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Personal mission

My mission is to use the knowledge that I have acquired in school to create a positive impact on the fashion industry by designing products that will improve people’s lives. Also, my dream is to design products that will be useful, functional, and aesthetically appealing to be appreciated by people across the world. I am interested in fashion brands such as Christian Dior, Hermes, and Chanel. Moreover, the glamour that is associated with fashion shows appeals to me greatly. Frequent attendance at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show has taught me a lot and provided enough motivation to pursue fashion design as a career. I want to be an authority in the fashion industry and contribute towards the development of new fashion lines that will have international appeal. The attainment of these goals will require constant application of certain values and principles that are important in the attainment of success.

Personal values

My values include achievement, creativity, growth, integrity, commitment, proactivity, and resilience. These values will be critical in the attainment of my mission. My goals include working in the fashion industry, developing products that people will appreciate, and becoming a part of international fashion events that showcase contemporary fashion designs. These goals are related to my passion for fashion and originate from my readiness to put the knowledge acquired in class into practice. Working in the fashion field will support my most important values because it is a challenging endeavor that will require resilience, commitment, and integrity. Therefore, I will be proactive, I will seek growth, and commit to hard work to succeed (Gulla, 2010). Creativity, commitment, and resilience are needed in the development of an international fashion brand. In the fashion field, the lack of the aforementioned values leads to the creation of products that lack the aesthetic appeal necessary for international markets. Resilience will be important because the process of creating a new product is long, challenging, and arduous. In any product development process, many products are discarded for failing to attain the required standards (Jones, 2007). Research has shown that a lot of time and energy goes into creating a compelling product. Without resilience and commitment, it is very easy to give up and succumb to momentary failure (Gulla, 2010). On the other hand, commitment to personal growth will keep me focused on my mission and goals. The fashion industry is very competitive and difficult to penetrate because of the need for creativity and resilience. I will succeed because my values are aligned with my goals and personal mission.

Design is an important part of life because it brings glamour, splendor, and joy into people’s lives (Jones, 2007). That is the main reason why many people love luxury designer fashion. Besides, it makes people feel beautiful and dynamic, promotes culture, helps people demonstrate their values and beliefs, and allows them to express themselves (Lee & Workman, 2014). I am confident that I will attain all my goals. As a fashion design student, I have acquired sufficient knowledge and skills that will enable me to pursue my goals and personal mission. I have interacted with many professionals and successful individuals in the fashion industry and have also worked in various areas that include production, marketing, and design. Therefore, I possess the knowledge and experience necessary to design products that will bring significant change in the fashion field.


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