Race and Your Community


Racialism refers to race discrimination. This means that a certain race is considered to be more superior to others (Floyd-Wilson, M. 2003, p.8). The discriminated race is segregated from facilities and opportunities such as education, medical services, and employment. On the other hand ethnicity identity is the sense of belonging to a group of people that share the same characteristics such as, beliefs, country of origin or cultural practices.

I am an American and the essay gives a personal opinion on how human interactions in my community have been influenced by racialism. Racialism in my community is viewed on the relations within my neighborhood, local government, service groups, schools and workplace.

Racial discrimination among community members

The members of my community are different. In America whites are the largest population, but there are some African Americans who are black. Myself I am a white and African Americans are blacks. In addition, in my community some people are Christians but majorities are Muslims. In America people are also discriminated in line of language. According to Wolcott (2002, para 2) in the 20th century the major racial classification was between the Negroes and the Nordics. In America those people who are not speaking European language are considered uncivilized. However, those groups who are able to speak European language are considered civilized and hence they are more respected (Mufwene, 2006, p.4).

In addition, the blacks are not given opportunities in employment. The whites are given the first priorities and hence they are given the high positions while the blacks are given the low positions such for the cooks or cleaners. Those people who are not like me in my community do not have education opportunities. Education opportunities given to the whites is not the same as that given to the black people? For the whites the education is free but for the blacks to be admitted in a collage they have to be athletes. Therefore the society considers the blacks as poor and illiterate.

Politics and racialism

The leaders treated those people from my race as more superior than the blacks. For example, the blacks are not allowed to vote and also in some institutions such as the army there are the units for whites and those for the blacks. However those units for the blacks are not led by a black but rather they are controlled by whites. During voting the voting technology makes it difficult for blacks’ to vote than the whites. This is because the most complicated and uncertain machines that produced uncertain results are concentrated in those regions where there are many blacks (Entman & Rojecki, 2001, p. 12). Therefore the leaders do not give the same opportunities to the blacks and the whites.


The local media represents the whites because most of the journalists are whites. Therefore the blacks are not employed in the local media productions. In addition the media is not mostly concerned about the welfare of the other racial groups but it is always concerned about the social welfare of the whites. most of the television shows are dominated by the whites while in most movies the blacks’ males acts as subordinates of whites who are hero’s. The local media does not report on the racial discrimination during the voting process. In other films the blacks feature to be getting help from the whites because they have no power and also they are not intellect (Entman & Rojecki, 2001, p. 17). This shows that the media segregates the whites from the blacks by considering the whites as hero or more superior.

Interests of minority group

I don’t think the needs or interest of the minority groups are represented in my community because the media which is the best channel to voice out the interests of all the races it only airs the interest of the major group (Entman & Rojecki, 2001, p. 16). The government which should consider the needs of the entire citizen without discrimination it does the vice versa (Zackodnik, 2004, p.64). For example in voting the machines used by the blacks are the uncertain ones. In addition in various opportunities such as education all people do not have equal opportunities. For example in collages most admissions are given to the whites and the only blacks who are given opportunity are the athletes.

If I would resolve any inequities within my community I would change the access of education opportunities to the blacks. This can be done by giving the blacks quality education. This is because if all have quality education the economy of my country would grow and develop at a higher rate. In addition, when blacks are educated they will be treated as civilized people by the other community members.


Racism is a device in most communities and it leads to poverty and decline in a country’s or community’s development. In America the whites are segregated from many opportunities such as education, employment and also in voting. The minority groups are considered uncivilized by the other members. Local media also contributes towards racism in America. It does not express the interests of the minority group. In addition the local government also supports racial discrimination by not giving equal opportunities to all the citizens. However elimination of racial discrimination in a community may lead to economic growth and development.

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