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Guns are very powerful weapons that can be useful in the protection of the lives of citizens in a country. The protection of one life can be provided by an individual own self or it can also be offered by other people authorized by the government in a given state. Many areas all over the world are being outraged by crime offenses that are being performed by people in possession of a wide variety of weapons. From the numerous data sources and reports of criminal offenses which are committed in Texas, gun weapons are mostly involved in the commitments of such crimes.

The common gun usage in crime issues is not only a challenge in the Texas state but is a common problem that is wearing down the governments of the various states of America. As a result of the rising of criminal offenses in Texas state, gun control has become a matter which is highly controversial according to the legislators. There are cries all over Texas on the measure for the control of guns. The measures are quite dependable on the legislators’ decision by which the laws are amended. However, the whole process on the decisions on which the laws are amended in favor should always aim at giving the correct direction of crime control and safety. This is because guns, safety, and criminal actions are three paramount things that are intimately related. The control of guns through imposing certain laws is aimed at the elimination or reduction of crimes hence the increase in safety to the people. Measures to gun control are the seeds to solving the crime problems. (Rosen, 1999)

In the struggle to contain crime events in the Texas state, the legislators have amended the gun laws in which at a certain particular time the amendments of the constitution of the states provided the rights for individuals to bear arms. The passage of such a law in a country like Texas was one of the dangerous actions. Throughout history, it is not commons decision for legislators to pass a law that provides the public with the right to own arms. Though a government may pass laws that allow the people to own arms in response to increases in the dangers of criminal offenses as well as thugs activities, the same move may harm innocent people who are not armed. Hence, the result for the legislators passing this controversial law on arms possession was not exceptional in the final crime escalations. As the constitutional law stands, the use of guns is for safety purposes.

The people’s knowledge of the constitutional codes was observed to certain extents. While at the same time the laws codes were observed, some were also misunderstood or misuses. For instance, peoples used misuses the codes which state that that “shoot before he should you”. Another legal code that was highly misused was the code which states that shot first and ask question later”. The legislatures thus failed to achieve its mandates on decisions making by coming up with this frauds bill. The legislators and those who armed the bill were not well focused as there was no regulatory use of the guns apart from those which applied to the policies and these authorizes in the normal constitution. Either if the government was much vigilant of such laws statements it could have also amendments the same. Furthermore, the governments should-haves taken stun action on the manners in which the peoples could obtain. They did provide the procedural ways for which the arms were supports to be posses, hence high risk was involved in the increased crime both from the criminal sides and the defender sides. To avoid such, the legislators should not have been reluctant on the issues which provided permits to purchasing, registration, licensing, and permit to carry the gun. (Sugurmann, 1998)

From the previous lesson on gun arms in the Texas state, there are eminent campaigns from the legislators and other groups which are geared at the disarming of citizens. The observed trends on rising crime in the time when opposes were offered the privilege to own guns has led these legislators to change the laws and create an imposing law of disarming those people who are in illegal possession of guns. Since the passages of the Brady law and the assault weapon ban in the year 1994, the Texas states have seen quite a number of crime improvements skewed to the lowest side of the graph. However, from the time the law was affected up to the present, there are still claims that gun control has not been effective. This means still crimes are not rare cases in Texas as there are higher numbers of illegal guns in circulation. Thus, the current state campaign is high on disarming those people in the possession of such handguns. This is supported with the results which have been reviewed from the legislative house members in which the bill for which supported that these people with authorities should be allowed to carry their guns and which barred municipalities from punishing people with a gun at home was voted against by the majority legislators. Thus, this was a standpoint that showed that the citizens of Texas are not authorized to take the laws into their hands. (Rosen, 1999)

The current state of gun control measures in the constitutional law if well implemented will affect the lives of Texans in many ways. The disarming of people with handguns and others types of destructive weapons means a lot to crime reduction that affects the lives of individuals or groups in a country. The disarming of those people would mean that there will be security and peace in the dwelling places, whether in the city or the rural areas. As a result of people having no possession of weapons in their homes and on their travel from one place to another, there will be increased community collaboration on matters concerning developments. For the youth men like me, this would readily influence my interaction with many people on activities that would contribute to individual, community, and states development as a whole.

The banning of blood sheds on the sectors by the gangsters with harmful destructive weapons will give some confidence on venturing into the world of trade. Considering the situation of job employment in the world today, many citizens in the states have remained jobless. A greater portion of the population is doing lots of causal work and those who are permanently employed still are receiving favoring working conditions. Therefore, the provisions of secure places free from rowdy individuals, I think that business would be a better area in which someone can earn his living. It will not provide my daily bread but it will also enable me to mitigate the problems of job opportunities in the state. However, it is noted that is very hard for a state to attains the state of crimes free zones, I will have to make sure the business and the home-dwelling are sites such that there is no aimless roaming of people. This will be a safety measure in cases of opportunistic people. (Sugurmann, 1998)


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