Technology Venturing: the Tablet Uprising

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This is primarily a small computer that can in use by anybody in different activities that are in relation to it. It is mobile in that it allows more efficiency than the laptops that one needs to put somewhere in order to use. The tablet can be used even without seating down since it can be placed in a way that it rests on the arm allowing easy usage in any place. The tablet is more advantageous, since it does not need any dialing keyboard that one needs in order to insert some of the letters that useful to the user, maybe to search or store some document in that order. It has what many refers to a touch screen, where one can easily scroll through when reading or tying to find some of the documents that are in it. The use of touch screen sensors using fingers make this achievable. It will be made in a way that one can use it to access the internet. This can be done through creating the best quality of speed that needed in the processes of internet access. The world is with new technology. This has lead to people running deep in it. They are mainly looking forward to seeing the new products in the competing economical world. Bringing this commodity to the market will possibly be a better way of investing (Burgelman & Christensen 2009, p. 95).

There will be some of the software’s that will be in place to in maintaining the tablet from some of the threats that may be linked to the damage of the system. Some of them will include significant anti viruses. This will protect it from viruses that can in turn destroy or even slow down the processing of the main system of the tablet. Some programs will be added in making the tablet more substantial for the users in an effective way (Abbott 1994, p. 213).

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Commercializing of the new technology

Venturing new technologies is a risky task that means that the company is to take into account the combination of the innovations and commercial demand for a product (Konecci & Kuhn 1985). Thus, many aspects are to be considered in order to produce this tablet. One of the vital key aspects will be the touch input which in many cases will be in use mostly by the user. Many of the operational doings of the tablet will be through the touching of the screen in order to complete a certain objective on the tablet. This will allow the user to type easily by the use of fingers; navigation can be done with more efficiency through the screen virtual keyboard. The screen is made in a way that it responds only to the touch and not clicks that used by computers and some of the laptops. It will come with a better development of the hand writing which many tablets do not have despite their availability of the touch screen. This will make it easy in inserting some of the foreign languages that exist in the world. It will help many in a situation that needs a different language input, a better example is of the Chinese and the Indian language. With this tablet, we have come up with many will find it more effective in using it (Higgs et al 2000, p.299 ).

There will also be extremely vital system setting that is implemented in accordance to the safety of the tablet in particular. The capacitive touch screen is a screen setting that does not respond to any other pressure apart from the touch from the finger tips. The main objective of this is to avoid many applications opening at once which may lead to the interference of the system memory. It helps in situations like programs closed when anything touches the screen. Other notable features will include the accelerometer. This tells of the position of the tablet in tern protecting the tablet in unnecessary falling. It will clearly detect the faulty positions, and the user can easily place it in an appropriate position. It also senses the movement of the tablet (Konecci, E.B. 1984, p. 101).

In the processes of commercializing the new technology, I will go for the global brand licensing. This is because the licensing works all over the world and thus increasing the marketing of the new product. They are able to find the places that are reliable for the commodity they have in their hands. This licensing company is known by many which mean that it is largely accepted. That will in turn lead to significant profit making of the commodity. They have ways of taking various brands to where they have never been seen before (Lawless,1993, p. 84).

Advantages and disadvantages of the method of licensing chosen

When looking at the disadvantages of this licensing, many clients have profited from it, since the company has ways of getting reasonable prices, for the commodities they are given to handle. That will be to an advantage since the production will be profitable in the foreign countries. This will in turn retain the capital that the product used in its production and will add enough profit to increase the production for more profit. When looking at other countries, there is no justification of the local commodity leading to it not reaching the expectation it requires (Gordon 2000, p, 23).

Mostly, the commodities that are from other countries tend to be higher than the commodities that are presently produced in the same country. The global brand licensing also offers knowledge on the right time to invest more or get more active in the international market. It also gives details on the countries that are evident to be more profitable when producers take their production for marketing to the countries. The best advantage of global brand licensing is that, it give the world what they believe is admirable and gives the producers with the best products a chance of getting most of the profits it deserves. They give the clients the product in a principled way that makes them come back. The awareness of the tablet will be easily known since the licensing uses the internet mostly in the advertising methods. The world will be informed of the product by the use of some of the web pages that are owned by the licensing company. The instructions and safety ways to handle the tablet will be included in the advertising process through the web page. Apart from the advantages that are seen in the licensing that I have chosen, there is a disadvantage that comes with it. These advantages are advantageous because they give the business a healthy boost in the competitive market point of view. The key issue is the capital used in acquiring this licensing (Seifert 2008, p. 17).

There can be much loses if the production does not sell or give the right profit that was intended. This licensing does not give the owners of the product the close management of the manufacturing of the product not forgetting the location economy and marketing. This will not give us the proper measures to follow when dealing with the profit making of the product that we produce in a way that is required. In many cases it is not easy to notice what is happening in the market in relation to what we have. There are many ways in which the commodity can slide through the hands, since the licensing company may not give the proper details that we have to know in upgrading our commodity. These risks can be controlled if we get into an agreement that will be a joint venture, in that all the risks and everything that is wrong has to be solved equally by the board and the licensing firm.

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We can use the exclusive licensing that will help as in production of the commodity and its marketing, as well. This will be allowed in a settled geographical area. In this licensing, we can easily monitor the progress in all direction in accordance to out production which is the tablet specifically, and looking for proper marketing areas and taking the required steps in the making the tablet more efficient enough for the users (Richter, 2000, p.123).

The product will have to be carefully monitored while in the process of manufacturing. There are several people that must be used in making the commodity a success. These people must have the skills and technological knowledge in handling technological machines and equipment. Thus, the success of the company venturing a new product depends mostly on the effective management team that works with the technological professional; it means that business skills are combined with the profound and deep understanding of the technology (Cooper & Bruno, 1977). All of the employees have to be qualified in computer engineering in order to be in control of any problem that may occur while working. We have to find the proper staff that will be in control of the production of commodity. When the staff is proficient, success will obviously be better. So the staff has to be chosen properly, and their salary well taken care off in that they work knowing that they will get decent payments, in return working towards producing a better end product (Gordon 2000, p. 115).

Practical steps that should be taken in commercializing the technology

Devang Shah et al. (2008) indicate that “depending upon the funding needs, the company may secure additional loans or rise further venture capital funding” (p. 206). There are several forms of investing in the tablet. Capital will be needed in several occasions, in pushing forward the success of the new technology venture at hand. It is necessary to spend in commodity. Only because it will be able to bring profit back and in turn find generate more production of the same product. It is also necessary to put more time in this production because of its technological aspect evident in the tablet. Rushing the product into the market might not be an excellent idea since it needs close and keen investigations on the various applications implemented. There is no need to invest in a product that is the same or has low quality than some found in the market. Taking time in making the necessary and most vital changes is more valuable. Instead of taking it to the market and not producing what is required in terms of profit put more consideration in making it perfect. There will also be time in the commercializing of the product because of the users having to see the advertisements that will bring its awareness to them. Since many people are not involved in the internet, we will have to make it more available on the television and some of the adverts in newspaper and magazines with clear illustrations of the technology that is involved in that tablet (Fayolle & Todorov 2011, p. 235).

In order to protect the commodity from duplication, we will have to make it recognized by the government in getting the best IP for its safety. A trademark will be a valid IP to choose, since it will contain a combination of words that will be known all over the globe. The combination must not be easily copied, in that people can get some duplicates of it when they are searching for ways of getting recognized in the market with other people’s ideas. The trademark will be rather small so as to make it hard for people with the intention of messing with the production. It will be made in a way that no other can be made from it. This will be advantageous since it will be the product on the market alone, making it sell in its unique technological ways. People come up with different types of the same commodity in the market, which brings down the marketing of the same product which has lost the basics that it requires to in the market. Bring the government in this business is more convenient when looking at intellectual property in particular. The commodity marketing will depend more on its uniqueness in the market than any other aspect. When the product is protected, it will have a better place in the market. The aim of the commodity production is to make sure that it emerges the best selling product in the global market, which will in turn produce the required profit and return the capital that was used in its production (Doyle1986, p.85).

This technology can easily work through some of the procedures and compelling marketing involved. Tablets are nowadays used by different people in their daily work and activities. People like technology and if there is a need of your commodity to be a leading production in the market, one has to make it more sufficient in terms of the new things that are involved in it. Bringing a commodity in the marketed world will be essential to ensure that, it is above the others in some of the key aspects that are not found in the other products that are found on the same market. The tablet will come with different application. This will make it more efficient in making the work of the user easier than using other types of tablets that are found all over (Odagiri et al 1996, p. 289).

Views on the success of the technology

The applications are made in perspectives that make it easy to learn and apply with the users that have purchased it in particular. When introducing a product in the market, one needs to be careful since there are many people that are ready to make duplicates of the same commodity if they are seen to be doing well in the market. So there has to measures taken in order to make sue that no fake duplicates are made from it. The commodity is to be made with qualified staff in order for it to sell in the market. Proper marketing is also needed, in order to get the capital that has been used in the production as profit. This will make room for more production occurrence after profit is acquired. With these steps involved in the manufacture of the commodity, it will surely be a success and bring more profit along (Burgelman, et al 2001, p. 512).


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