Political Parties in the United States of America

The two major political parties in the United States are the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The minor parties that am going to discuss in this essay are the green party and the constitution party. I will compare and contrast the two major parties as well as the two minor parties. We shall be comparing their public image, political philosophy and their stand on various issues like the economy, terrorism, education etc. I shall also look at groups that support these parties and the reasons for the support as well as their geographical locations. We shall also have a brief discussion on if the political parties are indispensable to democratic politics. I will discuss the political party of my interest as well.

Considering the philosophy of both parties we find that the Republicans prefer limited government influences. They also call for a dominant foreign policy. On the other hand the democrats are known to favor government participation. The republicans are usually considered conservatives while democrats are referred to as the liberals. Republicans feel that the government involvement in some issues will be a limitation to the development of the country. The democrats believe that government involvement leads to the improvement of the citizen’s welfare in the country.

The two parties also seem to differ in the issues concerning the rights of minorities. Gay rights are one of the issues. Republicans advocate that marriage should be between people of the opposite sex. Democrats believe that one is supposed to be left to make his or her own decisions; it is upon the involved to choose what is right or wrong. Democrats encourage the taxation of the rich while the republicans are for equal taxation and advocate for an increase in minimum wages while the republicans favor low minimum wage to favor the business. In cases of abortion among women democrats say that it is the right of a woman to decide and should not be made a law. Republican strongly opposes this and views it as an illegal activity.

Karp indicated that immigration is well supported by the democrats while strong enforcement is supported at the bounder areas by the republicans. Republicans depend on immigration labor while the democrats are always protective of the immigration issues. In economy and social matters the democrats have always been at the left side of the republican. They use franklins D Roosevelt philosophy to which strongly influenced the liberisation in America. The republican party advocate for a pro business platform. It lays its foundations on the economic libertarianism. The republicans further believe in social conservatism based on religion rights.Democrats go by civil right movement of 1960.

According to Bec and Hershey the republican is known as a white voter party. It is highly supported by southerners. It is traditionally strong in states like Oklahoma and Kansas.Democrats is widely supported by African-Americans. They have the strong support in California, New York and Chicago. They are the first ones to produce a black president.

Despite the many differences these parties also share some similarities. The two have the same function to be the governments that form the United States. They also believe on some immigration restrictions to avoid terrorism. They share same views on education they advocate for safer class room more state power and money. They also share the same views on drugs, convicts, terrorism among others.

Referring to the minor parties their ideology also defers. The green party believes in social democratic and green politics while the constitution party believes in pale conservatism. In issues related to human right the green party favors abortion but constitution party opposes. This is the same case with the homosexuality. The constitution party does not offer room for gay marriages. The green party in addition favors the progressive tax policy while the constitution party opposes. In matters of deficit spending they both advocate reduction.

In issues regarding immigration the green party considers the easing of restriction on the other hand the constitution party is against. On the issue regarding 0the Iraq war they both calls for withdrawal. This is the major comparison for this parties and there differences. It should be noted that the green party has support in California as well as Columbia.

Can the political parties be considered indispensable to democratic politics? In their book Benoit and Laver indicates that there as been many disagreements on this. The role that the political party plays is sometimes questionable. On the other hand it is believed that the political parties are very essential to the development of the countries as well as political democracy. Through the political parties the citizens are able to participate in choosing a president of there own. They also get a platform to discuss the policy they want. Political parties have been criticized since the time for there existence though it is difficult for the political party to operate without the parties.

The Republican Party is the party of my preference. Unlike other parties they believe in good morals and ethics. Concerning the issue of gay marriages and abortion that an issue that they oppose against legalizing this issues. They also believe in a state where by the government interference is minimal. This enables the society to be self dependent. It is also clear that this party favors equality among the citizens. A good example here is the issue on taxation they believe on taxation for all. The ideology of this party is sensible and very practical.

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