Social Networks as a Revolutionary Technology

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Social networks are structures comprised of different actors connected together by dyadic ties. Social networks “combine people into small groups, neighborhoods, or communities” (Papacharissi 201). Social networking has become possible because of the internet. The internet consists of “many people who are trying to make friends, gather information, develop new competencies, share ideas, and look for jobs” (Simonpietri 26).

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Social networks or websites create online communities with similar needs. Many societies support the use of social networks because they have made life much better than ever before. The benefits of social networks are inexhaustible. Many citizens are currently using social sites to interact with their relatives and friends. Many citizens are using social media to realize their potentials. This report presents the best discussions to support the importance of social networks in our modern societies.

Social Network as a Revolutionary Technology

Many people are using different social media websites to exchange their ideas and communicate with one another. Many social media networks such as and have changed the way people communicate with their relatives, spouses, and friends. Live was different 20 years ago. People used to write letters to their relatives and friends. The world was moving at a slow pace throughout the 20th century. This situation gives a clear image of the world without such social networks. These social networks have helped many people communicate with their relatives and friends. Communication is the origin of human prosperity. Human beings are presently finding it easier to communicate with one another in order to achieve their potentials (Look Up).

Social networking has brought more people closer than ever before. People are using social media to share their ideas across the world. Human communication around the globe has become possible. Individuals can contact their relatives at every time of the day. Social networks reduce the cost of communication between individuals. Every person in our society can share different aspects of his or her life (Look Up). Many people are sharing photos with their loved ones. Geographical distances “might keep individuals apart but they cannot affect their level of interaction” (Simonpietri 18).

The society is getting useful information from various marketers and businesses. Customers are finding it easier to interact with their marketers. Businesses are using social networks to understand the changing expectations of their consumers. Many companies in the society are no longer incurring a lot of money to advertise their services and products. The society is getting the best support from different marketers via social media sites. Social networks are beneficial to every consumer and marketer in the society (Simonpietri 11). This practice also ensures consumers get the best products from their manufacturers.

Social networks make it possible for individuals to widen their competencies and skills. Social media ensures people discover new ideas. People are using social media to exchange their views on every societal issue such as global warming, environmental conservation, and politics. The last general election in the United States succeeded because many young people participated in it (Look Up). Most of these individuals gained their political views from different social networks. This discussion explains why social media is currently widening peoples’ knowledge. The approach continues to support different issues or ideas in every society. Social media sites portray the true voice of different societies.

Social networks have become useful towards dealing with societal unrest and crime. Many police departments such as the New York Police Department (NYPD) and Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) are using different social networks to investigating different crimes. The NYPD has identified and captured over 50 gang members who share their criminal involvements on various social sites. Social networks “are powerful tools because they spread news faster during disasters” (Papacharissi 212). The online community can offer the required financial or medical support whenever there is a crisis or attack. This scenario occurred after the infamous Boston Marathon bombings.

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Social networks have changed the nature of our world. Many people in the society are using social media to develop new relationships and alliances. Many jobseekers are using various social media sites to contact potential employees. Online social networks are becoming common in order to promote business communication. Many professionals are using social media to foster the best relationships with their stakeholders and business partners. Social networks continue to affect various companies across the globe. These networks will always determine the way different communities interact and conduct their affairs (Simonpietri 16).

These social networks also present several threats to our societies. Social media networks have killed interpersonal relationships and languages. Many people stay connected with their friends and relatives. This practice has affected the quality of human relationships in every part of the universe. This scenario explains why “a great number of individuals are no longer communicating face-to-face” (Simonpietri 21). Social sites are the leading distributors of information in our societies. Social networks also lack integrity and privacy.

According to Papacharissi (209), social media affects the performance of employees and learners. Students who use various social sites tend to perform poorly in their studies. According to many teachers, social media can affect the academic performance of every student. Social networking also encourages individuals to waste their precious time. This situation explains why many companies have discouraged the use of these social networks in order to promote the productivity.

Criminals in different communities are using social media to promote crimes and share their concepts with one another. These gangs use social media sites to coordinate their activities. The question of cyber-bullying is also common in every society that promotes the use of social networking. According to Simonpietri (27), “many students and underage users of social networks have encountered several online abuses”. Adults and parents can also become possible victims of online abuse or cyber-bullying. Social networking “is also associated with social isolation” (Papacharissi 208). Social networks “are also vulnerable to various attacks such as identity theft, data loss, and hacking” (Papacharissi 207). Such threats can have significant effects on every society.


Social networks are useful technologies that have revolutionized every community. Many societies have benefited from the use of these social networks. Some of these benefits include accelerated economic development, improved communication, and addressing social problems. The society can acquire new information and ideas in order to support its objectives. Social networking equips individuals with new ideas that can promote societal development. This situation explains why our societies should examine how such social networks damage relationships, support criminal activities, promote cyber-bullying, and attract hackers. Every society should analyze the weaknesses surrounding the use of social networks in order to maximize their benefits. Many citizens will always use different social networks to realize their potentials.

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