Religion in America: African-American Churches

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How important has the institution of the church been for African-Americans?

African-American churches are churches whose ministry is predominantly done to African-American people living in the United States. The institution of the church has a significant role for the African-American people. The African-American churches were established after the abolition of the slave trade. They developed their ways of worship that were culturally distinct from those of white Americans. I will highlight some of the reasons why the church is an important institution for African-American people.

Social cohesion

The most important role played by the African-American church is the provision of cohesion. The church has been able to bind together the black people living in America, thus making it easier for them to achieve their aspirations. Black people in America must work hand in hand to achieve their targets.

Creation of awareness

The African-American church has provided its congregation with a forum for enlightenment. Church leaders have developed various forums to enlighten their people about various issues that touch on different aspects of the black American people. These issues include political issues, social issues, and economic issues. The church makes the congregation aware of its rights as American citizens.

Social institution

The church is a very important institution in the social lives of African-American people. The church provides a forum for which the African-Americans can meet and interact. It gives them the voice to raise issues that they face and provides them with a forum to discuss their issues and find amicable solutions. The church is an important institution that these people can run to seek support, especially when other institutions fail to provide them.

Reduction of crime

The African-American church has been able to impact morals and virtues to the members of the society, and this has helped to reduce crime rates. The high levels of unemployment for black Americans has resulted in increased crime. The church has taken an active role in trying to reform criminals by giving them teachings on good morals and Christian virtues. Crime, especially among black youths is a major concern for Americans, and the church has had to step up to ensure that this trend changes by teaching the youth honest ways of making a living.

Social welfare

The church institution has taken an active role in providing its people with social amenities. These social amenities include schools, health facilities, recreation centers, and orphanages. It has helped to build the community by improving the living standards of people. The church has sponsored various projects which are aimed at improving the quality of life of its people.

What do you think the future of religion is in America?

America is one of the world’s most religious countries. The greater population of America engages in private and organized spiritual practices. However, I believe that in the coming years, the future of religion in America will be transformed. I believe that religious practices will decline shortly. I will provide several reasons why I believe religion will decline in America.

Scientific advancements

I believe this is the main reason why religion will lose its meaning in America. Many people are beginning to have doubts regarding various spiritual beliefs, especially, because man has proved to have the capability of developing things that God could. Technological advancements that are discovered daily make it more convincing to believe in science due to the presence of physical evidence, unlike with religion where we know God exists, but nobody has seen him.

Religious diversity

The diversity of religion is on the rise in America. I believe that the religious landscape will change in the coming years. Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant religions are the most dominant religions in America. I think the main reason for religious diversity is due to the presence of immigrants in America. As people moved into this country, they carried along with them their religious practices. The Muslim religion is an example of the growing religions in America. The presence of Sikhs, Muslims, and Buddhists in America is evidence of diversity. This diversity is going to be experienced in the future as people believe in change.

Religious conservatives

Religious conservativeness is a growing trend in American society. Conservativeness arises as a way of trying to deal with religious diversity. I believe that in a decade to come, many religions in America will have lost their identities, and this will necessitate the presence of religious conservatives to defend fundamental truths. The conservative movements are established to deal with threats posed due to religious diversity.

Changes in society are the main reason why the rates of religious practices are bound to decline shortly in America. Sexuality, contraception, and biotechnology are some of the reasons why religion is taking a deep change. People tend to believe in science more than in God. People also want to be associated with groups that are open to new trends, and religions that have strict rules will lose followers.