Substance Abuse and Its Effect on Health


Drugs are substances that when absorbed in the bloodstream alter or modify the bodily functions. They manifest in the form of loss of control over the mind, which is the most common and most immediate effect upon consumption.

There are numerous drugs easily available in the market and can be obtained without any restrictions examples of which are alcohol and tobacco. There are other drugs too which are not as easily available in the market, and there may be some regulations upon acquiring them examples of which include cocaine, marijuana and heroin. No matter how mild or heavy the drug may be, all drugs produce certain negative changes in the normal physical and mental functions of the body.

As soon as the drugs are consumed, there is instant visible change in the behavior of the person. Substance abuse is a prevalent evil of society and initiates numerous problems. Drug addicts or drug users fail to comprehend the disastrous ill effects of drugs not only on their physical but also their mental health. There are several drugs available in society and accessible to the children and youth. The essay attempts to highlight some of the most common but also the most devastating negative consequences on health due to substance abuse.

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There are numerous drugs found easily in the market. The most common of them is alcohol. The consumption of alcohol immediately alters the state of the consumer, resulting in total loss of self-control. The short-term effects of alcohol include hangovers in the form of headaches, nausea, and a highly depressed immune system. The loss of control over the person’s mind can result in several crimes under the influence of the drug.

Apart from these immediate effects, repeated use of alcohol results in severe health problems such as kidney failure and mental diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. High blood pressure is a commonly occurring side-effect of alcohol which directly results in heart disease.

Besides alcohol, another drug which causes severe health problems is cocaine. Upon being inhaled, cocaine elevates the pulse rate and can result in fatal heart failures among first time users. The constant snorting action to inhale the drug can result in a hole in the nose lining, over a period of time. As soon as cocaine is consumed, there is an instant elevation in the heart rate and the rate of breathing resulting in an instant rise in the blood pressure which can lead to immediate loss of life.

Cocaine is also known to raise the temperature of the human body, following its use, and may prove fatal even in cases of first-time drug abuse. It is a highly addictive drug where one-time experimentation could result in a severe craving for the drug, failing which, the user could experience physical and psychological convulsions. Cocaine is a substance, the prolonged abuse of which can result in several problems such as seizures and psychosis and even heart failures.

Drugs such as marijuana also cause detrimental health effects especially mental problems. Prolonged use of the drug can lead to damage the memory functioning of the brain leading to complete loss of memory and disease of the brain such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Infertility can also be a side effect in prolonged users along with damaged lungs.


Heroin is a narcotic drug that immediately results in dizziness and constipation and depression among the users. I case of drug overdose, there are increased chances of seizures and in many cases even death.

Drugs have been associated with several cases of impairment and devastation among those who are addicts and even initial use of drugs must be avoided at all times.