The Artist Georgia O’Keeffe: Motivation and Inspiration

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“A person in my life who has motivated me and continues to do so” Georgia O’Keeffe

Numerous personalities have motivated me and continue to do so. In this context, Georgia O’Keeffe has been my inspirational pillar due to her artistic values, determination in life, and transformational leadership. Born in1887, O’Keeffe grew up in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Her story stands out in the American context and matches with the concerned “class readings and discussions” on the application of motivational theories. Her story, artworks, and humanistic provisions were inspirational and will continue to inspire future generations.

In her childhood, she received art lessons at home. Her talent was natured by competent teachers throughout her education years (Abrams 34). She built her fame by making huge paintings of arid areas, flowers, and unruffled panoramas. Precisely, she was competent in drawing various sceneries and objects for public display. This was quite motivating. She came from a humble family background; nonetheless, she climbed the ladder of success through her talent and self-determination.

After graduating from high school in 1905, she resolved to compose herself as an artist. She later studied at the Art Institute of Chicago (1905–1906) as well as the Art Students League in New York (1907–1908). In 1908, she prepared an oil painting, which won the “League’s William Merritt Chase still-life prize” due to its thematic provisions, peculiarity, and conventions. She was married to Alfred Stieglitz (an American citizen). Stieglitz was a photographer as well as an art gallery director.

Georgia’s paintings and legacy have been a sense of inspiration to most societies. Her paintings were exceptional and were used to promote different artistic themes. Individuals with such talents are equally uncommon. It was inspiring to see O’Keeffe break through gender barriers and emerge as a globally renowned female artist. Being a professional teacher, her extraordinary modes of teaching managed to perplex numerous artists of her era.

In this context, her artistic works were robustly felt and appreciated (Mattern 17). Additionally, this created and reshaped the cultures of most communities. Artistic objects are vital since they pass messages through generations. Concurrently, the individuals who embrace them are of great interest to society. Artists help in promoting thematic purpose and aesthetic values.

O’Keeffe is celebrated for the clarity and articulacy of her ‘still-life’ artworks. She is associated with the “American Modernist Movement”, which fought for equality and liberation of humankind within America and beyond. Her influences impacted personalities like Judy Chicago, Andy Warhol, and Paul Strand among others. She structured objects thematically to showcase her talents and artistic prowess. Additionally, the ideas in her paintings were precise and comprehensible. It is crucial to agree that O’Keeffe was among the leading female artists who used their inventive compositions to entertain and motivate the entire humankind.

For instance, her association with theAmerican Modernist Movement” to change the lifestyles of Americans was critical. She used her iconic imagery including landscapes, still-lives, and metaphoric works to accomplish her thematic objectives. Agreeably, O’Keeffe had a remarkable personality as a woman (Benke 7). Her connection with the motivational theories is evident and considerable. She did marvelous things and managed to outstand through self-esteem as mentioned earlier. She died at 98 in 1986 (O’Keeffe 39). Her artistic styles are illustratable as unique and personal. This is a vital provision when considered critically in the context of motivation.

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