Irish Immigrants and the Abolition of Slavery

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A historical event that I have chosen is the Irish immigration to the United States which occurred between 1820 and 1930 (Kelly, 2018). A brief overview that my essay needs include background information and context about the number of Irish migrants, the promises of the American government to them, and the consequences of the migration. This paper explores the reasons that led the Irish to migrate to the United States during Irish Immigration. Although the Irish faced numerous challenges, The Immigration of the Irish to the United States was beneficial both to the immigrants and the United States.

The first secondary source for review which discusses the positive impact of Irish migration to the USA is Murphy’s book Abolition, Irish Freedom, and Immigrant Citizenship: American Slavery and the Rise and Fall of the American Associations for Irish Repeal. Murphy (2006) reviews the reasons behind the Irish hesitance regarding slavery abolition in this publication. This source is directly related to the investigated topic and presents an in-depth look into the issue. The next secondary source is an article by Kinealy, The Irish Abolitionist: Daniel O’Connell. In this article, the author talks about a famous Irish abolitionist and his connection to the history of Irish immigration and slavery in America.

The primary sources include books written after the peak of immigration and during the fight against slavery. The first book was written by O’Connell (1860) – it contains his opinion on slavery and its connection to Irish freedom. The second book is by Maguire (1867), where the author talks about the issues surrounding Irish immigrants in the US. These two sources present Irish people’s contemporary opinions, making them essential primary sources.

The essay seeks to answer several research questions concerning Irish immigration to the United States:

  1. What are the reasons that led the Irish to migrate to the United States?
  2. What challenges did the Irish immigrants face in the United States?
  3. How did Irish immigration influence the United States, economically and socially?

The topic of Irish immigration to the United States and the abolishment of slavery is essential to historians because it informs them of the reasons why immigration occurred and the impact it had on the people involved. To effectively understand the topic, it is essential to explore the history of Ireland and the living and social conditions that triggered the people to consider migrating to the United States.


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