Machiavelli’s “The Prince” and Bad Characters in Movies

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Ayer, David. Training Day. Warner Bros. Publishing, 2001. 

This source is an intangible primary source of data. Training Day is a movie on David Ayer’s book Training Day and produced by Warner Bros Pictures in 2001. The author and producers try to show why the African American Community perceives violence and brutality to show power and command in getting things done while White Americans believe in protecting citizens from brutality. The purpose of this source is to demonstrate the perspective of true power and leadership through brutality. The film is a qualitative source considering participants use creative skills and art in presenting the research concepts. This movie is important in explaining society’s perceptions of law and order among communities.

Nattiv, Guy. Skin. Revised Final Script. 2018.

This article is an intangible and primary source of information from a known scriptwriter, producer, and film director in the United States. The general idea of the script is family ties, racial clashes, and practicing empathy among community leaders for peace and unity. The script helps explain the importance of empathy in promoting unity in the research. This source provides facts that are credible and truthful for use in the research. Since the article is creative, it is qualitative in explaining and analyzing key concepts. Also, the script is a good reference source regarding factors that promote peace in clashing communities.

“Machiavellian.” Roget’s 21st Century Philip Lief Group. 2009. 

This source is tertiary, and Machiavellian means not caring for what is right or wrong or lack of guidance towards the right path. Synonyms for Machiavellian include unethical, immoral, unscrupulous, deceitful, unconscionable, and unprincipled. Antonyms include ethical, scrupulous, and moral. Thesaurus dictionary is important in providing significant definitions and other words that can be used in place of Machiavellian in breaking monotony when writing. Additionally, thesaurus provides the opposite of the word giving relevance to the meanings. Since the source is intangible, it is regarded as quantitative in analyzing facts. Philip Leif Group can be trusted as a source of information because it’s a known internet source for research. Therefore, the thesaurus dictionary is essential in obtaining information more efficiently and effectively enhancing quality papers.

Allen, Woody, and Douglas McGrath. Bullets-Over-Broadway. Miramax Publishing, 1994.

This article is a primary source. Bullets over Broadway is a screenplay written by Allen Woody and Douglas McGrath as the co-writer. In the screenplay, the authors question the morality and ethical perceptions that determine real artistry, which is important for defining ethical issues in society. The source is credible and can be trusted because of its originality and creativity in presenting ethical concepts. This article is qualitative because it presents ideas analytically and descriptively. Finally, the script is relevant in promoting morality and ethical concepts in this research.

Abrams, Mike. “Machiavelli’s The Prince: A Summary with Quotations.” Machiavelli, 2014.

This is a physical and primary source. The article addresses gender and sexual issues from an evolutionary perspective. In Machiavelli’s The Prince, women are not significant and because of their sexuality. The book offers a comprehensive, evidence-based report on the concept of sexuality, facilitating the analysis of masculine institutionalism and perspectives on sexuality. On the other hand, the author uses The Prince to discuss sexuality and its disorders, including social identity regarding sex and treating sexual problems through cognitive therapies. This source is qualitative and credible since the book uses interviews and comments from influential individuals in the health and clinical psychology sector, including Helen Fischer and Ken Zucker. This book educatively provides factual and comprehensive information for research in sexual problems, socio-psychological identity, and methods of dealing with sexual problems.