Making Abortion Illegal: Woman’s and Child’s Rights

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Nowadays, there is a significant concern about abortion in medical practice. Undoubtedly, many women might not be ready to give birth to a child for many reasons, and abortion becomes an exit for them. However, this process might be equated to the murder of a child. It is essential to examine this question to understand whether abortion is an intensely personal matter or a process that abuses the moral sense.

Initially, abortion was not a natural process due to its realization procedure. As known, there are various types of abortions varying from taking medicines to surgical removal. These methods harm the formed embryo inside the woman’s womb. Besides killing the fetus, it also may harm the female’s organism. As a result, the woman might lose the ability to give birth. Apparent health harm is the first reason to prohibit abortions.

The second reason is the moral side of the question. It is known that the fetus starts forming from the first days of fertilization when the heart and nervous systems begin shaping. Moreover, it is possible to listen to the child’s heartbeat several weeks after the fertilization. Thus, the embryo is an alive creature and a developing human organism. In this sense, abortion becomes the murder of the unborn child.

Indeed, some people may argue that abortion is a personal choice of a woman. To some extent, it might be accurate, but abortion is a form of murder of a person who has the right to live. It is known that the embryo proliferates after fertilization and since this moment can be considered a person. The child might be a perfect doctor, musician, or just a good person, but he or she needs to be born.

Overall, abortion should be illegal because it violates the rights of unborn children. Despite all arguments about individual decisions, it is still a murder of a person. Moreover, it is a concern of both the woman and the child, as this process harms them. Probably, abortions should be legal only in emerging cases such as rape. In other cases, the moral sense and the child’s life are abused by the abortion process.