Same-Sex Marriage in the United States

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Despite the great controversy on whether same sex marriages should be legalized or not, it is scientifically evident that this phenomenon is natural. This assertion is evidenced by confirmation that homosexuality occurs even in the animal kingdom. Among the species involved are birds, monkeys and the great apes.In fact, it is naturally occurring in hundreds of species of birds, mammals, fish and even birds. Considering this natural characteristic, this paper seeks to argue that same sex marriage should be legalized because it is not something one can help, it is a natural feeling and a right whose denial means denying an individual his natural pleasure

In the gay community, marriage is one social commitment that has privileges, one of them being financial pooling. The governments of most countries offer taxes to marriage couples, recognition of dependants in welfare systems and next-of -kin rights all play towards highlighting financial benefits that promote same sex marriage. This is accepted if one partner dies and the property is inherited. Gay marriages have been accepted in Massachusetts since 2004.Children of married gay parents benefit directly knowing that their future holds the prospect of material and psychological security. In addition, they benefit when they see it as a norm, a way of sending a positive and reassuring message about the importance of marriage (Cahill, 2004).

In addition, legalizing same sex marriage leads to increases in tax revenue collection for both the country and the city. A country would collect about 99% of additional taxes while the city would collect around 98% of taxes and fees without affecting the public employees’ benefits and the public the assistance by the marriage equality. The state would collect a lot of money on health benefits to help some who come up with physical sexual complications during mating. The degree of increase of revenue by the country and city are very vital in the day to day running of public affairs. This therefore means that legalizing of same sex marriages would promote the standards of living because the government would be collecting more. Such money can be pumped into improving amenities (Chauncey, 2004).

There are social aspects in gay marriage that are so beneficial to the society. First, they reduce number of infidels. The rate of infidelity in gay marriages is very low as compared to opposite sex marriages in that infidelity is rarely practiced within the gay community.They don’t share their partners in fear of discrimination unlike the opposite sex marriage who easily find it so normal sharing their partners. In most instances, infidelity results into divorce cases. Marriage between one man and one woman is critical to maintaining social stability.Society as a whole faces ugly results like single parenting and out of wedlock pregnancies. In most states that have banned gay marriage the divorce rate has increased.For example Massachusetts which had gay marriage since 2004 has had the lowest divorce rate in the country for several years running. Therefore, this argument fully stands for gay marriage (Mello 24).

In addition, all the rules and regulation of the state must always be followed in every situation. Immigration rules and policies assist heterosexuals to sponsor their spouses. This however should be applied in same sex marriages too. The applicability of these immigration policies to heterosexuals should therefore apply equally to same sex partners. This would allow legal residence to several people. Despite this, some couples at times support their foreign partners, which is totally against the law in some states. In the United States the marriage act which was signed in 1996 prohibits the sponsoring of foreign partners. Therefore interfering with their social life is like breaking the law of the states. To widen this, there are so many states that allow gay marriage. These are Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. This justifies that legalizing this sexual orientation is workable and profitable as experienced by these countries (Chauncey, 2004).

Conversely, the gay community contributes to the building of a new generation. Not just a plain one but a strong pure generation full of hardworking gays and lesbians. They also contribute to the building of the nation as compared to what would happen if they were discriminated against and marginalized. So they also need similar treatment like other nation builders. They also bring up children normally that grow up progressive and will eventually be accepted by a society that supports gay marriage. Gay couples are capable of raising a child comparatively well if not better than their heterosexual counterparts. So, separating their parents is like violating the rights of the young mind. After all marriage is a coming together, a union for better and for worse. It is an association that promotes a way of life that comforts an individual (Mello, 2004).

However, the moral ground from which opponents of same sex marriage is inadequate to lead to continued unfair treatment of same sex marriage couples. Before putting too much emphasis on morality, it is important that all the mentioned economic, legal and social advantages are weighed on a scale against morality. Without doubt, the advantages associated with this phenomenon seem to outweigh the opponents’ moral position.

In conclusion, the positive effects of legalizing same sex marriages clearly outweigh the negative ones. Legalization of this would lead to reduced rates of divorce, pregnancies found out of wedlock and increase in overall revenue through taxes. Given this position, it is true to argue that same sex marriages should be legalized. Other Nations should follow the example and legalize gay marriage because they contribute to nation building. The policies in protecting gay marriage should be adhered because affecting them is tampering with a very progressive generation.

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