Should Homework Be Banned?

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Experts have not detected a clear connection between the level of knowledge and the volume of homework assigned to students; therefore, every country needs to make an individual decision.


Schoolchildren study too much – this is the opinion of not only students but also their parents who believe that their children do not have time to relax or occupy themselves with any other activities. Also, there are those who think that getting kids busy with loads of homework is a guarantee that the child will not spend all their time sitting at the computer.

Should Homework Be Banned in Schools

In different countries of the world, the question about the need for homework arises regularly. In addition, experts in various fields discuss the excessive loads of work that schoolchildren are exposed to. Health experts believe that it is necessary to give them more free time for walks in the fresh air. Moreover, schools around the world are starting to reject homework as part of the curriculum.

Should Homework Be Banned: Statistics

For most school systems in the world, homework is still the main form of consolidation of the educational material. At the same time, parents of schoolchildren complain about excessive volumes of homework. According to studies, it was found that students spend more than 10 hours a week doing different tasks outside the school. The countries with the largest volumes of homework are Russia, Italy, Ireland, Poland, and Spain, where students spend an average of about 6-6.5 hours a week on homework.

Should Homework Be Banned: Facts

Most experts agree that the main thing in this matter is not the volume of homework, but its quality and creativity. In addition, at school, children do not always have time to consolidate the material they have studied, especially if these are classes in a foreign language. The ideal scenario is when the teacher gives students an individual assignment so that each kid can go through the material they need.