The Adrian Peterson Child Endangerment Story

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The story of Adrian Peterson is an example of how media follows up a developing story by shaping the circumstance and perspective of the audience. For example, the inclusion of third parties such as public opinion, politics and sports sponsors in a domestic violence case is fascinating (Campbell, Martin & Fabos, 2014). As the story develops, an indication of how different media outlets frame the story is evidenced. In a bid to win the audience, different media outlets employ various strategies that create interest in the story. In this context, the idea of ensuring that facts are not distorted becomes vague (Campbell, Martin & Fabos, 2014). Nonetheless, the interest of media outlets in capitalising on an interesting story is a clear indication of how journalism has become competitive (Campbell, Martin & Fabos, 2014).

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Developing story

The story of Adrian Peterson is exposed to the public as exclusive news (Wright, 2014). Wright (2014) reports the story as an updated version with full details of how Adrian was indicted. The author reports in a manner that shows the story is yet to attract enough public attention. Interestingly, Wright (2014) derives facts from reliable sources. For example, the author reports details of Adrian Peterson’s police booking at the Montogomery County Texas jail. Wright (2014) exclusive report is merely based on police information, thus, giving the news a sense of authority and reliability.

Moreover, the author does not divulge into other stories except police reports. However, exposure to police reports has ethical implications in the news business. On the other hand, an editorial piece by CBS Local (2014) reports the same charges by reporting on police information.

However, the story provides in-depth detail of the child abuse story with narrations of how Adrian Peterson abused his son. To ensure that the reports are authoritative and based on facts, CBS Local (2014) includes the sample text message from Adrian Peterson’s mobile phone. A text message has been sighted as a confession by Peterson to the son’s mother. CBS Local (2014) provides in-depth information about the story by including the grand jury verdict in regard to the charges. In this context, it is now clear that Peterson’s charges were not presented to authorities on September 12, 2014, but earlier in the summer.

For the first time, CBS Local (2014) reports that photos were used as evidence in the case. From this perspective, it is certain that social media played a part in complementing mainstream media.

Previous and similar stories

In most cases, a developing story is given background checking by media houses to identify whether such issues have existed before Peterson’s case. In this context, Armstrong & Siemaszko (2014) focus their reporting on how the NFL has been affected before by such cases. First, the authors insist on how the NFL will be affected negatively by Adrian Peterson indictment. The authors’ reports are based on third party reports, especially by Houston’s CBS television. The authors do not emphasise the child’s abuse but focus on how Peterson has developed his disciplinarian tendencies since he was young (Draper, 2014). On the other hand, the authors narrate how previous domestic violence charges against former Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens affected the NFL.

Unbiased news

The strategy of using alternative media and especially news agencies is considered effective in providing unbiased news. In any instance, using news agencies is effective in providing facts of an interesting story. QMI Agency (2014) reports on Adrian Peterson provide an unbiased platform for the player. In this regard, Peterson, who has the right to reply to allegations made in the media acknowledges and regrets his mistakes. In retaliation, the Vikings also remain unbiased by providing Peterson with a chance of playing again. According to Gantt (2014), Viking’s owner does not rush into judgment and allows the legal process to proceed with the case. In fact, the NBC Sports reporter remains unbiased.

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On the other hand, biased news is reported after the Vikings sponsor to pull out from the sponsorship. The report by Wilkening (2014) is an example of how the media remains biased on issues by investigating the impact of the case on sponsors. Perhaps, this explains Krawczynski (2014) explains the reasons for sponsor pulling outs. The manner in which third parties to Peterson case personify the issue is intriguing.


The manners in which sponsors are reported to have pulled out Vikings sponsorship implies how news can be personified. The reports by Wilkening (2014) and Krawczynski (2014) exemplify how the news of Adrian Peterson has affected the sponsors. The same personification is exemplified when the media reports Minnesota’s senator contribution to the story. According to Smith (2014), Senator Al Franken and Governor Mark Dayton question the morality of Vikings in allowing Adrian Peterson to continue playing for the club (Gatto, 2014).

The personification of the story draws political sentiment that influences Adrian Peterson’s fate as an NFL player. In fact, the future of Adrian Peterson career at the Vikings is almost over as reported by several media outlets (Florio, 2014; Foss, 2014). The sentiment by both the politicians and Vikings sponsors is an example of how news has negative social consequences.


While corporate sponsors and politicians contribute a varied opinion on the Adrian Peterson case, the editorial opinion also shapes the development of the story. Opinion by McNeal (2014) published in the Forbes Magazine is an example of how the news that has a significant impact on society are shaped by an opinion. McNeal (2014) is a respected journalist and expert in matters of law. In this regard, McNeal (2014) opinion is that Adrian Peterson has violated the law and should be jailed. McNeal (2014) subjects the facts of the case to relevant law provisions on child abuse. In addition, McNeal (2014) uses similar examples of how the law was applied in persecuting suspects of child abuse. The reporting of Adrian Peterson story is well-balanced between facts and opinion.

Social media

The Adrian Peterson case is sparked by the release of photos to the news outlets through social media. In retaliation, the mother of Peterson’s son is outraged that the media could violate the family privacy by publishing the pictures. Perhaps, this explains how social media is playing a crucial role in feeding mainstream media outlets with confidential information. Lack of ethics by media is evidenced from the story as several media outlets violate the law of privacy to confidential information (Breech, 2014; Larson, 2014).


It is evident that the news business is a tricky industry that requires courage, the accuracy of reporting and reliability (Campbell, Martin & Fabos, 2014). The follow-up of the story since its reporting by major media outlets shows how the public interest is perceived as a ready market in the news business.


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