Language and Symbols in Communication

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Language is a big part of almost every sphere of people’s lives. Without language and communication signs, it would be impossible to contribute to any of the subjects, be it politics, media, or a simple conversation with another person. It is true that with the help of proper knowledge of language and symbols, some serious deals, such as political conversations, creation of movies, and setting of the traffic system, are being held. It is the way people understand each other and transfer knowledge and information from one to another. In addition, understanding different languages give one more opportunity.

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Communication can be verbal and non-verbal, and people use both of them in everyday life. Symbols play a significant role in society since they are a means of communicating. They are, in fact, a basis of human interaction, and thus they build the relationships between people. As the author has mentioned, he tends to relate himself with the group of people who share something common with him. That is because it is easier for them to find topics for discussion. When people are using means of communication, be it verbal or non-verbal, they build a better sense of belonging (DeLamater, 2014). That is why language and symbols are a crucial part of people’s lives.

People can communicate using verbal or non-verbal communication means, signs, and symbols. Signs and symbols, as a part of non-verbal communication, are important because they also help to convey ideas, feelings, and emotions. However, it is true that different symbols might have varying meanings in various cultures. It is essential to properly use the grammar, pronunciation, and structure of speech when communicating since it affects the interaction. I agree that such things as cultural background, social status also might influence the communication process between people.


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