Julius Caesar’s vs. Augustus Caesar’s Reign

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Both Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar (Octavian) were prominent rulers of Rome, leaving behind many achievements as well as causing some problems during their reign. The main similarity between the two was that they were both highly popular with the people. Particularly, Freeman notes that Caesar frequently employed “the cause of the populares” to fulfill his goals. Another feature in common was that Julius, as well as Augustus, could boast the loyalty of their armies. Also, both of the rulers made considerable contributions to the establishment of the Roman Empire’s strength. Augustus is known as the one who “found a city of stone, and left one of marble.” One more analogy that can be drawn is that both Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar were talented writers and speakers. Cicero noted that Julius Caesar was “the most eloquent of the Romans.”

At the same time, there are some characteristics that indicate differences between the two rulers. Julius Caesar made the greatest prominence on generalship. Meanwhile, Augustus was the most skilled in the administrative sphere. Another divergence was the relationship with the Senate: Augustus established outstanding communication with senators, which promoted his success. Meanwhile, Julius Caesar could not boast friendly ties with the Senate, which eventually led to his assassination. One more issue concerned the treatment of the defeated: Augustus did not pay much consideration to them, whereas Julius Caesar was known for his generosity toward such people. Julius Caesar’s actions that led to the end of the Roman Empire were concerned with his intention to overthrow the Senate, which led to his death. Augustus’s problem was that he established the “irresponsible sovereignty.”