The Civil Rights Movement in American Society

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The purpose of this paper is to summarize the main ideas of the civil rights movement and note ways in which they affect the lives of people today. The movement has changed American society forever, transforming it from two separate nations coexisting to true unity with equal rights to all human beings. It was an exceptional group of people both in the ambitiousness of its goals, and in the actions it took to achieve them.

One of the ideas that stood out was that the movement had plentiful white participants. This was surprising, as it mainly fought for the rights of black people, and one would expect such an organization to be mostly black. Despite this preconception, it seems the desire for a fair society was more potent than the selfish interests of individuals. This was crucial for the cultural revolution, as it could be one of the major factors contributing to its success.

Another notable idea was that of the clothes worn by the members and the changes it has gone through. First, black activists would dress in formal church attire and peacefully march, demanding equal rights. When the society started to become more accepting of black people, the protestors’’ dress changed too. Instead of conforming to established norms and avoiding racial stereotypes, African Americans embraced their national identity and began wearing much more expressive outfits, which made them more confident in their rights.

Finally, the third prominent point from the video is the creation of “black power.” This was an approach that contradicted Dr. King’s philosophy of non-violent action, as an increasing number of people saw it as too slow. The symbols of a closed fist and the black panther were vital to the movement, as they projected respect, and in some cases, even fear on others, although it was never meant to induce violence

To this day, the phrase “black power” can sometimes be heard, and it still affects the lives of many black people. Other effects of the organizations’s work can now be seen in lives millions of people. The impact of the movement in the modern world expands further than civil rights and the absence of legal discrimination. Most importantly, it can be seen in the way people of different races treat each other as equals.