Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005

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The Public Law 109–41—July 29, 2005 or the Patient Safety And Quality Improvement Act Of 2005 is directed towards the benefit and the betterment of patients within the parameter of healthcare by formulating and enforcing well-defined law in favor of suitable healthcare and patient safety measures. The fundamental approach and the focal point of the act is to develop improve the quality of healthcare provided to the patents.

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The law deals with the proper and clear definition of the terms and the mode of operations to be enacted. It also illustrates the Public Health Service Act amendments. Alongside it provides the details of Severability, Technical assistance, listing and certification of Patient safety organization, creation of network related to database of patient safety and the protection of confidentiality and privilege at the same time. The law clearly enumerates the boundaries of these elements and defines the operative purpose of each segment.

All these efforts are in the context of the construction of a mode of healthcare facility that would enable the patient to understand the rights and duties with ease and form a guideline to the providers of healthcare without any scope of ambiguity. The entire process is well formulated and documented so as to allow the best possible mode of operation in the long run.

Patient Safety Organization Overview

Patient Safety Organization Overview is based on the report of 1999 named To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System, published by Institute of Medicine (IOM). The focal point of the report is to evaluate and analyze the overall condition of healthcare system and the areas of possible improvement associated with it in the context of patient safety. However, it also pays enough evidences and details on adverse events.

One of the major concerns in this context is the physicians’ reluctance of sharing data and details due to professional insecurity associated with the said details. This results in inadequacy of data in the end and thus it develops a situation where specific problem based research are found wanting and often proved to be insufficient. Their concerns for patient safety events are actually causing more harm than help. Similarly, the data associated with patient safety details are never sufficient to formulate a specific mode of trend and thus it is extremely difficult to ascertain the mode of operations. All these factors are detrimental for patient safety and the physicians and institutions should come forward to resolve this issue.


In order to enable the availability of data and patient related details, the most instrumental law in this context is the Patient Safety Act or The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005. This law, backed by PSOs, makes it mandatory to submit details related to patient safety to formulate long-termed mechanisms that would be beneficial for the patients. This would enable the PSOs to create better facilities and credible environment in the context of public safety thereby making the healthcare system, public and private, a more secured and reliable institution.


Public Law 2005; Patient Safety And Quality Improvement Act. 

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Patient Safety Organization Overview.