SAML and XACML: Web Services Security

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SAML and XACML applications

SAML and XACML are security applications that are used on web services to apply various standards and protocols to be able to allow secure and valid communication between various entities that have been authorized (Internet2, 2011).


There are toolkits that are used with this application for instance the OpenSMAL which is an application that makes use of the SAML, to start with a short description of SAML. SAML is an acronym for security Assertion markup language it is an Advancing Open standards for the information society (OASIS) standard, used for compilation and exchange of verification, attribute and also giving permission of standard data that makes use of extensible mark up language packets and transporting format, it is valuable to keep in mind that the architectures that can be developed in relation to security Assertion Markup Language are not put into definition by this standard. Hence Security Assertion markup language is in many cases a fragment of an entire solution to security and is not always the only component (Internet2, 2011).

OpenSAML is a java open system software application written in the C++ language; it was created by the developers who are responsible for the internet two. OpenSAML has the capacity to produce objects with specific fields of information.

That comprise of, security Assertion Markup Language messages, can construct valid security Assertion Markup Language representations, can also parse the security Assertion Markup Language to the original form of object, it does give support to the programmers who use applications that make use of the security Assertion Markup Language profiles and its bindings for transport.

OpenSAML does give support to security Assertion Markup Language version 1.1, security Assertion Markup Language1.0 and also security Assertion Markup Language 2.0, it also gives support to some more profiles and extensions.

Open SAML does aid an application that would like to make use of security Assertion Markup Language messages or standard security Assertion Markup Language profiles, to give or host information regarding requirements of security (Internet2, 2011).

OpenSMAL can be used by windows ranging form NT to Xp2003, Linux, Mac operating system and the Solaris. This is because it only uses security Assertion Markup Language messages, any kind of authenticating can be used or even any architecture attribute. Security Assertion Markup Language messages can be retrieved directly and transferred over protocol of any kind,

In relation to XACML the ASP.NET which is a Microsoft application developed for the purposed of developers who want to design dynamic web applications, ASP.NET has integrated with XACML with a purposed of achieving secure enterprise applications on the website, it was build on the needs of user authenticating, access control and framing security policies to safe-guard from potential security attacks. The role that XAML plays here is accommodating most access-control policy needs and also supports new trends, a single XACML policy has the flexibility of being applied numerous resources hence removing inconsistencies and avoids duplicating effort in creation of policies for various resources, using XACML, one policy can reference another, for example policy for specific site of a big organization can refer both companywide policy and at the same time reference a country’s specific policy


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