual “record” of the event. You can think of it as a surveillance camera that is constantly on – only there are no blind spots, and the material can not be falsified or erased.



While any investigator will tell you that any object has a story to tell, this is never more true than in the case of applied psychometry. Our specialists are capable of sensing a “record” left in an object by its owner or an event it has been part of. In other words, the bullet lodged in the wall can only tell the gun type to a traditional criminology expert but will disclose the thoughts and feelings of the gunner, and possibly even his identity, to a skilled psychometrist.



The most widely recognized manifestation of the paranormal activity, and one of the most valued tools for the investigator. When it comes to personal testimonies, the huge complication must be accounted for: humans lie. Several attempts have been made to eradicate and minimize this factor, from serums to a polygraph, but have all been disproven. The only condition under which the testimonies can be conclusively falsifiable is the presence of a skillful telepath.).


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